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Wh jon strath - Local and regional partnerships


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Wh jon strath - Local and regional partnerships

  1. 1. PARES Local and regional partnerships – Recommendations to employment services OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Development Stockholm, 2014-04-24
  2. 2. PARES – Partnership between Employment Services • Initiative to encourage an EU-level strategic dialogue between Employment Services on policy implementation and delivery issues • Aims to improve cooperation between the different employment services (public, private and non-profit) in EU member countries and • define fields where they can deliver complementary services.
  3. 3. Local and regional partnerships - Observations • No one organisation has the full range of competencies • Freedom to operate according to local situation required • Partnerships are founded on clear objectives and targets, full commitment and trust • All relevant actors should be included • Shared leadership does not work
  4. 4. Local and regional partnerships - Observations • Engage employers as much as possible • Simply building a partnership is no guarantee for better service delivery; must focus on goals and outcome – constantly question value of partnership
  5. 5. No one organisation has the full range of competencies - Recommendations • Undertake self-examination to diagnose weaknesses in service delivery • Identify others servicing the same clients • Review benefits to clients from coordinated delivery • Initiate dialogue
  6. 6. Freedom to operate according to local situation required - Recommendations • National level bodies with local operational units should review their policy of local autonomy for partnerships • Review should recognise the potential value of local partnerships, encourage local units to consider if, and how, to enter into partnerships, and provide a framework within which local units have the freedom to initiate and develop partnerships
  7. 7. Organisation of partnership - Recommendations • Preparation phase is vital – do not rush through it • Involve all partners in dialogue • Viability of partnership should be seriously questioned if key actors are reluctant • Ensure mutual understanding of objectives, approach and individual roles • Formalise the agreement • Objectives should be SMART • Leadership should be assumed by partner carrying most of the risk
  8. 8. Monitor and evaluation - Recommendations • Mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation should be part of the agreement • Minimum annual review • External evaluation recommended to avoid self- perpetuating • Ensure outcomes can be traced back to activities • Partnerships that have achieved their goals or does not add value should be dissolved
  9. 9. Final comment • The question is not why, but how! • Thank you for your attention!