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Pilipinas Rotaract Online_March 2012


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It is with pride that I share with you the very first edition of Pilipinas Rotaract Online, the Online Newsletter for Every Rotaract Club in the Philippines. :)

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Pilipinas Rotaract Online_March 2012

  1. 1. PILIPINAS ROTARACT ONLINE The Online Newsletter for Every Rotaract Club in the Philippines V O L U M E 1 , I S S U E 1 MARCH 2012 Pilipinas Rotaractors Celebrate the Magic of Service DRR Clarice Joy San Jose A first in Philip-INSIDE THISISSUE: pine Rotary his-District 3770 2 tory,District 3780 the Pilipinas Rotaract Convention 4 2012 themed "Celebrate theDistrict 3790 6 Magic of Rotaract Service" was held last February 10-12, 2012 atDistrict 3800 9 the Development Academy of the Philippines, Tagaytay City. RotaryDistrict 3810 10 International District 3810, headed by District Governor Ernie Choa & tion was created to unite the Rota- practices among Rotaract clubs.District 3820 11 the Rotaract District Committee of ractors from the different Rotary With around 200 delegates gracing RID 3810 hosted the event, inDistrict 3830 13 districts in the country. Further- the event, the Rotaractors from the cooperation with Pilipinas Rotaract more, it aimed to reinvigorate the different districts sponsored a singleDistrict 3850 Multi-District Information Organi- 14 commitment of the Rotaractors to community service project together. zation (MDIO). the ideals and goals of Rotary, as Each participant brought donations,District 3860 15 A brainchild of the Godfather of well as to foster camaraderie and in the form of food, toiletries and Philippine Rotaract---the late DS excellence through sharing of best medical supplies for the benefit ofDistrict 3870 16 Edison “Magic” Ong, the conven- Cont. on page 9World Rotary 17 Dear Pilipinas RotaractorsDay MDIO Pilipinas Chair Cathy Gonzales5th Magic Cup 18 Welcome to Every Rotaract Club in the Philip- all the ten districts have been mak- the very pines. ing significant achievements first issue As MDIO Pilipinas Chair this through service projects that em- of Pilipinas Rotary Year, let me give you a gist brace humanity. As Pilipinas Rota- Rotaract of what has been happening to ract, we have also made great Online, the Online Newsletter for Rotaract in the country. Clubs in Cont. on page 7
  2. 2. PAGE 2 TWO NEW RAC CLUBS CHARTERED District 3770 proudly chartered two The Orientation and election of offi- On the other hand, the Rotaract Club Rotaract clubs: The Rotaract Club of cers was conducted on August 9, 2011 of Malolos was sponsored by the Immaculate Conception Interna- at the Multi-Purpose Hall of ICI. Dis- Rotary Club of Malolos. tional (ICI) and the Rotaract Club of trict Rotaract Representative Cherrie From September to November, the Malolos. Gallardo together with District Rota- Malolos Rotaractors tirelessly re- Rotaract Club of ICI is a service- ract Chairman Jon Alonzo of RC Sta. cruited people to join the club. Fi- DRR Cherrie conducts oriented, university-based organization Maria introduced the Rotaract profile nally, on November 12, 2011, the Rotaract Orientation for ICI students that aims to develop effective and with its Vision and Mission. Assisted first Rotaract Club in Malolos, Bula- efficient leaders of Immaculate Con- by the Club Adviser, Ms. Inna can was chartered with 21 Rotaractors ception International. The Rotaract Villanueva and the School President, as charter members. Rotarians were Club of ICI was sponsored by the Ms. Luisa Mariano, students of BS present to congratulate their younger “Reach high, for Rotary Club of Santa Maria and the Business Administration, BS Educa- counterparts. They were full of hope Rotary Club of Mutya ng Santa tion and Tech Voc students from Infor- that these young people will develop the stars lie hidden Maria. Through the efforts of the mation Technology joined the Rotaract to become great leaders for the future in your soul. School President Luisa Mariano Club of ICI. The activity was the first generation. Right after their induction, Dream deep, for (Rotary Club of Santa Maria member), step towards positive change, the birth the Rotaract Club of Malolos held every dream School Director Neil B. Mateo and of promising leaders that will serve the their first meeting as official members Academic Head Inna Villanueva, the university and the community. The of the club. Like their counterparts in precedes the university-based Rotaract club was elected officers and members show Rotaract ICI, they couldn’t wait to goal.” able to enlist 200 Rotaractors. enthusiasm for the club and its goals. plan for projects that would make a difference. ROTARACT, INTERACT, RCC CONVENTION 2011 Last September 26, 2011, the Rota- in this world. He also challenged the unanimously agreed to join MDIO ract, Interact and RCC Convention Rotaractors and Interactors to become Pilipinas. The district looks forward to was held at Santa Maria Elementary better leaders of this nation. becoming a member of the country’s School. The event was hosted by the Breakout sessions followed after Rotaract resource center. Rotary Club of Santa Maria. Over 60 lunch. MDIO Chairperson Myreza Rotaractors from different Rotaract Catherine “Cathy” Gonzales led the Signing of resolutionto join MDIO Pilipinas in the pres- Clubs gathered for this annual district workshop for Rotaractors. The partici- ence of DG Corina Bautista and activity. Highlights include an inspira- pants enjoyed the discussion and fun DRC Jon Alonzo tional talk and workshop activities. activities. They were also happy to Mr. Paolo Benigno ‘Bam’ Aquino IV interact with fellow Rotaractors in the of Hapinoy served as keynote district. The event concluded with the speaker. He talked about how the signing of a resolution supporting the youth of today can make a difference MDIO. The Rotaract Clubs of D3770 PRO NEWS
