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Showcase may 2011


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Showcase may 2011

  1. 1. MAY 2011 VOL. # ONE ISSUE #11 ROTARACT DISTRICT 3010 SHOWCASE In this issue Crossing Lines …Page 2 DISTRICT AWARD CEREMONY 2010 -11 DDR’s Desk …Page3 REFULGENCE Club Cognizance …Page 4 Points To Ponder ...Page 6 Just Jotting …Page 7 Monthly Mosaic …Page 8 Bits n Pieces …Page 9 Rotaract District 3010 has successfully completed another wonderful year with full co- operation from all its member clubs. To celebrate our achievements we proudly invite all of you to our Award Ceremony 2010-11.The Rotaract District Award Ceremony “REFULGENCE” is being organized on 26th June 2011 at INDIAINTERNATIONAL CENTER (IIC) , Multipurpose Hall, Lodhi Road. For Details contact : Rtr. Manik Gupta(91-9810070339) Stay Connected !!!!! Facebook Group:**Rotaract District 3010**
  2. 2. Page 2 CROSSING LINES Rotaract Club Of Bombay Film City have shared their initiative withBy Arnold Grahl and Ryan HylandRotary International News -- 22 March 2011 us. Here are some excerpts of the same.
  3. 3. Page 3 From The DRR’s DeskDear Friends, THE FOUR WAY TESTThe Rotaract year 2010-11 has come to an end. I want to thank all the rotaractorswho supported this rotaract movement throughout ,worked selflessly for the Of the things we think,underprivileged sections of the society. I also want to thank you all for supportingyour club leaders and district in its endeavor to spread this rotaract movement. I say or do…hope and wish that you all continue to do the same with your initiatives and 1. Is it the TRUTH?strengths. 2. Is it FAIR to allRotaract is a great platform to learn , share and make new friends. I urge you all to concerned?introspect, what you got from rotaract in last one year vis-à-vis the efforts put in byyou , learn from your mistakes and enhance your skills to grow and serve this society 3. Will it build GOODWILLbetter. and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?Its time to celebrate and acknowledge the efforts put in by you in this rotaract tenure. 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL toI on behalf of the DAC team and district would like to invite you for the DistrictRotaract Award ceremony on 26th June . It’s a good opportunity for you to invite all concerned?your friends who wants to join rotaract as we would be showcasing the projects doneby rotaractors in the district and also acknowledging the efforts put in by them. Wealso get a chance to interact with rotaractors from all over Delhi-NCR region alongwith Rotarians. Service Above SelfWe would also like to thank from the bottom of our heart to our parents – RotaryDistrict 3010 for supporting us throughout and creating opportunities to enhance ourleadership skills.Last but not the least, I would like to thank the DAC team for their extraordinarysupport, working as a backbone of the district. Special thanks to Rtr. Jyoti Bhatt, Rotary International Themewho without fail delivered these extraordinary District Newsletters every month.I wish you all , All the very best. For 2010- 2011Looking forward to see you all in District Award ceremony.Best RegardsRtr. Manik GuptaDRR Dist. 3010 – Learning Through Fellowship Rotaract District 3010 Theme For 2010-2011 Rtr.Manik Gupta, DRR 2010-11
  4. 4. Page 4 CLUB COGNIZANCE ROTARACT CLUB OF DELHI SOUTH  A General body Meeting was called on Sunday May 8th, 2011 to introduce the new Board to all the members and discuss the upcoming eventsAs a Rotary Youth Exchange student, you’ll spend up to a  An Executive Board Meeting was held on Saturday May 21st, year living with host families and attending school in a 2011 where the old board members explained the duties of each different country. For more information log on to posts to the newly assigned board. ROTARACT CLUB OF NSIT REGENCY  NSIT Rotaract Organized an event “Bid farewell to our seniors” on 7th May, 2011. The event involved an Interactive session with seniors, followed by farewell party, Memento’s and Title’s.  An event “ Bitiya ya Beta sab ek samaan” was Organized in the areas around slums of Dwarka sector 14, the event involved a street play by the Students , followed by an awareness drive and door to door interaction. More than 50 students participated and Bidding Farewell, RC NSIT REGENCY 200 families were covered.  NSIT Rotaract organized a Core Team meeting to decide on next year’s club activity that involved transfer of responsibility from the seniors to the next batch, account transfer etc.  A general Club meeting was organized by the Club on 3rd of May, the topic of discussion involved evaluating the club’s performance for the complete year, new projects to be implemented during the summers, counsel by seniors on preparation for annual exams.
