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Iftf intern presentation


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Iftf intern presentation

  1. 1. OPEN FUTURESJoseph Monzel Zach Postone Melissanthi Saliba Daniel Schwarz Nicolas Weidinger
  2. 2. Open Futures is a collaborative storytelling platform thatengages people in envisioning the future of California. Theplatform prompts people to exchange, discuss, and developtheir ideas about the future. Participants can also buildupon the ideas of others by extending the narrative in newdirections.
  3. 3. news personal accountsstories : multimedia narrative conversations images
  4. 4. journalistsplayer roles designers time travellers
  5. 5. LAUREN Open Futures is different, because itAge 27 connects people who haven’t met each other before.Points of entry TwitterEducation Bachelor’s Interests socialin social sciences networks, technology, Trivial PursuitJob Communication Motto One Card at themanager time
  6. 6. 20
  7. 7. DAVID I spent an entire day and night playingAge 22 cards, and 24 hours later I was amongPoints of entry Article the top-rated playerson science and civicparticipation Interests scienceEducation Bachelor’s games, DIY chemicalin Neuroscience & reactionsChemistry Motto Knowledge isJob Researcher the key to success
  8. 8. JACK In my dream, I was playing World ofAge 16 Warcraft while walking to school, one week later IPoints of entry tried geocaching for the first time...Class activityEducation Highschool Interests making,student ecology, geocaching, hikingMotto It’s a mobileworld that we’re livingin
  9. 9. TIM Just look around you... the future isAge 36 open on the streets, all you need is conviction and imagination.Points of entry LocalActivity onenvironment and Interests activism,sustainability street games, hiking, urban planningMotto Being Present Job Museum Guide
  10. 10. you areHalf full or h timistic alf empty? how op to show ord to ra w a line rite a w there! D rnia? W Howdy in Califo of water water. e future future of about th ab out the e how you feel describ ture situtefor the Fu to TO: In e, Palo Al versity Av 124 Uni CA, 94 301 ww.openf http://w
  11. 11. LEVEL 1 LEVEL 2 LEVEL 3 LEARN INTERACT CONTEXTUALIZE Sample Tasks: Sample Task: Read an article and write Sample Task: Raise an issue with your a comment Draw a diagram relating local political Watch a video ation. various topics. representation. Organize an event around Graph a trend, projected Organize an event around an issue. into the future. an issue. PUT INTO CONTEXTPUT INTO PERSPECTIVE IMAGINE CREATE Sample Task: Sample Task: Sample Task: Raise an issue with your Live in a scenario for a Design a solution to a local political day. Write what you problem. representation. learned. Build an artifact from the Organize an event around Pretend youre in charge future. an issue. of ____. Write what youd do.
  13. 13. Open Ideo MVIPMOOD BOARD Space Collective Foresight Engine Akoha
  14. 14. Linked Activity Plays External Site IntegrationThe future of open futures Connecting Users With Orgs