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Outsourcing association mangagement services


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Sharon Kneebone and Rob Batarla's presentation at ASAE12 on providing in-house AMC services to components

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Outsourcing association mangagement services

  1. 1. OutsourcingAssociation Servicesto Your Chapters and Components August 13, 2012 3:15 – 4:30 Hub Tag: #ASAE12 LK4
  2. 2. Sharon H. Kneebone, IOM, CAE Rob Batarla, MBA, CPA, CAE
  3. 3. Introduction• Component Relations – Baseline resources offered to all the organization’s components• Component Management – Service personalized to go above and beyond a component relations program with dedicated staff and resources
  4. 4. Introduction Component Relations • Governance Support & Compliance • Financial Reporting • Marketing & Communication Tools • Volunteer Management & Leadership training • Administration portal/templates • Meeting management tips/templatesDedicated, personalized service Component Management • Personalization and one-on-on intensive • Executive management • Meetings Management • Facilitation services
  5. 5. Introduction• Association Management Companies• In-House Association Management Services• For Profit Association Management Services Subsidiary Organizations
  6. 6. IntroductionIn-House AssociationManagement Services
  7. 7. Determine Your Philosophy• Run AMS as a “for-profit business” Prices are at or above market to ensure a profit for your association -PROS: Additional profit for your association -CONS: That profit is on the back of components• Run AMS as a “charity” Prices are well below market to ensure that all components have management services -PROS: Components have management services -CONS: Your association must subsidize the program• Run AMS as a blend of both Prices are set at cost to offer components a good deal while not being a burden on other association priorities -PROS: Components are offered quality management services and your association isn’t subsidizing the program with other funds -CONS: None?
  8. 8. Determine Your Scope• What services will you offer? Full Executive Director Service Meetings Events ProjectsSpecial Projects Strategic Planning Facilitation Board Training
  9. 9. Getting Started• Situation Analysis• Chapters without paid administrative support• Chapters without an actionable strategic plan• Chapters needing board training• Feedback from field visits
  10. 10. Getting Started• Appraisal Institute • IFT• 107 Chapters & 10 • Facilitation Services Regions – Strategic planning• Many without paid – Board training support • Responding to RFP’s• Facilitation services• Association management services
  11. 11. How To Create A Price• Counting Hours • Pct of Budget• You can add up the • On average, for-profit hours spent on AMCs charge managing the anywhere from 30%- component multiplied 40% of the by the “hourly rate.” component’s budget for services.• Many ways to determine the hourly • In-House service rate. could vary.
  12. 12. Political Pitfalls• Who does the executive director work for?• Non-dues revenue stream and your finance committee• Cost of subsidizing small chapters with member resources• Your clients are your association family
  13. 13. Administrative Pitfalls• UBIT (Unrelated Business Income Tax)• Reporting relationships (who is in charge)• Check with insurer to make sure this activity is covered
  14. 14. Legal Pitfalls• Understand your corporate relationship – Separately incorporated – Not separately incorporated
  15. 15. Legal Pitfalls - Separate• Review bylaws to ensure this activity is not prohibited.• Make sure the association and component’s leadership is aware and approves• Be clear on who may sign contracts or obligate the component.• For services provided to the component, make sure you have indemnities in place
  16. 16. Legal Pitfalls - Separate• Make absolutely clear that each party and their respective staff are independent contractors of the other.• Memorialize the terms of service in writing! Draft and execute a contract. Do not rely on broad prospectus or proposals that describe general services – be specific!
  17. 17. Legal Pitfalls – Not Separate• Have a memorandum or letter of understanding in place outlining obligations and expectations. Be specific!
  18. 18. Getting Invited to The Party• Review component relations field reports• Offer facilitation services on a fee-for- service basis• Offer to help
  19. 19. Case Studies• Challenges at APTA• Successes at APTA• Anything from the audience?
  20. 20. Questions
  21. 21. Contact Info:Sharon H. Kneebone, IOM, CAEDirector of MembershipInstitute of Food Technologists202.330.4978skneebone@ift.orgRob Batarla, MBA, CPA, CAEVP Finance and Business Development / CFOAmerican Physical Therapy