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Final_D2 users perceptions_features


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Uploaded on 6 September for dissertation

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Final_D2 users perceptions_features

  1. 1. USERS’ PERCEPTIONS OF THE E-MENU PROTOTYPE ON E-MENU FEATURES Created by Traitet Th.Project: E-menu on iPad for Thai restaurant Created Date 19 Aug 2012Topic: Annotation: Research outcome Revised Date 3 Sep 2012 Revision No. 1.0Content: - Description of research & discussion of outcomes Document Name D02-001 - Users’ perception on the e-menu prototype
  3. 3. 3 OBJECTIVES OBJECTIVES OF THIS DOCUMENT • To answer the research question in terms of developing software to meet business requirements. • To summarise suggestions from restaurant staff • To summarise additional requirements after interview stage. • To provide solutions for those additional features. All suggestions are based on software features after presenting the final prototype
  4. 4. SUMMARY OF SUGGESTIONS 4 ON E - MENU SOFTWARENo Issues Description Countermeasure Doesnt support Chinese language1 Language Design e-menu to support multiple languages. Doesnt support Thai language for chefs Cannot enter quantity on the main menu Design e-menu so that users add quantity on the main2 Order quantity screen menu. Customer order Design e-menu so that users can support adding3 Cannot enter a customer order comment comment comments.4 Request main course Difficult to request "Main Course" Add a button to request "Main Course". Cannot separate set menu to actual Design new database to support separating items for5 Order set menu menu items for chefs set menus.6 Progress status Cannot show progress status Add progress status when system is being operated.7 User instruction guide Don’t have user instruction guide Add user instruction guide in the application. Cannot combine tables based on8 Combine dinning tables Add function combining tables in the web application. reservation Sorting of menu9 Drinks should be the first category Move the "Drinks" category as the first item. categories
  5. 5. 5 1 . LA N GU A GE ISSUES - Order transferred to kitchen is English language in stead of Thai. - The system cannot support Chinese language. Suggestions 1. The system should support Thai language for chefs to prepare food and communicate within a kitchen. 2. The system should support Chinese language for Chinese customers. Reasons 1. Thai chefs are not familiar with English language. 2. Chinese customers are a target group of Thai restaurants in UK. Solutions 1. An application used in the kitchen should use Thai language instead of English. 2. Design software to support multiple languages Benefits 1. Be easy to understand and communicate 2. Support Chinese customers 3. Reduce human error
  6. 6. 6 2 . OR D ER QU A N TITY Issue: The system cannot order by quantity on the “main menu screen” Too Many Steps Steps Suggestion 1. Select Item 1. The system should be easier to enter an order quantity 2. Click “Qty” textbox on the main menu screen (first screen). 3. Enter Order 2. There are too many steps to fill an order quantity. Quantity 4. Click return ReasonMain menu screen 1. The system can support entering “order quantity” but a customer needs to select a particular item firstly, then enter an order quantity. It is difficult to fill quantity 1 Solution 1. Provide a button for entering order quality on the main menu by a picker. Benefits 2 1. Reduce time to order 2. Make system be easier to use 3 4
  7. 7. 7 3 . C U STOMER OR D ER C OMMEN T Issue: The system cannot enter customer order comment Suggestion 1. The customer should be able to enter a comment of a particular order item e.g. no green pepper. Reasons 1. Some customers cannot eat particular ingredients because of health reasons. 2. Some customers would like to modify the taste or ingredients e.g. change from pork to beef. Solution 1. The system can put only some specific comment using pick up or drop down list. Benefit 1. Increase customer satisfaction
  8. 8. 8 4 . OR D ER SET MEN U Issue: The system cannot well support ordering a “set menu” Recommendations 1. The description of set menu can not be shown completely. 2. The system should separate a set menu into actual items when an order is transferred to Kitchen. Reason The description of 1. Set menu includes many menu items e.g. SET Menu C set menu is shown includes starters, main dishes and drinks but the system incompletely can show only one item. Solutions 1. Separate set menu into actual items. 2. Reduce font size of menu description Benefit 1. Chefs find it easier to prepare food. Set menu C The system cannot separate a set menu into actual items Crispy Egg fried Tea or Mixed deep-fried rice or filter Starter fish rice coffee
  9. 9. 9 5 . R EQU EST MA IN C OU R SE Issue: Customers are difficult to request main course. Suggestion 1. The system should easily allow customers to request main course on the main menu screen. Reason 1. It is difficult to request serving main course because it requires many steps, whereas “Requesting Main Course” is an important process. Solutions 1. Add “Request Main Course” button on the top of screen. 2. Show status of calling main course. Benefit Requires too many steps 1. Make it easy to request main course.(Call main course is an important function)
  10. 10. 10 6 . C OMB IN E D IN IN G TA B LES Issue: System cannot combine dinning tables based on reservation Suggestion 1. The system should be able to support combining and separating dining tables Reason 1. The restaurant would like re-arrange tables with regards to reservation. Solution 1. Make another page to manage table e.g. setting a number of seats. Benefit 1. Make the system more flexible to manage dining tables.
  11. 11. 7 . SH O W PR O G R ESS STAT U S11 W H EN B EIN G PR O C ESSIN G D ATA Issue: System cannot show loading status Suggestion 1. The system should be able show a progress status when processing data. Reasons 1. The customers don’t know when data is being processed. 2. The customers may click the same button many times because they think that the transaction has not been operated. Solution 1. Use loading image to show progress status Benefits 1. Prevent program running slow because of clicking same button many times. 2. Increase software usability.
  12. 12. 12 8 . U SER IN STR U C TION GU ID E Issue: System should provide user instruction Suggestions 1. The system should include user instructions of using e- menu application. Reasons 1. Customers are not familiar with an e-menu application. 2. The waiters can easily to explain to customers how to use this application. Solution 1. Make instruction guide on e-menu application e.g. How to order? How to send request? How to check order status? Benefit 1. Customers can return to user instruction pages if they Example of User Instruction for ordering don’t well understand instruction explained by waiting staff.
  13. 13. 13 9 . MEN U C ATEGORY Issue: “Drinks” category should be placed before “Starter” Suggestion 1. The category of “Wine & Other Drinks” should be placed first. Reason 1. Customers are most likely to order drinks first. Solution 1. Move “Wine & Other Drinks” category into the top of list. Benefit 1. Customers can easily to order drinks first.
  14. 14. 14 OTH ER R EC OMMEN D ATIONS 1. The e-menu could show advertisement of food, drinks and restaurant promotions when customers are dining. 2. The restaurant could create an application, which can be installed on customers devices to order takeaway food online. 3. The system could support online booking 4. The system could support mapping between an order item and ordering person to make it easier to serve.