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Effective job matching strategies and how best for employment services to engage with employers in Cambodia


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The 2016 Education and Skills Network meeting is jointly organised by the Department of Labour and Employment, Philippines, ADB, OECD and GIZ and the latter’s regional programme RECOTVET (“Regional Cooperation Programme to Improve the Training of TVET Personnel”), which aims at supporting and creating personnel, institutional and thematic preconditions for quality improvement and regional harmonisation of the education and training of training personnel in South East Asia over the next years.

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Effective job matching strategies and how best for employment services to engage with employers in Cambodia

  1. 1. “The role of the private sector in skills development and employment” 8th annual expert meeting of the initiative on Employment and Skills Strategies in Southeast Asia (ESSSA) and 4th Regional Policy Dialogue on TVET 11-12 October, 2016 Cebu, Philippines OECD Southeast Asia Regional Policy Network on Education and Skills and GIZ Regional Cooperation Programme to Improve the Training of TVET Personnel (RECOTVET) Group 1: Effective job matching strategies and how best for employment services to engage with employers in Cambodia Mr. Somean KUOCH National Employment Agency
  2. 2. Contents  Roles of National Employment Agency (NEA)  Function of NEA  Employment forum  Services for employers  Achievement  Way forward
  3. 3. Roles of National Employment Agency (NEA) Mandated to provide employment services and labor market information to job seekers, employers, employee, education/training providers, and the public (Sub-degree No. 67, 2009) Mandated as the “Designated Statistical Unit” (Sub- degree No. 117, 2010) playing central role in: Establishing and developing LMIS Compiling, synthesizing, collecting and analyzing data and information to be publicly disseminated as a easily accessible one-stop source of LMI
  4. 4. Functions of NEA Jobseekers Vocational & Education programs Labour market Information flow Occupational profile Career and vocational counseling and guidance Job placement and employment counseling
  5. 5. For employment counseling and job placement: Assist jobseekers in acquiring job search skills and soft skills Invite jobseekers for a job interview Referral and placement to local jobs NEA job shop ( and job search application (android) providing free registration, job matching, and the last updated list of available vacancies.
  6. 6. For career and vocational counseling: Assist students to select appropriate occupations (self-assessment based on interests, personality, value & skills; and planning future career using LMI) Identify skill gap & determine the most appropriate means of closing this gap
  7. 7. Employment forum Employment forums (mobile career fairs, recruitment events, and national career fairs): provide the fast track meeting of jobseekers and employers to meet each other in activities featuring registration, interview, and placement in one venue at a specific date to reduce job searching cost, and time.
  8. 8. Vacancy announcement Access to jobseeker databank Vacancy matching and jobseeker referral Selection and recruitment Office space for interviewing and selecting jobseekers Coordinating on- site recruitment Advice on recruitment Recruitment events, job fair, etc. Labor market information (Analysis and Forecast) Services for employers
  9. 9. Achievements Activities 2013 2014 2015 Jobseeker registration 6,442 25,501 9,519 Number of referrals 2,883 7,402 6,129 Number of placement 688 2,925 1,394 Pre employment training 1,789 3,374 3,678 Employment forum Number of events 7 44 55 Participants 25,728 35,328 28,934 Career counseling and guidance n.a n.a 203 Soft skill training n.a n.a 1,088
  10. 10. The way forward  Focus on ToT (Training of Trainer) in the field of career counseling and guidance.  Continuously improve the public employment operating system including web based and mobile application in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of job matching  Expand our real-time database of advertised vacancies and jobseekers for faster matching  Expand job centers to other provinces: 2 job centers a year  Develop more integrated labor market information system (lack of comprehensive data collection and sources, no systematic model for future anticipation and forecast of demand and supply, and lack of analytical capability)  More effective communication of the results for better informing career decision, education/training curriculum & policy design; and for improving career guidance tools and service delivery.
  11. 11. Thankyou for attention! Email: Facebook: Tel: 023 884 692/088 678 5678 Government gateway to: Job, Workforce, and Labour Market Information 11