  3. 3. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 PAGE 3“Bigyan ng Limos ang Paang Musmos” - A Shoe Donation Project of RAC Santa Maria Pila Elementary School students bear others may think. Rather, the Rotaract the pain, as the flesh of their young feet Club of Santa Maria solely dedicates Pres. Jay de “Earnest love Guzman hands are inevitably wounded by the rocky itself for service towards others. Club the gift over to pathways. The club deemed it impor- participation rate was high as members for serving one of the comes in with tant to alleviate the pains (both physical were hyped by the idea of making a students and mental) these children endure. child happy. great 378 pairs of shoes were given to stu- As always, a successful Rotaract pro- responsibilities dents from Nursery to Grade 6. Their ject entails support from the sponsoring“Bigyan ng Limos ang Paang Mus- to settle and smiles were priceless as the Rotaractors Rotary club. Rotary Club Santamos” by the Rotaract Club of Santa handed them these g i f t s . Maria President Jun dela Cruz pa- enjoy.”Maria, aims to give hundreds of shoes At the end of the day, the project was tiently walked with us to see this pro-to the pupils of Pila Elementary School not to gain fame nor recognition, as ject through Catmon, Sta. Maria, Bulacan.Rotaract Clubs Conduct Clean-up DrivesThe Rotaract Club of Nueva Vizcaya Proceeds were added to the club’s Officers and members collectState University-Bambang organized funds. garbage, segregating the biode-a three-day clean up drive to make the The Rotaract Club of Kalinga gradable from the non biodegrad-Campus Sports Facilities look good and Apayao State College also demon- ables.clean. Candy wrappers, papers, plastic strated their concern for cleanliness as Through these activities, bothcups and plastic bags were collected they conduct a monthly clean and green clubs help maintain cleanlinessand segregated. Recyclable materials drive from the Rotary Marker to the while serving as examples tosuch as plastic bottles were sold. White Carabao. people in their respective commu- nities.DRR’s VISITS At Your Service Left: Rotaract Club of University of St. She was very glad to Louis Citadel, Tuguegarao City know that their sponsor- Below: Rotaract Club of Malolos ing club, RC Tuguega- rao Citadel, was very supportive of them. Then on January 28,Last January 13, 2012, DRR 2012, she visited theCherrie Gallardo went to visit the newly-chartered Rota-Rotaract Clubs of University of St. ract Club of Malolos.Louis Citadel and St. Paul Univer- They talked about fresh DRR Cherrie Rose “Cherrie” G. Gallardo Apart from being fun and enjoyable, Rotaract Club of Santa Mariasity in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan. She plans and ideas. DRR Cherrie also assisted the club in Sponsored by the Rotary Club ofwas invited by Pres. Tin. Meman to Santa Maria formulating their goals and plans.their regular meeting at Panceteria
  4. 4. PAGE 4DISTRICT 3780 ROTARACTORS “RELOAD” MEMBERSHIP The membership recruitment and District 3830 led an encouraging development event followed a discussion on Reviving Servant workshop format. “We want it to Leadership. strengthen Rotaract Clubs in the be participatory…We want the new District Governor Jose Francisco district. Rotaractors to learn by actually “Jess” Cifra graced the event and “I know that this Membership De- doing things,” RAC Timog Presi- delivered an inspirational message velopment Seminar is just a begin-To address the dwindling number of dent Jonalyn Villasante explained. that emphasized the importance of ning. We will embark on this com-Rotaractors in District 3780, Rota- Seasoned Rotaractors were also Rotaract as Rotary’s partner in ing Rotary year full of confidenceract Club of Timog, Quezon City invited to share and facilitate the service. DG Jess also urged Rota- because we have ample proof of the(lead-host) and Rotaract Club of workshop. RAC Timog Charter ractors to take the next step and join willingness, skill and effectivenessCloverleaf (co-host) spearheaded President Francoise Marie B. a Rotary Club once they are already of the team,” remarked SNG Chair“Rotaract Reloaded: A Strategic Alonzo discussed the basics of eligible. Benjie.Recruitment and Membership Rotaract while Past District Rota- Service to New Generations ChairDevelopment Seminar” last June ract Representative (PDRR) Flor- Benjamin “Benjie” Tan Alonzo,11, 2011 at the Rotary Center, Que- ante Espiritu of District 3790 on the other hand, acknowledgedzon City. The seminar was attended enlightened the group on the oppor- District Rotaract Representativeby 17 Rotaract Clubs, with a total of tunities and relevance of Rotaract. Marby Montellano and her Rota-120 participants, 70% of which are Lastly, MDIO Chairperson ract District Committee for theirnew members. Myreza Catherine Gonzales of commit ment to revi ve andROTARACT HANDOVER AND INDUCTION CEREMONIES At Your ServiceRotaractors of District 3780 liter- before he turned over the Rotaract the new officers and members ofally weathered the storm last Au- Bell and Gavel to DRR Marby. the district’s Rotaract clubs. Theygust 28, 2011 as Sir William’s Afterwards, District Governor Jess were inducted later by DRR MarbyHotel in Timog Ave., QC was Cifra inducted DRR Marby and her and DG Jess.packed with attendees to the Rota- Rotaract District Committee. Ser- During her inaugural speech, DRRract Handover and Induction vice to New Generations Chair- Marby emphasized the true mean-Ceremonies. man Benjie Alonzo then presented ing of service in Rotaract. DGAround 170 Rotaractors from 23 Jess, on the other hand, comparedRotaract clubs braved the rains to Rotaractors to flowers in bloom DRR Margret Robyn “Marby” S.witness the commencement of during his inspirational message. MontellanoDRR Marby Montellano’s term The program concluded with the Rotaract Club of Timog, QC Sponsored by the Rotary Club ofof service. Immediate Past Dis- singing of “Firework”, the Rota- Timog, QCtrict Rotaract Representative ract District Committee’s chosen DG Jess and DRR Marby with the The Rotaract Club of Metro Dili-Virgil Patrick de los Santos de- newly-inducted Silver Presidents community song for the year. man hosted the event.livered his Valedictory address of District 3780 Fellowship followed. PRO NEWS
  5. 5. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 PAGE 5 Upcoming D3780 Rotaractors Share Their RYLA Experience Events The Rotary Youth Leadership 9 Waves Ciudad Christia Resort, t he t op i cs di sc us s ed were Awards (RYLA) has become a San Mateo Rizal with 47 delegates “Technology in Today’s World and way through self-determination of (majority were Rotaractors) who Impact on the New Generation” (by young people aged 14-30, to further were in for challenging tasks pre- PP Boone Ongchongco) and develop character and leadership pared by the organizers. “Leadership in Crisis” (by PP skills and learn about Rotary. It As we stepped at Ciudad Christia, Sammy Pagdilao). We liked the takes the form of a seminar, camp lots of questions came to our minds. former because it showed how or workshop, generally 3-10 days in “What would be the positive out- technology can help us do our jobs length, organized by the Rotarians come?” “Why are we here?” “How in simpler ways while the latter at the Club, District or Multidistrict can RYLA change our principles in