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Food drink 2020_strategic_visioning_event

  1. 1. A food & drink industry think tank February 8-9th 2011 An invitation to shape your future An intensive two-day interactive and networking event bringing together senior management from all areas of the food & drink supply chain to discuss the future of the industry. Explore the main forces of change the industry faces over the next 5 -10 years. What broad scenarios can be envisaged? What are the most critical issues to take into account? What does it all mean for your business? The first in a global series of strategic visioning think tanks and workshops for the food and drink industry that will identify and discuss the key factors to consider when planning strategies for the medium to long term. Overcome uncertainty. Stimulate innovation. Shape your future. Join us! Partner Organisations Transforming lives, inspiring change
  2. 2. Date February 8-9th 2011Venue Sunley Management Centre The University of NorthamptonAttendees Outline ProgrammeA specially invited audience of executives • Keynote speeches drawn from: - Food and drink trends from around the world• Primary producers and food - Managing innovation manufacturers • Interactive break out sessions• Grocery multiples and independent • Gala Dinner showcasing local foods retailers• Food service chains and owner Benefits manager restaurants • Insight into the latest industry • Equipment and packaging manufacturers mega-trends and business intelligence• Logistics and distribution companies • Opportunity to broaden your • Professional and support services perspective of the industry • Blue sky thinking to stimulate innovation• Regulatory bodies • Support for your strategic planning• Consumer representatives • Networking opportunities • Free subscription to future research Organisers papers and innovation newslettersNorthampton Business School • Stimulating, challenging and funThe University of Northampton FeesPartner Organisations • Event only: £195• Food and Drink Forum • Gala Dinner only: £55• Northamptonshire Enterprise Ltd • Event + Dinner: £225• University of Lincoln • Accommodation: £45 /room/night• Open University of Catalunya International Graduate Institute - On campus hotel - Breakfast included - Limited availablitiy Testimonial “The visioning sessions are highly inspirational and a great chance to get out of the day to day routine, allowing me to think more deeply and longer term about the factors shaping our industry and that will impact on our business. The interactive sessions in a non-competing environment are so different to most stuffy conferences - fun yet highly valuable, very strategic. Highly recommended – a must attend for all those who care about the future of their business!” Stephen J Brown, Grupo ARGAL, Barcelona For more details and to reserve your place: Email Tel 01604 892036