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Parallel Session B - Presentation by Marcos Alegre


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Parallel Session B - Presentation by Marcos Alegre

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Parallel Session B - Presentation by Marcos Alegre

  1. 1. Parallel Session 2 – 15 December, 14:30 – 16:00 International cooperation in research and technologies Marcos Alegre Executive Director. Grupo GEA/CER President. RECPnet
  2. 2. Presentation Objective 1. Presentation of key issues on science, technology and innovation in Perú 2. Presentation of cases and its lessons learned on international cooperation in research and technologies in the context of a developing country: Perú. 3. Provide inputs to build research and innovation capacities in developing countries.
  3. 3. Research and Development in Latin America Percentage evolution of investment in R&D in PPC by geographic blocs, years 2003-2012 Fuente: RICYT, 2014 Distribution of global investment in R&D in PPC by geographic blocs, 2012
  4. 4. General figures about Perú • Perú only invests 0.12% of its GDP in R&D, while the average in Latin America is 0.74%. Brazil invests 1.23% of its GDP. • In 2016 it is proposed to increase this to 0.7%. • The IDB says that Peru has one of the highest rates of return on innovation: 53%
  5. 5. Science, Technology and Innovation in Perú Move competitiveness currently based on efficiency to competitiveness based on (eco) innovation Innovation barriers (National Census on Innovation, 2012) •Lack of qualified personnel •Access to funds •Innovation is “easy to imitate” •Economic risks National Strategy on Science, Technology and Innovation National Competitiveness Agenda
  6. 6. The National Cleaner Production Center Peru
  7. 7. The Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Global Net
  8. 8. The case of the Green Credit Fund - GCF. Objective: Promote the migration to Best Available Environmentally Sound Technology
  9. 9. Cooperation Agency The BanksThe Technical Service Provider Incentives •50% of the loan guarantied by the GCF •25% of Reimbursement Cases 25 loans executed The Company
  10. 10. • Location: Arequipa city • Project: o R&D on Sludge o Investment on sludge dewatering and waste water treatment. • Environmental indicator: kg of DQO/ ton of paper paste • Loan: US$ 569 341 • Savings: 3% of raw material Full waste water recycling Practical case. Papelera Panamericana S.A. Project “Zero Waste Water”
  11. 11. The case of the Eco-Innovation Project in Perú
  12. 12. Steering Committe - Eco-Innovación Perú Jhon Carlos Ríos – INDECOPI Marcos Salazar – CONCYTEC Hernán Montes – UTEC Cecilia Rosell – SNI Zaida Mujica – PUCP Claudia Lozano – MINCETUR Guadalupe Amesquita – MINCETUR Rosa María del Castillo – PRODUCE Domingo Gonzales –PUPC Ricardo Estrada - MINAM
  13. 13. SMEs Cases on Eco-innovation
  14. 14. Lessons learned • Integration of academic, public, private and civil society sectors • Connect universities and technical institutes with private enterprises on specific projects • Develop and validate local appropriate tools for research and innovation • Value chain of big companies/corporations and its providers provides excellent opportunities to align R&D towards a common goal • There is a big gap of knowledge on SMEs. There is a need to develop specific strategies in this sector providing incentives. • However, incentives must have a proactive marketing and communication strategy, otherwise companies will not use them (specially SMEs). Consider informal sector!
  15. 15. Future priorities Future priorities • Increase dramatically the number of researchers • Improve infrastructure and quality of education at all levels • Strengthen property rights systems Strategies • Incentives! • TICs “Open Science” • Connect research with real needs and priorities of privatre sector • Link universities and technical institutes with private companies • Networking and ECO- innovation!
  16. 16. Thank You For Your Attention Marcos Alegre Executive Director. Grupo GEA/CER President. RECPnet