helped us see how to apply leader- level. RYLA leads the next genera- life?” ship in our daily endeavors.March tion of leaders to be good motiva- We managed to show our skills and RYLArians with PP Sammy Pagdilao11 – World Rotaract Week KickOff (Camp Crame Oval) tors and influential to others. abilities through our workshop17 – World Rotaract Week Culmi- groups. Moreover, we were able tonation Night (Rotary Center)24 – 10th Presidents’ Meeting coordinate, share, and form inter- personal relationships.April14-15 – DISCON 2012 The speakers imparted lessons on28 – 2nd Rotaract Friendship Cup time management and essence of We enjoyed the food, the place andMay Themed “Breaking Barriers, Cross- good leadership. By listening to most of all, the people who were12 – 11th Presidents’ Meeting17 – District Fellowship Night ing Borders,” this year’s RYLA them and participating in the activi- with us. The questions that ran in(Time Zone) was hosted by the Rotary Club of ties, we developed our own ideas our minds at the beginning of the Uptown Novaliches. It was held at and perspectives as well. Among program were finally answered.To Rotaract with love...I’m writing right now because there me to go to someplace in Quezon- are my kind of “maarte”… the real larger picture…it makes a hugeis something I should be thankful City to shoot some pictures and good ones. difference.for. To have met wonderful indi- meet someone who by the way was They’ve reminded me of what I Doing something for Rotaract wasviduals, being a part of an out- their incumbent president that time. take little notice of, that the sim- never an obligation. I always had itstanding club and a gleeful bunch of I remember being invited and refus- plest things are the ones that gives a as a privilege and the so calledfriends. In all honesty, I never ing their Rotaract Club President bunch of joy in a person’s heart. “favors” that you asked were neverwanted to be part of that club. Sure three times but she was persistent Rather than watching videos on treated as such. Instead, I treatedthey do good things in there but still (I’d like to call it “pestering me”) your iPad (wala pa ko nito example them as “acts of trust”, tasks thatI was childish and selfish to first and I’m glad that she was, and that lang ha.), it’s better to watch a you knew I could deliver and forthink that it would just eat some of my friend just got that crazy idea Mother smile as you hand her a box that I am time allotted to my leisure. for if not for these two, I would of medicine for her sick child. Bet- Thank you,I remember how I started here. This never meet such wonderful people ter than listening to music on your Rotaract!friend of mine (with the unpredict- yet alone be part of what they do. MP3 player is having a conversa-able personality she possesses) asks Back then, I thought they were a tion with an inquisitive child as you ~ Sec. Coolme to assist her in making a presen- bunch of… mmm… to simply put it assist him in his drawing. Quezontation for the club and after having “maarte”. Fast forward to now… These things…these countless little (RAC Timog,not to sleep for 24 hours, she asks well they’re still “maarte” but they things, that if you look at it in a QC)
  6. 6. PAGE 6 1st ROTARACT AND INTERACT DISTAS ROTARACT DISTRICT 2011 AND DISTRICT HAND-OVER AND COMMITTEE INDUCTION CEREMONIES HELD DG Digna Ragasa District Governor Today’s Youth LEAD, REACH, bales in the south and Laoag, Ilocos S o RC Laoag EMBRACE Humanity For Better Norte in the north. o f PP Kenneth So Community. This was the theme of IPDRR Neric Bada, Jr. led the RC Baguio Summer Capital led the District New Generations Chair RC Baguio Sunrise the first Rotaract and Interact opening of DISTAS 2011. The charging of the new officers while District Assembly (DISTAS) participants were welcomed by DG Digna Ragasa administered the PP Virgil Garcia District Rotaract Chair 2011 held last August 13, 2011 at Pres. Jemelie Rhoss of RAC South- oath of office. RC Metro Olongapo San Luis Del Mar, Baccuit, Bauang, ern La Union. Assistant Governor The guest of honor and speaker DRR Ramonchito L. Picar District Rotaract Representative La Union. The affair was hosted by for Area 1B Nelson Caroy and during the affair was Mr. GibbyRotaract Club of Southern La Union the Rotaract Club of Southern La Dir. Conrado Vito of RC South- Gorres, Secretary General of theDS Dion Roman Tauli Union under its President, Jemelie ern La Union gave inspirational Student Council Alliance of theDistrict Secretary Area 1-2DS Emmanuel Diwa Rhoss Sevilla and DRR Ramonchito messages afterwards. Our very own Philippines. In the afternoon, ses-District Secretary Area 3-4 Picar, as well as the Rotary Club District Governor Digna Ragasa sions were held. These include theDT Jalene AlipDistrict Treasurer Area 1-2 of Southern La Union under Presi- also addressed the participants dur- District Officers Meeting, ClubDT Allen Joseph HorvidallaDistrict Treasurer Area 3-4 dent Romeo Chan. DISTAS 2011 ing the affair. Officers Training headed by PPIPDRR Neric Bada Jr. also coincided with the District The Hand-over and Induction Cere- Virgil Garcia, Membership Orienta-Ex-Officio and Protocol OfficerDRRE Emmanuel Diwa Hand-Over and Induction Cere- monies were then held. Interact tion by IPDRR Neric Bada, Jr. andDistrict Rotaract Rep.-Elect monies. Despite some initial Chair PP Ming Yan Jao of RC Teambuilding by PP Don Saldaña.ADRR Junn PonceAsst. District Rotaract Rep. - Area 1 glitches, the affair went smoothly as SFLU, Inc. and Rotaract Chair PP The affair culminated with theDDS Celeste Abansi planned with 349 Rotaractors and Virgil Garcia presented the Interact Lighting of Commitment and Com-District Deputy Secretary - Area 1RCR Jaime Lao Interactors in attendance. Partici- and Rotaract District Officers. New munity Singing. The participantsRotaract Cluster Rep. - Cluster 1ARCR Marc Deo Director pants came from as far as Iba, Zam- Generations Chair PP Kenneth left with their new-found friendsRotaract Cluster Rep. - Cluster 1B and equipped with knowledge andADRR EJ Sorio skills to strengthen their respectiveAsst. District Rotaract Rep. - Area 2DDS Marc Sky Macaranas clubs.District Deputy Secretary - Area 2ADRR Omar Dimarucot At Your ServiceAsst. District Rotaract Rep. - Area 3DDS Erick RomeroDistrict Deputy Secretary - Area 3 DG Digna Ragasa addresses the New Generations Chair KennethRCR Karen Sengseng delegates So charging the District officersRotaract Cluster Rep. - Cluster 3ARCR Julius Ceasar ParasRotaract Cluster Rep. - Cluster 3BADRR Mary Ann VillarenteAsst. District Rotaract Rep. - Area 4DDS Cristyl Joy F. BautistaDistrict Deputy Secretary - Area 4RCR Daryl Book PISO KONTRA POLIO aims to con-Rotaract Cluster Rep. - Cluster 4A tribute to the worldwide effort of DRR Ramonchito “Mhon” L. PicarRCR Mike Dominic Piga ROTARY INTERNATIONAL to PP Don Saldaña during the eradicate POLIO with each Rotaractor Rotaract Club of Southern La UnionRotaract Cluster Rep. - Cluster 4B Teambuilding Session of District 3790 donating ONE PESO Sponsored by the Rotary Club of (Php1.00) per week. Southern La Union PRO NEWS
