Ductus Dictum - Issue 1 (Installation Issue)


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First Edition of the much awaited Ductus Dictum - 'The Leader Speaks'

With messages, an insight on the projects and colourful pictures, this is the first of lots more to come.. Stay tuned!

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Ductus Dictum - Issue 1 (Installation Issue)

  1. 1. Dated – 12th August 2012 V ol ume 3 , Is s ue 1 Rotaract Club of Loyola Community Sponsored By Rotary Club of Chennai Sun City President’s Message dream. Without the dedication shown by Rtr. Aditya and his complete team of Office President Bearers over the past two years, I know none of this would have been possible. Rtr. Binu Coming to the year 12-13, there are a lot of plans as any club would be having at Secretary the beginning of the year. I know that Rotaract Club of Loyola Community has a lotRtr. Gokul of talented members and my vision this year Editor P enning down this message as the would be to club all these talents and come up with innovative and unique projects. I President of this wonderful club, my family have always stressed on team bonding in theRtr. Neelesh – Rotaract Club of Loyola Community is a past and now I believe this post of President matter of pride and honor for me, is a responsibility to act as a catalyst to instill personally after watching the club grow that team spirit in everyone. I also look leaps and bounds over the past two years forward in joining hands with other clubs in under the inspiring leadership of my coming up with really creative joint projects. Immediate Past President, Rtr. Aditya I look forward to a wonderful year of Mohan. Rotaraction ahead, and hopefully this is my Before getting into the Presidential first message of many to come through this Message, I would like to acknowledge Rtr. medium called ‘Ductus Dictum – The LEADER Aditya Mohan for the work he has done as Speaks’. We are planning on fortnightly Charter President of the club. Three years releases, so stay tuned for more from back when a few of us from Loyola College Rotaract Club of Loyola Community started this club, we all had a dream of “TOGETHER WE CAN LEAD BY EXAMPLE” making it big, and today, I believe, we stand there in front of you having achieved that PEACE - BinU
  2. 2. Ductus Dictum – The Leader SpeaksProjects – July 2012 TheGreen house on 7 July 2012. It was a carnival th RevolutionPot Luck Lunch – Second of sorts, with action packed games, teamEditionAfter the immense popularity of the building and ice breaking sessions that saw the Rotaractors combine as one and form a TEAM striving to win the T his year,first edition of Pot Luck Lunch, Rotaract Club ofRotaract Club of Loyola Community numerous games that were conducted.planned the second edition on May The new members were then officially Loyola Community15th at Rotary Centre, Egmore. welcomed and the Rotaractors were is focusing on goingThis year, Pot Luck Lunch was used given a briefing on their Roles & Responsibility during the year 12-13 by GREEN. As part ofas an opportunity to welcome thenew members into the Loyola Rtr. Binu, President elect of the club. this GreenCommunity Family. Rtr. Binu, Once the official welcoming part was initiative, we will bestarted off with some really done, it was time to let the hair down focusing on makingentertaining games that captured and grove to the DJ music and that concluded a very fine evening. this world athe imagination of all the new aswell as existing members, and in the GREENER andprocess worked up everyone’s I-Opener CLEANER place toappetite. It is very important to get the right idea on the basics of what Rotaract is all live in with a seriesThese fun and creative games werefollowed by the moment everyone about and why we are members of this of projects,had been waiting for – Open the movement. I-Opener was a Club Service awarenesslunch boxes!! With a variety of cum Professional Service project where campaigns andcuisines from various cultural members were oriented on the Rotaractbackgrounds laid in front, it was a movement by PDRR Rtr. Solomon. The rally’s.banquet fit for Royalty. A orientation took place at Nahar Hall, andscrumptious lunch always invokes 37 members from the club were present The first project asconversation and it was a for the orientation. part of thisheartening sight to see the new Rtr. Solomon handled a lot of team initiative is (GYO2)members break the ice and get the bonding exercises and briefed thefirst feel of ‘Loyola Community members on the history of Rotary andFamily’ Rotaract in R.I. District 3230. We later had a small quiz on different questionsYAWN related to rotary International. DuringYAWN – You are Welcome Nanbaa! the fag end of this project, weYAWN was a club service where celebrated birthdays of Rtr. Solomon,around 35 members from the club Rtr. Radhika and Rtr. Ramakrishnan whoassembled at Rtr. Tarun Murugesh’s celebrated their birthday during July. Projects Coming Up..! The 4 Way Test Is it the TRUTH? - Photography Day Is it FAIR to all concerned? - Anti – Spit Campaign Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER - (GYO2) Grow Your Own Oxygen FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
  3. 3. Ductus Dictum – The Leader SpeaksGallery – The Colors of Loyola Community
  4. 4. Ductus Dictum – The Leader Speaks Loyola Community – Board Officials for the Year 2012 – 2013 President Rtr. Binu.C.B 9789069570 Secretary Rtr. Gokul Raj 9790063969 Imm. Past President Rtr. Aditya Mohan 9884725244 Vice President Rtr. P.Lawrence Durai Seelan 9884098407 Joint Secretary Rtr. R.Ramakrishnan 9884385386 Treasurer Rtr. Inbaraj 9962828905 Club Service Rtr. Tarun Murugesh 9789985252 Community Service Rtr. Saranya Babu 8056069924 Professional Service Rtr. Beni Jebanesan 9940365360 International Service Rtr. Satheesh Kumar 9884888280 Pulse Polio Rtr. Sujan John 9789979582 Sergeant-At-Arms Rtr. Ramakrishna.G.K 9962391651 Editor Rtr. Neelesh Balakrishnan 9789003193 PRO Rtr. Jayakumar 7299338865 Happy Village Ch. Rtr. Ajay Pradeep 9841795037Editor’s MessageI thank Rtr. Binu for giving me this opportunity and in urging me to come up with the first edition of DuctusDictum during the installation ceremony. The name, conceptualized by IPP Rtr. Aditya Mohan roughly translatesto ‘The LEADER SPEAKS’. The main idea of this newsletter is to bring about the LEADER in all of us. Thenewsletters to follow will throw light upon a variety of projects, achievements and the color and frolic thathappens around the Loyola Community family.A lot of people have contributed in bringing out this magazine. Rtr. Aditya for the logo, Rtr. Binu for his inputs,Rtr. Ramakrishna for the design template and the photos. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyedcompiling itCheers,Rtr. Neelesh