  5. 5. Page 5 CLUB COGNIZANCE ROTARACT CLUB OF DELHI VIKAS E-Cmpaign: Anti Corruption : Continuing their e-campaigns,Delhi Vikas added the e campaign against corruption and circulated a mail over the issue of corruption and jan lokpal bill at the peak time when BATTLE AGAINST CORRUPTION this issue was raised. A Rotaract Club, Delhi Vikas,District 3010. Initiative: BATTLE Campaign, 2011 Teaching nearby poor kids of workers-Our group member Dharmendra Rai during his vacations after exams took the initiative of teaching voluntary to the nearby kids of the workers working at a RC DELHI VIKAS, Anti Corruption Campaign construction site in Mehrauli,nearby his house. ROTARACT CLUB OF DELHI VIVEK Conducted “ Personality Development & Life Skills Training Program” Associated with NYKS Project – YUVA..…“We can change. Together!” Health Check up cum Awareness Camp on STD/HIV/AIDS and Seasonal Health Services for the community Project- “Jaago Khud Ke Liye” Tree Plantation & Distribution Project – “Peepal- Kalpabrikccha” Organized Camp on Electricity & Water crises Project –“Save Project YUVA , RC VIVEK Energy, Save Water” Visit in “AAVAS.. A Shelter Home for homeless people.” Project - “MANAV SAMMAAN...! ORGANISED CONSUMER RIGHT CAMP Project –“Jaago Graahaq Jaago” Visited the “Indian Thalassimic Society” Health Chekup Camp on Dentist & Nutrition for Old Age People. Project – “ Healthy..Muskaan” We’re this close to Ending Polio Campaign Rotary International
  6. 6. Page 6 March Club Performance 3000 2500 2000 Clubs Of The Month 1500 March Club 1000 Performance Points To Ponder 500 0 NSIT Delhi Delhi Delhi Here’s a tally of points awarded to the Regency South Vikas VivekRotaract clubs based on the projects done,participation in district events,communication level and the quality ofthe reports sent. Communication with District 100 80 Star Club Of The Month 60 Rotaract Club of 40 Communication with District 20 Delhi Vivek 0 NSIT Delhi Delhi Delhi Regency South Vikas Vivek Total Performance Level Projects Of The Month Bitiya se beta sab ek Saman 3000 Campaign in Slum area – NSIT 2500 2000 Save Electricity & Water 1500 campaign - Delhi Vivek Total Performance 1000 Level 500 0 NSIT Delhi Delhi Delhi Regency South Vikas Vivek Well Done Rotaractors . . .!!! Keep UP The Good WOrk
  7. 7. Page 7 EDITORIAL Just Jotting “ Dont be dismayed at goodbyes. Afarewell is necessary before you can meet again.And meeting again, after moments or lifetime, iscertain for those who are friends.”Warm Rotaract greetings to our readers!!!Hope you are keeping well. It has been a wonderful andadventurous year, well spent in company of friends like all ofyou. Its been a pleasure working with Rotaractors like you whosezeal for the Rotary movement is contagious.Many targets have been achieved, many shortcomings have beenovercome but still there are miles to go before we can relax. Rtr.Jyoti Bhatt District Editor 2010-11I would like to thank our DRR Rtr.Manik Gupta for his constantencouragement that has been a driving force for all of us at the Comic CornerDAC to give our best. I would like to thank all the clubs that havebeen always punctual in sending their reports, especially RCDelhi South. Never once did they need a reminder. Kudos to youRtr.Nikhil Nanda.A special thanks to all our readers, without you all efforts wouldhave been in vain.Thanks a lot to all Rotaract and Rotary clubs that have been kindenough to respond to us, appreciated our efforts and shared theirnewsletters with us. Please do keep in touch !!!Hope all of you continue to support the District AdministrativeCouncil in the coming tenure as well. You are afterall the futureof Rotary.May God Bless Us All !!Take Care!  Rtr.Jyoti Bhatt District Editor 2010-11 The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.
  8. 8. Page 8MONTHLY MOSAIC
  9. 9. Page 11 Page 9 BITS „n PIECES Rotaract Club of Arima, Trinidad and Tobago shared their newsletter THE DIAL with us. Here is a poem titled – Laventille written by Christine J. Franklin publishedin their quarterly issue. Innocent hearts and ruined dreams Inhabit the outskirts of Port-of-Spain. Although she has no restrictions over those who resides The ignorant spill poisonous figures of speech Yet they continue to degrade her reputation. In mocking desperation to cause us pain. They say we live in cramped old houses, pot-holed streets Some ideological bickering, amongst ignorant men, The youths are idle; all they do is lark, Who overlook the splendor of her overwhelming beauty, But they are denied of many opportunities while others are Who jealous her natural curves and her towering height enlightened And the significant part she played in the country’s history. I guess it’s their brilliant idea to keep them in the dark. She stands proudly and confident on yonder hill, They cannot hold us down, they cannot conceal our potential Smiling gracefully as she watches the oceanic west coast They cannot deter from our dreams or our aspirations, She casually welcomes the visitors with a kiss of sunshine We will and have been soaring through the odd clouds And she embraces the ones she loves the most. And we will continue to succeed beyond their imaginations. The media’s fatuity indoctrinate the outsiders Written by a Proud Laventillian Stretching some versions of the truth and false Christine J. Franklin©2009 accusations is a Rotary-sponsored service club for young men and women ages 18 to 30. Rotaract clubs are either community or university based, and they’re sponsored by a local Rotary club. This makesthem true "partners in service" and key members of the family of Rotary.Through the Rotaract program, young adults not only augment their knowledge and skills, but theyalso address the physical and social needs of their communities while promoting internationalunderstanding and peace through a framework of friendship and service.Membership starts with you! Invite friends, family and co-workers to become members of Rotaract SERVICE ABOVE SELF Its easy to make a buck. Its a lot tougher to make a difference.