  7. 7. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 PAGE 7 D3790 Rotaractors Donate to Polio Plus Campaign and ShelterUpcoming Event Box Philippines Last October 28, 2011, the Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Confer- ence 2011 Host Organizing Com- mittee led by Chairman Florante Espiritu, DRC Virgil Garcia and 1 Rotaract and st DRR Ramonchito Picar entrusted Interact District a check amounting to 2,000.00 US Conference 2012 Dollars to DG Digna Ragasa andHosted By: PDG Jess Nicdao (Chairman -Rotaract Club of Metro Shelter Box Philippines). The dona-Olongapo II tion was for Rotary International’sTentative Date: Polio Plus Campaign and ShelterMay 19-20, 2012 Box Philippines. A mock checkVenue: was formally presented during theBuena Casa Hotel, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards atSubic Bay, Philippines Hannah’s Beach Resort, Pagudpud,Dear Pilipinas from page 1... Ilocos Norte.progress. The 1st Pilipinas Rota-ract Convention was successfully Cluster 4Cheld last month. District 3850 has Organizes Reliefbeen welcomed as the newest addi- Operation Drivetion to the MDIO family. Districts The Rotaract Clubs of Cluster 4C Tarlac State University Rotaractors headed by PDRR Omar Dimaru- cot hands the mock check amounting to USD$100.00 to DG Digna3770 and 3870 have completed (Olongapo/Subic area) organized a Ragasa, DRFC PDG Jess Nicdao, and PDG Vitt Gutierrez.their MDIO applications and will relief operation drive for the evacu-just be awaiting recognition from ated victims of the mudslide in SitioRI. Hopefully, MDIO Pilipinas will Malinta, Subic, Zambales. Goodshave all ten districts under its wings were solicited from the membersbefore this Rotary Year ends. and friends of the participatingWith the release of this online news- Rotaract Clubs. The project wasletter, MDIO takes one step further headed by ADRR Mary Annein fulfilling one of its main functions Villarente of RAC Metro Olon-- that is, to facilitate exchange of gapo. RAC Kolehiyo ng Subicinformation among districts. under the leadership of Pres. Mike Espiritu, RAC Freeport Zone participated in this worthwhileIn behalf of the DRRs and PDRRs, I Dominic Piga sent the biggest dele- (Subic Bay) headed by Pres. community service project.thank each and every one of you for gation and took a lead role in the Cristyl Joy Bautista and RACyour passion to be of useful service logistics. IPDRR Neric Bada, Olongapo headed by Pres. Cont. on page 11 APRRC 2011 Chair PDRR Flo Marvin Jay Rosapapan also
  8. 8. PAGE 8 Total Number of Rotaract Clubs registered to Ro- tary International as of December 2011About RID 3790 ince, Pangasinan, Tarlac, 63 Rotaract Clubs Northwestern Luzon,  11 provinces: Ilocos Norte, Area 1 = 17 Clubs Philippines Ilocos Sur, Abra, La Un- Pampanga, Zambales, and Area 2 = 11 Clubs Bataan 4 Areas ion, Benguet, Mt. Prov- Area 3 = 15 Clubs  96 Rotary Clubs Area 4 = 20 Clubs PRO NEWS
  9. 9. VOLUME 1, ISSUE PAGE 1 9 District 3800DISTRICT ASSEMBLY 2011: LEADERS OF THE WORLD At Your ServiceTraditionally, Rotaract clubs cele- in my term. With faith, I will neverbrate and welcome the new Rotary “We as the Majestic give up no matter how tough theyear through the Annual Rotaract Leaders, the majesty, the trials are. For the Rotaractors toDistrict Assemblies which gather highness will be the one become motivated and active, weRotaractors and their sponsoring formulated programs that will pos- who will serve humanityRotarians. sibly increase their enthusiasm to and not the one who willThis year, the District Assembly develop more their skills as future be served by humanity.” leaders of the world. Like me, Iwas held at the BulwagangKatipunan, Caloocan City Hall, never expected to become a leader - DG Rafael Garcia III DRR Lovely Estrella but the opportunity came and I will Rotaract Club of University ofCaloocan City. It aimed to facilitate Caloocan Citycommunication among different never have any regret taking on this Sponsored by the Rotary Club ofclubs and unite them as one. Dis- challenge.” Sampaguita Grace Park July 2011 - January 2012trict Rotaract Chair Carla De-jeres, PDRR Adette Arce, andIPDRR Rowena Tejada were allthere to help make the event suc-cessful. Similarly, DRR LovelyEstrella’s sponsoring club, RCSampaguita Grace Park also gavetheir full support.District Governor Rafael GarciaIII was around to inspire the Rota- IPDRR Rowena “Wheng” Tejada Rotaract Club of Marikinaractors. He said, “We as the Majes- Sponsored by the Rotary Club oftic Leaders, the majesty, the high- Marikina Pilipinas Rotaractors from page 1... February - June 2012ness will be the one who will serve the Chosen Children Village in children in the institution. The first Rotaract Representatives Felimonhumanity and not the one who will Silang, Cavite. day ended with fun activities and “Mhon” Brazas (now President ofbe served by humanity.” The three-day affair started with a games in a kids’ party-inspired RC San Pedro East), PDRR Mel-The District Assembly also saw the tour of historical places & land- fellowship night hosted by the Ro- chor “Chock” Encabo (currentlyinduction of the District Officers for marks in Manila and Cavite while taract Club of Manila Metro. the New Generations Director ofRY 2011-2012. In DRR Lovely’s doing getting-to-know-you activi- The second day marked the official RC Manila Metro), Florante “Flo”words, “Excitement is in my heart ties in every stop. A hearty lunch opening of the convention with DG Espiritu (former member of the RIas I begin to lead our district, my was hosted by SDG Cesar Genato Ernie Choa of RID 3810 delivering Rotaract and Interact Committee),fellow Rotaractors and my commu- at Villa Luz Resort before the dele- the welcome remarks. Accom- and Joannie Sitoy (former Interna-nity as well. But I also feel chal- gates proceeded to Chosen Children plished Filipino Rotaractors served tional RYLA delegate and facilita-lenged and thrilled because I know I Village where they donated the as panelists in the session on Rota- tor in last year’s Rotaract Precon-am going to encounter many trials goods and had interaction with the ract Pride. They were Past District Cont. on page 12
