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Part Time Professional Prospectus 2012


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Part Time Professional Prospectus

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Part Time Professional Prospectus 2012

  1. 1. Part TimeProfessionalProspectus
  2. 2. Contents 3. Course Overview 4. Introduction 5. Our History 6. Why study with us? 7. Guest Lecture Series 8. Course Information 22. Consultancy Service2
  3. 3. Course overview Mode Duration of Study PageACCOUNTING AND FINANCEInternational Accounting BA (Hons) (Top-up from HND / AAT / AIA / IFA ) 15 months DL 8Accounting and Finance MSc (Top-up from ACCA and CIMA) 1 year PT/DL 8Accounting FdA (Top-up for NHS staff) 1 year DL 9 BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENTBusiness – Foundation Degree 3-4 years PT 10 Business and Management BA (Hons) (Top-up from HND/FD) 15 months DL 10Construction Management BSc (Top-up from HND/FD) 1 year PT 10Management - University Certificate in Management Studies (CMS) 1 year PT 11Management – Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies (DMS) 2 years PT/DL 11Management MBA (Top-up from DMS) 1 year PT/DL 11Management MBA 2-3 years PT/DL 12Master in Business Leadership (MBL) 18 months PT 13IT AND COMPUTINGBusiness Computing BSc (Hons) (Top-up from HND/FD) 1 year PT day 14IT Service Management University Diploma 1-2 years PT/DL 15IT Service Management MSc 1-3 years PT/DL 15HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (HRM)HRM - University Certificate (CIPD) 1 year PT 16HRM – Postgraduate Diploma (CIPD) 1-2 years PT 16HRM MA (Top-up from CIPD Postgraduate Diploma) 1 year PT/DL 17MARKETING Marketing – Professional Certificate in Marketing (CIM) 1 year PT 18Marketing - Professional Diploma in Marketing (CIM) 1 year PT 19Marketing – MA (Top-up from CIM Postgraduate Diploma) 1 year PT/DL 19SPECIALISTDiploma in Public Service Interpreting (Institute of Linguists) 1 year BL 20PT = Part Time DL = Distance Learning BL = Blended Learning 3
  4. 4. IntroductionWith over 35 years experience,Northampton Business School (NBS) isrenowned for high quality teaching andresearch, supported by strong links withindustry and commerce.The School is home to more than 100staff drawing expertise from Accounting,Business, Economics, Enterprise, HumanResources, IT, Languages, Management,and Marketing. It has an internationalreputation for research and teachingand the significant professional andcommercial experience of the staffunderpins all the School’s activities. For more information, visit Email: Call: 0845 190 4601 Visit:
  5. 5. Our HistoryWe are a young vibrant university which has changedsignificantly since our establishment in the early20th Century - not only in the number of studentswe teach, but also in the range and level of coursesoffered and in the quality of performance in nationallybenchmarked assessments of both teaching andresearch.Where did it all begin?Historical records date back to 11 March1867 when a free public lecture on scienceand art was held in Northampton Town Hall.As a result of its popularity, evening classesin electricity and magnetism were started inOctober of the same year and the journey totoday’s University of Northampton began. Park Campus Summer 19741924 saw the establishment of NorthamptonTechnical College and in 1975 the firstFaculty of Management and Business wascreated.In 2005 The University of Northampton wasgiven full university status and researchdegree awarding powers. 5
  6. 6. Why study with us?FlexibilityWith busy lifestyles and existingcommitments, we understand thatflexibility is vital and our courses aredesigned and delivered with this in mind.We offer part time, distance learning andblended learning modes of study.Professional BodyRecognitionWe have strong links with the commercialsector and an emphasis on vocationallearning has resulted in a number ofcourses within the school receivingprofessional body recognition.Excellent FacilitiesWith a £1.7 million extension, NBS now The Libraries (on both Park and Avenueboasts a social networking area complete Campus) give access to over 375,000with high powered computers, soft seating books and 15,000 journals in both printareas, a mock board room and a range of and electronic formats.smaller study spaces.6 Email: Call: 0845 190 4601 Visit:
  7. 7. Guest Lecture SeriesNorthampton Business School has The majority of lectures are held inestablished a successful guest lecture Cottesbrooke Building at The Universityseries attracting a wide range of high profile of Northampton’s Park Campus in thespeakers. These lectures are offered free evening. If you would like to be added toof charge and are open to students, staff the mailing list email:and members of the public. Our series of aims to educate, stimulate and or alternatively visit:encourage debate. have already had the pleasure of hosting the following guest lectures:Michael Jones, Michael Jones Jewellers“New capitalism - or not so new?”Richard Mintern, COO, The Monarch Group“From shop floor to Chief Operating Officer”Tom Lloyd, Management writer and author“China’s Management Revolution”Allan Fraser-Rush, Lowe Brindfors, Stockholm“Let your customers do the selling. The power of user generated content”Peter Whitehead, Editor, Executive Appointments, Financial Times“How hard can it be to run a big company?”Sanjeev Shetty, Senior Sports Journalist, BBC“The World of Sport and Media-perspectives from a BBC World Sports News Editor” 7
