synchronous sequential circuit measurement using cro crt b/c ratio irr npv financial management non critical race critical race race conditions flow table transition table map asynchronous sequential circuit design asynchronous sequential circuit analysis asynchronous sequential circuit up/ down counter ripple counter bcd counter binary counter universal shift register shift register counter registers state assignment state reduction sequential circuit design sequential circuit analysis clocked sequential circuit flipflop edge triggered flipflop race around condition d flipflop t flipflop jk flipflop sr flipflop latch discrete time processing of continuous time downsampling upsampling zero order hold aliasing reconstruction of signals from samples natural sampling flat top sampling ideal sampling ampling theorem online learning lms moodle discounted cash flow roi b/c pitfalls payback analysis financial feasibility of projects special purpose vehicle risk mitigation mechanism spv payment hierarchy security mechanism financing of a power project project contracts key project parties typical configurations infrastructure project financing project financing structures working capital advances term loan methods of offering debenture or bonds preference capital equity capital internal accruals sources of capital menu of financing factors in determining debt equity ratio capital structure project financing project ranking ranking conflicts project invisibility project dependence capital rationing project constraints scenario analysis sensitivity analysis types of risk measures of risk project risk project selection under risk simulation analysis hiller model financial break even analysis break even analysis risk analysis multiple random processes. power spectral density classification random process central limit theorem sum of random variables correlation statistical averages random variable probability ofdm cdma multiuser detection code division multiple access dsss direct sequence spread spectrum fhss frequency hopping spread spectrum spread spectrum communication sequential decoding turbo codes. burst error correction state diagram viterbi decoding trellis diagram code tree convolution codes systematic cycle codes cyclic codes syndrome decoding linear block codes error detecting capability hamming bound hamming distance error correcting codes channel capacity channel capacity theorem shanon fano coding huffman coding source coding theorem entropy source coding measure of information voltage-divider bias re model q point operating point fixed-bias emitter-follower emitter bias common base bias collector feed bias bjt biasing bias stabilization fet as resistor drain characteristics transfer characteristics e-mosfet d-mosfet mosfet jfet fet output characteristics input characteristics ce configuration cc configuration cb configuration bjt comparison of modulation techniques vsb ssb dsb_sc envelope detector amplitude modulation/ demodulation basic signals types of modulation need of the modulation elements of communication system digital storage oscilloscope oscilloscope cro block diagram digital multi-meters ramp techniques digital voltmeter differential & common-mode operation input offset current input offset voltage input biased current output offset voltage opamp parameters: differentiator integrator summing amplifier unity gain amplifier non inverting amplifier inverting amplifier differential amplifier circuits ideal & practical characteristics of op amp op-amp voltage multiplier zner diode regulator clamper clipper bridge type full wave rectifier center tapped full wave rectifier full wave rectifier half wave rectifier rectifier diode serial / parallel configuration lcd tunnel diode varicap diode led breakdown mechanism effect of temperature diode equivalent circuit diode capacitance diode resistance pn junction diode n-type p-type intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductor conductivity semiconductor energy diagram energy band gap e learning plotter calibration dmm as standard comparison method x y recorder delay time cro dso sampling cro lissajou figure dso application crt/ cro's. it describes x-y and z axis modulation cro hay's bridge schering bridge maxwell wein bridge ac bridges q meter. maxwell bridge de sauty bridge capacitance measurement inductance measurement voltmeter & ammeter method kelvin double bridge resistance measurement wheatstone bridge ramp type dvm digital voltmeter systems digital multi-meter digital frequency meter system dmm dual slope integrator dvm temperature probe rf probe current probe voltage probe current measurement using voltmeter voltage follower rectifier voltmeter precision rectifier voltmeter electronic ac voltmeter precision rectifier amplifier voltmeter ac voltmeter voltage to current converter ac voltmeter op-amp amplifier dc voltmeter transistor dc voltmeter circuits emitter follower dc voltmeter pmmc dc voltmeter amplifier based dc voltmeter op-amp voltage follower dc voltmeter pmmc instrument galvanometer dc ammeter series ohm meter dc voltmeter uncertainty gross error gaussian curve statistical analysis relative error measurement errors systematic error resolution and significant figures meaning of ranges error combination absolute error accuracy precision non si units in common uses basic units si temperature scale prefixes scientific notations derived units significant figures si unit system dimensions and standards other unit system value engineering decision making project management project evaluation functions of management elements of cost breakeven analysis cost estimation goals of cryptography size of key public key cryptography symmetric crptography delphi method exponential smothening demand forecasting moving average seasonal adjustments weighted moving average forecasting research areas in renewable energy energy mix energy security renewable energy firm equilibrium price determination equilibrium price duopoly monopoly monopolistic competition oligopoly market structure perfect competition moise figure of am modelling of white noise noise figure of fm noise figure of dsb-sc noise figure of ssb friss formula experimental determination of noise noise figure shot noise thermal noise noise modelling noise in communication type of financial decision scope of financial management goals of financial management financial institutions capital market money market indian financial system financial system financial services financial instruments payback arr cashflow terminal value capital budgeting decisions cash management working capital account recievables operating cycle determinants of working capital inventory control dividend policy dividend decisions gordon model walter model residual theory of dividends theories of dividend solar pv plant financial analysis of pv plant entrepreneurship entrepreneurship in solar energy form of business entities solar drying solar energy solar pond heating applications solar thermal systems stand alone pv system load estimation pv panel sizing battery sizing pv system design pv module solar pv cell pv array pv system design issues energy basics of solar energy power power of goals goals economic decisions managerial economics scop of managerial economics engineering decisions demand supply curve budget line welfare analysis. indifference curves theory of demand technical efficiency engineering efficiency economic efficency
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