  10. 10. PAGE 10 HANDA SA HAMON NG PAGBABAGO! PVSETS 2011: A TURNING POINT FOR RAC CLUBS OF RI DISTRICT 3810 The Rotaract District Committee trict Committee and the 44 Rota- (RDC), Rotary Club of University ract clubs in attendance. DG District Manila and Rotary Club Ernie inducted the Rotaract of Manila, in partnership with the District Officers and DRR Rotaract Clubs of Malate andHosted by the Rotary and Rota- Clarice San Jose swore the Rota- University District Ma-ract Clubs of Manila Metro, RID ract Changemaker Presidents to nila, successfully hosted the3810’s Rotaract District Assem- office. Presidents, Vice-bly 2011: Handa sa Hamon ng Imparting their insights on change Presidents and SecretariesPagbabago was successfully held readiness and the significant role -Elect Training Seminarlast August 14 at the Universidad de the youth plays in effecting change (PVSETS) 2011: TheManila. The theme of this year’s in the society, Mr. Jeromeo Jose of Turning Point at the Devel-assembly focused on the readiness Zuellig Foundation and Mr. Jay opment Academy of the Philip- rence with the objective of the RDCof Rotaractors to step-up and re- Jaboneta of Philippine Funds for pines, Tagaytay City, on June 10- to equip the Rotaract Club officersspond to the call of change. Little Kids accepted the invitation 11, 2011. Attended by over 70 offi- with the knowledge and skillsDistrict Governor Ernesto to be the event’s keynote speakers. cers of the Rotaract Clubs from needed of their positions, as well as“Ernie” Choa, the District Rotaract Meanwhile, Past DRRs were the Manila, Pasay and Cavite, the to upscale their competencies inCommittee and Rotary Change- subject matter experts facilitating theme “Turning Point” is in concur- leading their clubs.maker Presidents graced the event, lecture-trainings for club officersin full support to the Rotaract Dis- during the breakout sessions. At Your Service ALAY LAKAD 2011:Monthly SaturDATEs HAKBANG SAFirst Saturdays of every month are PAGBABAGO ALAYalways exciting as RID 3810’s SA KABATAANG PILIPINORotaractors gather on this day for adate with the whole district. During Every year, the first Sunday of Sep-Saturdates, the host clubs prepare a tember is considered a family dayseminar/talk on topics that are for RID 3810 as the district partici- DRR Clarice Joy “Clang”timely, relevant, and interesting to pates in the annual Alay Lakad at D.J. San Josethe Rotaractors and their works in Quirino Grandstand, Manila. Last Rotaract Club of Malate Sponsored by the Rotarythe Rotaract Club. Afterwards, the September 4, the Rotaractors were Club of Bagumbayan-Manila Cont. on page 12 Cont. on page 12 PRO NEWS
  11. 11. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 DISTRICT OFFICERS A P GE 11 RY 2011-2012 DISTAS 2011 DISTRICT EXECUTIVE BOARD The Rotaract Club of Candelaria cers. JAYPEE “JP” URSUA District Rotaract Representative sponsored by RC Candelaria hosted Guest speakers from MDIO MADELINE "Madz" GABIOLA District Executive Secretary the Rotaract District Assembly Pilipinas graced the event to DARIUS “Dharz” SARMIENTO last July 1-2, 2011 at Balai Sad- share their expertise in leader- Deputy District Secretary MICHAEL ALCANTARA yaya, Sariaya Quezon. This event ship: PDRR Cathy Gonzales Deputy D3820 MDIO Officer highlighted the roles and responsi- (RID 3830), PDRR Izel ROY “Roy” CASIPIT Upcoming EventImmediate Past District Rotaract Representa- bilities of the club and district offi- Guatno (RID 3810) and PDRR Flo tive ROSENDO “Ross” EVANGELIO Espiritu (RID 3790) . District Rotaract Chairman DISTRICT ROTARACT AREA REPRESENTATIVES MARIAN MAE “Mhae” Navarro DRAR – Laguna JACINTO "Jikko" LEVISTE DRAR – Mindoro MAE “Maya” GELI The most awaited event of the DRAR – Batangas Rotary Year is finally here, the Rotaract District Conference ROBERT "Robert" VILLAVERDE DRAR – Quezon PESETS CAMP 2011 Quezon Clubs 2012 on March 16-18, to be held at Puerto Nirvana Resort in Puerto ARIEL “Ariel” GUBAN DRAR – Bicol 1 The Rotaract Club of Metro Lu- Spearhead Galera, Mindoro, hosted by RAC Metro Lucena sponsored by RC CHUCK “Chuck” NARES cena hosted PESETS CAMP 2011 District Gift Giving Metro Lucena. DRAR – Bicol 2 last May 14 at Lucban, Quezon. The Rotaract Clubs of Lucena DISTRICT CLUB ADMINISTRATION Different clubs from the areas of COMMITTEE District officers and club presidents South, Metro Lucena, Tayabas Laguna, Batangas, Oriental Min- PAULIN "Pau" WEINERTH doro, Marinduque, Quezon, and Chairperson attended as they planned for the Central, Lucena Central, Mary- Bicol will come together for a fun and fruitful event, a celebration of LYRA FERNANDEZ incoming Rotary year. hill College, and Metro Mauban District Treasurer / Finance continuous fellowship through service. Its theme, “Piecing It All spearheaded the Annual District PAUL CHESTER “Chester” LINCALLO Together: Youth Leaders Moving District Auditor Forward in Service,” will highlight Gift Giving last December 17 at BILLY "Beckoy" DEL CASTILLO the various avenues of service to District Protocol Officer Dalahican Port, Lucena City. make Rotaract clubs great organi- zations in the community providing DISTRICT SERVICE PROJECT good training grounds for leaders. COMMITTEE Clubs from the district contributed RAYMOND ABISAMIS in giving 50-70 sets of slippers and Chairperson RUPPETT JAY "RJ" DELA CRUZ Community Service Director A shirts for the kids in the port. At Your Service JOHN JOEL "Bruno" BRIONES Community Service Director B PIA MARIE “Iyah” PALISOC International Service Director PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE REI MARC NAREDO Chairperson DARIA “Arha” DELOS REYES Dear Pilipinas from page 7... District Internet Communications Officer FRANCIS “Francis” GUTIERREZ to mankind through Rotaract. Aside leaders and members past and District Bulletin Chair from our Rotarians who are always present. This issue is dedicated toMEMBERSHIP DEV’T. & EXTENSION COMMITTEE DRR Jaypee Y. Ursua there to guide and support us, we all of you who love Rotaract so Rotaract Club of Metro Lucena CAMILLE “Camille” MARQUEZ Chairperson owe the strength of the Philippine much. Enjoy reading! Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Metro LucenaMADELAINE GRACE “Laine” AGUILAR Rotaract movement to Rotaract Professional Dev’t. Service Director
