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7 Emerging Trends in Social Media


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Slides of my presentation during the Social Media Seminar (part 2) at the University of Aruba (July 3rd, 2012).

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7 Emerging Trends in Social Media

  1. ARUBA 7 Emerging Trends in Edward M. Erasmus, MA Social Media Seminar, University of Aruba July 3, 2012
  2. State of Social Media• Since the launching of Facebook (2004) and Twitter (2006).• Unprecedented growth in usage of social platforms.• Not just for sharing stuff with friends…• Opportunities for businesses to engage in creative new forms of online communication with (potential) clients.
  3. Countless array of platforms…• Since the launching Facebook (2005) and Twitter (
  4. Not a hype….. It’s a fundamental shift in the way we communicate.
  5. Social Media is disrupting how we…• Interact• Gather information• Make decisions• Collaborate, develop and create• Do business
  6. “We always overestimate the changethat will occur in the next two yearsand underestimate the change that willoccur in the next ten. Don’t let yourselfbe lulled into inaction.” ~Bill Gates
  7. So here they are……7 emerging trends in social media
  8. Trend 1 - Social Mobile
  9. Social Mobile+ +
  10. Social Mobile…• 350 million users of Facebook’s 800 million users are accessing via smartphone• Majority of Twitter traffic from mobile 55%• 400 Million YouTube views on Mobile devices per day!Gartner predicts that by the end of 2012, thenumber one way that consumers will beinteracting with the Internet is via theirsmartphones and tablets
  11. Implications…• Huge growth potential• Create content for mobile• Design websites, blogs for mobile viewing• Make it easy for viewers to act on that content in a social manner
  12. Trend 2 - Socialization of Search
  13. Socialization of Search
  14. Socialization of Search• Google’s search results are determined by complex algorithms.• Google started rolling out its “+1″ button to indicate ”social signals” that will be used to determine what content is being voted on as valuable by humans rather than just machines.• Google and Bing have increased the visibility and priority of social networks in search results.
  15. Socialization of Search
  16. Implications• Create accounts on relevant social media• Create content for social networks• Publish and promote on social media• Treat Facebook as an extension of website• Optimize for search• Place your media “Everywhere”
  17. Trend 3 - Location Based Marketing
  18. Location Based (Social) Marketing
  19. Location Based Apps• Facebook Places – 30 Million+ users• Foursquare – 16 Million users• Loopt – 5 million users• MyTown – 5 million users
  20. The KLM experiment…
  21. Implications• Drive traffic to Shopping Centers and stores• Surprise and reward customers
  22. Trend 4 – Integration of Social and Traditional Media
  23. The Tweet TV Generation…Discuss shows with others, make new friendships and fill in the time during commercials
  24. Twitter hash tags
  25. Twitter hash tags
  26. Twitter hash tags
  27. The next level ofsocial interactivity…
  28. Social interactivity Super Bowl XLVIViewers were able to tag Super Bowl 2012 commercials to win amazing prizes like cars, gift cards and more.
  29. Viewers were able tag Super Bowl 2012 commercialsto win amazing prizes like cars, gift cards and more.
  30. Social interactivity
  31. Social interactivity
  32. Implications• Manage conversations• Create trends (generate curiosity)• New forms of engagement• Instant audio-tagging facilitates immediate action by the consumer
  33. Trend 5 - Super Blogs
  34. Super Blogs…
  35. Implications• Start with “Focus” and “Passion”• Advertising revenue needs large scale• Freemium then Premium content – sell your own content• Platform for Influence• Create Opportunities - Partnerships
  36. Trend 6 - Global Micro Niche Business
  37. Trend 6 - Global Micro Niche Business
  38. Trend 6 - Global Micro Niche Business
  39. Going global…• Social Media provides Global Distribution Platforms to Niche Markets
  40. Global Micro Niche Business
  41. Global Micro Niche Business
  42. Implications• Social media provides global content distribution platforms to niche markets• Democratization of marketing• The availability of personal, global publishing platforms• Ease of use• “Free” and real time marketing
  43. Trend 7 - Social Commerce
  44. Social Commerce
  45. Social Commerce
  46. • Top Facebook pages have stores• Monetizing the networks• Taking the shop to the network• Existing e-commerce platforms building plugins for Facebook
  47. Implications• Major reason for following a brand on Facebook is to obtain a discount or deal.• Include sharing buttons in your online store.• Drive traffic to your online store with your social networks.• Highlight specials/deals/vouchers on Twitter and Facebook.• Make it easy for people to buy “anywhere”.
  48. Recap1. Social mobile2. Socialization of search3. Location based marketing4. Integrating social and traditional media5. The rise of super blogs6. Global micro niche business7. Social commerce
  49. Aruba…?Are we ready for the digital revolution?
  50. Critical issues• e-Commerce regulations• Intellectual property laws• Internet payment systems
  51. e-Commerce regulations• E-steering Committee 2001• Update report: reposition Aruba as a global business opportunity for internet-related business, ensure international standards and improve online growth possibilities for local businesses.
  52. Intellectual property laws• Update intellectual property laws• Anti-piracy regulations
  53. Internet payment systems
  54. Internet payment systems
  55. Edward M. Erasmus, MAe.erasmus@fzanv.comerasmus.bpas@gmail.comFacebook:
  56. Q&ASession