The Chatham-Kent Children's Safety Village


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Enjoy this presentation provided by a co-op student!

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The Chatham-Kent Children's Safety Village

  1. 1. The Children’sSafety Village “Education is Prevention”
  2. 2. Mission Statement “To promote the health and safety ofchildren in conjunction with Chatham-Kent Emergency Services and our community partners” CHATHAM-KENT CHILDRENS SAFETY VILLAGE
  3. 3. What is a Safety Village?☺ A controlled learning environment for children.☺ Educates children on how to stay safe in their community.☺ Offers classroom instruction about how to be safe on the road, in or near water, around farm equipment/chemicals, electricity and fire prevention.☺ Reinforcement of classroom activities in a hands on setting. CHATHAM-KENT CHILDRENS SAFETY VILLAGE
  4. 4. Safety Villages are Important! When a child talks to their family about what they learned at the Safety Village, they might just share information that could help prevent injury or save a life. Gives people a common goal—makes the community stronger. Teaches children how to respond appropriately to an emergency situation. Be proud of your local Safety Village! CHATHAM-KENT CHILDRENS SAFETY VILLAGE
  5. 5. Our CodeTell me and Imay forget… Show me and I may remember… Involve me and I will understand… CHATHAM-KENT CHILDRENS SAFETY VILLAGE
  6. 6. Grade 1 – Fall ProgramSome of the information we offer:Police Railway safety Vehicle and pedestrian safetyFire Smoke alarms Fire prevention and escape planningWater Safety rules when near water Ice safety CHATHAM-KENT CHILDRENS SAFETY VILLAGE
  7. 7. Grade 4 – Spring ProgramsChildren will get information regarding…Police Bicycle safety/helmets School bus safetyFire Fire prevention Escape planning Smoke alarmsHydro Safety awareness around electricity CHATHAM-KENT CHILDRENS SAFETY VILLAGE
  8. 8. Grade 6 – Winter ProgramSome highlights of this program…Police Internet awareness.Farm Safety around farm equipment/chemicals Safety with home outdoor equipment and recreation vehicles—lawnmowers and ATVs.E.M.S. First aid Appropriate emergency response CHATHAM-KENT CHILDRENS SAFETY VILLAGE
  9. 9. Did you know… The Safety Village “town” is open to the public—come out with the family and practice safe road habits! The Safety Village classroom is available to rent—perfect for wedding/baby showers, birthdays, or training sessions!Call: 519-360-1270 for more information CHATHAM-KENT CHILDRENS SAFETY VILLAGE
  10. 10. Your donations keep the Chatham-Kent Safety Village providing the life saving tools they need to become roles in our community.If you wish to make a donation or volunteer your time, please contact the Safety Village at 519-360-1270. CHATHAM-KENT CHILDRENS SAFETY VILLAGE
  11. 11. Contact Us!By phone: 519- Our Website: 360-1270 CHATHAM-KENT CHILDRENS SAFETY VILLAGE