  12. 12. PAGE 12R U 1 OF US? HighlightsThe Rotaract Club of SanPedro East sponsored byRC San Pedro East hostedthe annual Rotaract quizbee in the district, “R U 1OF US?” last February 4 atSan Pedro College of Busi-ness Administration. This year’s top three spots wereThis event tested the knowledge of taken by the following: 3rd Place -the new breed of Rotaractors about PP Julie An Lacerna, RAC Lu-Rotaract, the Multi-District Infor- cena South (left), 2nd Place - PP Monthly SaturDATEs from page 10...mation Organization (MDIO) Billy del Castillo, RAC San Pedro Rotaract District Committee pre- trict had a date with Prof. JeromePilipinas, and Rotary International (right), and 1st Place - Jones Gan- sents its report (i.e. financial reports Ong of the University of the Phil-as well as current events in the dol, RAC Tanauan (middle). of the previous month’s District ippines Manila & the Nationaldistrict. Activities) and important district Historical Institute, to commemo- announcements on upcomingPilipinas Rotaractors from page 9... rate the 150th year of our National Left: Host DG Ernie events, updates from MDIO Pilipi- Choa receives a plaque Hero Dr. Jose Rizal. “August Satur- nas and Rotary International. This is of appreciation from PROCON Chair Michael date: Kuha Mo!” was a seminar on also an avenue for the Rotaract Recabar, DRR Clarice basic photography facilitated by the San Jose, and MDIO clubs to promote their respective Pilipinas Chair Cathy Cavite Camera Club. It was held Gonzales. projects and solicit for any possible Below: Rotaractors at Kawit Cavite, with the Rotaract help that the RDC and other clubs in dance during the “RAC- Clubs of CEZ & Sahod-Ulan as Kulit” party. the district can provide. A hosts. “September Saturdate: Direkvention meeting). Inspir- ‘consultation time’ is set every after to the Poynt” was a seminar oning the youth more were the Saturdate to make the DRR and effective communication with pro-Past RI Director PDG the rest of the RDC available for ducer/communication strategist Ms.Rafael “Paing” Hech- suggestions, questions or concerns Vivien Mangalindan. This wasanova (Celebrate the that the Rotaractors might have. hosted by Pasay Area through theNew Generation of Ro- To make the Saturdates more inter- Rotaract Club of STI Collegetary Leaders: Investing in esting, hosting of this activity is and San Pedro East, recognized by Makati.the Youth) and RI Public Image rotating in the areas covered by Rotary International for their out-Area Coordinator – South Pacific District 3810. “July Saturdate: Con- standing service projects shared Alay Lakad 2011 from page 10...PDG Lyne Abanilla (Celebrate the tinuing His Legacy through Rota- ideas and pointers in organizing and one with their sponsoring RotaryRotaract Brand). In promoting a ract Activities”, was hosted by Ma- implementing award-winning pro- clubs in supporting this year’s na-tradition of excellence in Philippine nila Area through Malate, Raha jects. District Rotaract Representa- tional advocacy in promoting rightRotaract, representatives from the Sulayman Volunteers and PSBA- tives also reported about their re- to education through scholarshipRotaract Clubs of Manila, Timog, Manila Rotaract Clubs. The dis- grants for out-of-school-youth. Cont. on page 15 PRO NEWS
  13. 13. VOLUME 1, ISSUE PAGE 13 D3830 YOUTH LEADERS CONVENE FOR 1 DRITS 2011 District 3830Last August 23, 2011, more than Punsalan). actors. teract Chair Toffee Rapisura500 youth leaders gathered at the There were many guest speakers Breakout sessions were held in the handled sessions for the Interactors.PATTS Auditorium in Parañaque during the whole-day training. They afternoon. The session for the Rota- DRIAC Pres. Danny Gapasin,for RI District 3830’s District tackled topics relevant to Interac- ractors were led by District Rota- together with RC presidents andRotaract and Interact Training tors, Rotaractors and Rotarians ract Chair Ador Tolentino of RC NewGen directors, served as facili-Seminar (DRITS) 2011. guiding the New Generations. The Parañaque Southwest, Pres. Nestor tators in the advisors’ session.Formerly called District Rotaract speakers shared words of wisdom Alvarez of RC Palanyag Special prizes were also awarded inInteract Assembly, DRITS was and inspiring words to boost the Parañaque, Past District Rotaract the afternoon, including the Biggesthosted by the Rotary Clubs of morale of participants. DG Billy Representative Cathy Gonzales, Delegation award for RC ParañaqueAlabang (Pres. Cenon Cruz), Las Villareal was present to expound Immediate Past District Rotaract St. Andrew group, Early Bird awardPiñas Central (Pres. Vijay Sam- on the RI theme. He also inducted Representative Aldrin Buelo, and to the RC Makati Urdaneta delega-path), Las Piñas West (Pres. Ricel the RY 2011-2012 District Councils District Rotaract Representative tion and the Best in Uniform for RCAdorio), Makati Jose P. Rizal for Rotaract, Interact, and the Rota- Angel Benavente. Meanwhile, Parañaque North’s delegates. There(Pres Mayeth Casal-Uy), Makati ract & Interact Advisors. Mean- District Interact Chair Emma was also a raffle done for the par-Olympia (Pres. Renny Harman), while, DGE Sue Sta. Maria talked Rivera of RC Makati Jose P. Rizal, ticipants.RC Palanyag Parañaque (Pres. about Rotary and the New Genera- CP Rose Acoba and Pres. Renny DRITS 2011 was indeed a success.Nestor Alvarez), Parañaque Pobla- tions while PP Doods Policarpio Harman, both of RC Makati Olym- Everyone enjoyed interacting withcion (Pres. Leo Tagle), and talked about Public Image and pia, Past District Interact Chair each other and learning from theParañaque Southwest (Pres. Jun Branding for Rotaractors and Inter- Miguel Bermido and District In- speakers. Each and everyone of us has a talent, each and everyone of us should have the chance to develop that talent, and that each of us should use whatever talent we have to enable people least able to help themselves.Message from the DRR At Your Service For the Rotary Year 2011-2012, be more resourceful because he the District & its leaders; there will be new priorities to wants us to be the change we want Strengthen the Club leaders; Im- meet current challenges. Despite to see in the world. I find this very prove Communication & Public our gains in the past five years, timely because I would want to Image of Rotaract; Encourage Ro- we still have a lot of room for focus on these myself. My experi- tary Clubs to form new Rotaract improvement. Through the Ro- ences as the Charter President of clubs. tary International Theme “Reach my club and as a District officer These will be accomplished with Within to Embrace Humanity,” will be my inspiration in helping the help of my District Council DRR Maria Angela “Angel” Benavente RI President Kalyan Banerjee my Changemaker Presidents members who are very much will- Rotaract Club of SIBAMP wants us to improve ourselves achieve their goals. ing to share their talents, time, and Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Palanyag Parañaque and our leadership. We have to The District goals are: Strengthen resources to support the clubs in pursuing their service objectives.
  14. 14. PAGE 14 ZAMBOANGA CLUBS HOLD JOINT INDUCTION District 3850 At Your Service DRR Joshua Amado “Joshua” Bicoy Rotaract Club of Dipolog Sponsored by the Rotary Club of DipologRotaract and Interact Clubs in the A Children’s PartyZamboanga City Area held theirFirst Joint Turn-over and Induc- On October 9, 2011, Rotaract Center, commonly known as thetion Ceremonies last August 18, Club of Zamboanga City West, Orphanage. They provided slippers,2011 in Crystal Ballroom, Astoria Rotaract Club and Interact Clubs school supplies and entertainmentPlaza. The activity aimed to inspire of Southern City Colleges, to- while the August and Septemberunity among Rotary’s young part- gether with other Rotaract clubs in birthday celebrators of RCZC-Westners in service. Zamboanga City, conducted a Kids provided the meals of the children. Party at the Social Development MDIO PILIPINAS WELCOMES RID 3850! PRO NEWS
  15. 15. VOLUME 1, ISSUE D3860 CONDUCTS DISTAS PAGE 15 FOR VISAYAS AND MINDANAO 1 District 3860 This year’s District Assemblies act for their roles and responsibili- (DISTAS) for Visayas and Min- ties. The gatherings were also op- danao focused on the Rotary Inter- portunities for club leaders to widen national theme “Reach Within to their understanding about running a Embrace Humanity”. The aim was Rotaract club and making progress to prepare Changemaker Presidents at the end of the year. and members of Rotaract and Inter- RAC Metro Mandaue 2006 Joins Walk for a Cause The Rotaract Club of Metro Highlights of Alay Lakad 2011 Mandaue 2006 supported this include the selection of the BIG- year’s Alay Lakad, an annual GEST DELEGATION, LIVELI- walk- for- a-cause organized by EST DELEGATION, MOST COL- local government units to raise ORFUL DELEGATION, and funds for education of street EARLY BIRD DELEGATION. children and out-of-school- Lots of prizes were also given away youths. The activity was held last to lucky participants. A cheer dance September 25, 2011 at Fuente competition and hip-hop competi- Osmeña, Cebu City. tion were also held. Although the The Rotaractors joined students Mandaue Rotaractors did not bring Top photo: DISTAS VISAYAS 2011 from different schools, employ- home a prize, they were happy to be Above photo: DISTAS MINDANAO 2011 ees of various companies (private part of this worthy endeavor.Pilipinas Rotaractors from page 12... and government institutions),spective districts’ accomplish- Rotaractors in and outside of the civic groups and business process At Your Servicements. country. The second fellowship outsourcing sector in this nation-During the second night of PRO- night which was hosted by the wide effort to raise funds forCON, District Tourism was held. Rotaract Club of Manila was education. A five peso donationHere, delegates showcased the kept alive with a showcase of was collected from each regis-scenic places, delicacies and Rotaractors’ talents in the form tered participant which will bespecialties that can be found in of song, dance and magical show used for scholarship grants andtheir areas, which gave everyone presentations. The day ended livelihood trainings.the opportunity to get to know with a bonfire activity where Rotaractors also had a commu- DRR Cyril Leonard L. Muringmore about the different districts DRRs led their Rotaractors in Rotaract Club of Tagum North -of the Philippines. It was fol- formulating wishes for their nity prayer to give thanks for all UM Tagum Chapterlowed by “Magical Night” which the accomplishments of Rotaract Sponsored by the Rotary Club of districts, and then released these Tagum Northwas a tribute to DS Magic Ong in the air attached to balloons. in the country and for the suc-who was an inspiration to many cessful staging of the country’s To the next page please
  16. 16. PAGE 16 1ST REGIONAL LITERARY FEST “Think,The Rotaract District Committee pated in the Literary Fest. The cur- The event was graced by PAG Believe,(RDC) of Rotary International rent Rotary International theme of Miriam Ruth D. Dela Calzada of Succeed.”District 3870 in partnership with “Reach Within to Embrace Human- the Rotary Club of Metro Valenciathe Youth Advocates Productive ity” was adopted for this competi- and the New Generations District At Your ServiceIntegrated Service, Inc. (YAPIS) tion. Chairperson/PAG Buensuejo stsuccessfully conducted the 1 Re- The RLF includes the following “Neneng” Navarro of Rotary Clubgional Liter- contests: of Maria Cristina. The latter repre-ary Fest Quiz, extem- sented District Governor Samuel(RLF) at the poraneous “Sam” Fontanilla.Capitol Uni- and oratorical The RLF was an enjoyable eventversity Gym- speech, can- for the participating students and anasium. vas painting, good learning experience for theThis regional literary competition photography, storytelling, and de- organizers as well.for secondary students in Region 10 bate. The project served as an ave- Moreover, it provided an opportu- DRR Sorilie Christine “Sol” R. Bacsarpawas held last August 13 to 14, nue to build friendships through nity for D3870 Rotaractors to work Rotaract Club of Iligan North Sponsored by the Rotary Club of2011. Students from the provinces healthy and interactive communica- together for the first time. Iligan Northof Bukidnon, Misamis Oriental & tion. It aimed to develop and en- District 3780’s DRR Marby Mon-Occidental, as well as Cagayan de hance the cognitive well-being of tellano and DRR-Elect Aya NicoleOro City and Iligan City partici- the students as well. Corpus, in the presence of their DG Jess Cifra, DG-Elect Penny Policarpio, and incoming District Rotaract Chair Johann Montel- lano, successfully bidded for the hosting of Pilipinas Rotaract Con- vention 2013. The success of Pilipinas Rotaract Convention 2012 would not have been possible if not for the utmost support extended by DG Ernie Choa, SDG for Programs Em- manuel “Loy” Cosico, DCC Wil- son Lei Yee, DDCC Gabriel Trias Pilipinas Rotaractors from page 15... Soon after, everyone was inspired (but of great impact) that we can do Jr., DRC Victor Lau, the Rotary first national convention. by Atty. Alex Lacson of KaBa- for our country. Clubs of RID 3810, and all the On the third and last day, team- yanihan Foundation with his talk During the MDIO Pilipinas Lead- District Governors and District building activities were conducted. on volunteerism and the little things ers’ Meeting, Rotary International Cont. on page 18 PRO NEWS
  17. 17. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 PAGE 17 WORLD ROTARY DAY: FAMILY OF ROTARY MEMBERS SHARE WHY THEY LOVE ROTARY Last February 23, of its family to share why they love posts from Rotarians, Rotaractors, buzz for the organization we all Rotary turned 107 Rotary by posting in the Facebook and Interactors from 12 RI Districts love! years old. page, (7 of them local and 5 foreign). Featured below are just several ofMDIO Pilipinas celebrated Ro- PilipinasMDIO. To everyone who participated, the many wonderful entries:tary’s birthday by inviting members The online activity gathered 139 thank you for helping create thatI love Rotary because we start activities I love Rotary because it teaches me how to I love Rotary because it gives me opportu-with HONOR and CONVICTION. love, to let go and to grow as an individual. nity to help other people and gives me- JM Cuales / RAC Manila, D3810 / Part of - Dir. Dhunggay Nofuente / RAC Manila fulfillment in my heart.the Rotary Family since 2006 Metro, D3810 - Riza Joyce Luma-as / RAC Malabon East, D3800 I LOVE ROTARY because it provided me many opportunities to share my time, talent andI LOVE ROTARY because you get to edu- - PDG Guz Goh / RC Jakarta Sentral, D3400 treasure to those who have less in life, espe-cate the young people that everyone can be cially the children and the sick.a hero. - CP Winston Sia / RC VisMin, QC, District- Rtn. & PDRR Chock Encabo / RC Manila 3780 / Part of the Rotary Family since 1992Metro / Part of the Rotary Family since 1994to FOREVER (Interact/Rotary) Three international events… one destination. SEE YOU ALL IN BANGKOK! I love Rotary because I discovered that I can make a difference in other peoples lives. Just a smile and all the obstacles disappear. We can transform this world into a better place. Its just a matter of will- ing.I do really LOVE Rotary… coz it allows my (donation for children through an Institu-eyes to SEE the real meaning of inner joy... tion that helps families in need and home-- PP Steve Paulo Mayo / RAC Freeport less people in Lisbon, Portugal)Zone (Subic Bay), D3790 / Part of the Ro- - Ana Teresa Santos / Rotaract Club oftary Family since 2006 Lisboa, Olivais, D1960 Questions? Simply ask us or your DRR!
  18. 18. Pilipinas Rotaractors from page 16... Rotaract Representatives of the PILIPINAS ROTARACT ONLINE Philippines, and the friends and family of DS Edison “Magic” Contributors Ong. Cherrie Gallardo • Marby Montellano • Indeed, PRoCon 2012 will be re- Cool Quezon • Mhon Picar • Lovely membered by those present as a Estrella • Clarice San Jose • Arlene Bacalla • milestone in their Rotaract life, in Jaypee Ursua • Angel Benavente • Joshua the same manner that it is a trail- Bicoy • Al Kalli • Cyril Muring • Sol blazer in Philippine Rotary History, Bacsarpa • Rachel Sarte and a pride of Rotary International Editors District 3810. Izel Guatno • Cathy Gonzales ONE COUNTRY, ONE ROTARACT! Top photo: RID 3770 Rotaractors show what they’ve got Like us on Facebook: Bottom PilipinasMDIO photo: Rota- ractors do the Chicken Dance!Right photo: MDIO Pilipinas Chair Cathy Gonzales, flanked with Pilipinas Rotaract leaders, receives a certificate of appreciation from PROCON Chair Michael Recabar D3780 Hosts 5th Magic Badminton CupThe annual Magic Cup has been was tasked to a Rotaract District the first time that it becomes a me- MALE DOUBLESconceptualized by PDRR Mhon Organization. (Traditionally, the morial cup, with the untimely de- (1st) JB Vierneza and JM MendozaBrazas to serve as a venue for Rota- tournament was run by host clubs.) mise of Sir Magic in late 2011. Like (both of RAC San Pedro East);ractors from different districts to D3870 led by DRR Marby Mon- his legacy, Magic Cup will continue (2nd) Michael Recabar (RACcome together and have fellowship tellano took on the challenge with in the years to come. Manila) and Russell Yee (RACthrough playing badminton. It was the help of their medals and trophy The event was graced by Rotarac- Raha Sulayman Volunteers);named after RID 3810’s Edison sponsor, Governor Jun Ynares of tors from six Districts - 3770, 3780, (3rd) Dan Russell Nacilla and Joel“Magic” Ong, who was fondly Rizal. 3790, 3810, 3820, and 3830. delos Santos (both of RAC Cubao)called the Godfather of Philippine This year’s tournament also marks Following are this year’s winners: MIXED DOUBLESRotaract because of the great sup- (1st) Ash Carpio and Erwin Ca-port and inspiration he provided to The 5th Magic berte (both of RAC San PedroRotaractors around the country. Badminton Cup winners East); (2nd) Marby MontellanoThe 5th Magic Cup held last Janu- pose with past and Mark Bonus (both of RACary 14, 2012 at the Power Play and present Rotaract Timog); (3rd) Hazel LacbayoBadminton Center in Quezon City leaders (RAC Makati) and JP Plantillamarked the first time that hosting (RAC Malate).