  8. 8. Course InformationACCOUNTING AND FINANCEInternational Accounting Accounting and Finance MScBA (Hons) (top-up from HND/ (top-up from ACCA and CIMA)AAT/AIA/IFA) Mode of study: Part Time and Distance LearningMode of study: Distance Learning Duration: One yearDuration: 15 months Entry requirements: Applicants should be fully qualified (by examination) members of ACA, ACCA,Entry requirements: Students must hold a CIPFA, AIA, CIMA or equivalent.relevant HND/FdA or professional qualification. The course aims to extend and enhance theThe course aims to provide the student with an understanding and competence gained viain-depth knowledge of accounting and finance professional qualification and to enhance thein an international setting and provides a sound ability of students to think strategically aboutframework for those wishing to pursue further management and organisational or to enhance employment opportunities.The course has been primarily designed for those Typical modules include Managing Strategicinterested in accounting as users rather than Change, Dissertation and Research Methods.providers. Managing Strategic Change takes an in-depth look at both leading edge strategic issues andDuring this course, students will learn about change processes. The module covers thethe key aspects and developments in the business tools, techniques and concepts used indelivery of international accounting and financial scanning the business environment for potentialmanagement, examining current trends in changes, analysing the potential implications ofinternational financial regulation and developing differing scenarios, strategies and processesskills of criticism and analysis. before developing responses to changes. Email: Call: 0845 190 4601 Visit:
  9. 9. Accounting FdA(top-up for NHS staff)Mode of study: Distance LearningDuration: One yearEntry requirements: Students must have passedAAT Technician level or equivalent or have relevantwork experience.A Foundation Degree in Accounting designedspecifically for NHS staff. The FdA in Accountinghas two stages, each with six subjects ormodules. Typically you will cover Managing Public Lobna Benchiri-HabeebSector Finance, Managing People and Managing MSc Accounting and FinanceOrganisational Success. The final module Personal Account ManagerLearning Through Work considers your personal Lloyds TSBand professional development. Learning is agreedthrough a) setting yourself objectives for a six I graduated from the University of Northampton in 2007 with a BA (Hons) inmonth period, in consultation with your tutor and/ Business and Management.or your employer b) assessing your developmentin seeking to achieve these objectives (a personal I chose to return to the University to undertake the MSc Accounting and Financedevelopment log will be kept) c) reflecting on the qualification as the help and support Iprocess so that further development can occur. received from my tutors during my time as undergraduate was very good. Thanks to the open door policy at the university I can easily meet with my tutors face to face to discuss my work. As I work full-time I had to sacrifice my only day off during the week to attend the course. It can be hard sometimes to fit everything in but the tutors understand we have other commitments and are very supportive. I believe that the course will be a turning point in my career as I will gain the professional and personal skills needed to succeed in a finance related profession. The sessions provide an open platform to discuss current economic and financial issues which reflect how knowledgeable and experienced the tutors are. 9
  10. 10. BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT The programme builds upon the vocational approach of HNDs and encourages students toBusiness FdA take a critical and analytical approach to theirMode of study: Part Time understanding of business (particularly in theDuration: Three to four years Strategic Management and Critical PerspectivesEntry requirements: Applicants should have on Management areas).a BTEC National, AVCE or one A level. Relevant The course is challenging and hard work butwork experience and training will be considered in the upside for successful students will be a realaddition to any formal qualifications. sense of achievement, an improved skill set andThe modules tend to focus on the work of a range increased career opportunities. It enables you toof functional areas within businesses including combine your business and management workmarketing, finance, human resource management with distance learning study.and information systems. While taught modules have considerable workplace focus,the FdA includes substantial vocational elements Construction Management BScin the form of work-based learning modules.Therefore students need to be in suitable (top-up from HND/FdA)employment to succeed on the course. Mode of study: Part TimeAs the programme develops, learning moves from Duration: One yeara broad understanding of the nature and issues Entry requirements: Applicants must hold a HND/FdSc in Construction Management orwithin business onto intellectual discussion and equivalent.argument around more specialised aspects withinbusiness. Work-based learning modules enable Delivery of the course is shared between thestudents to undertake substantial study and technical staff in the Construction Departmentanalysis of their working environment. at Moulton College and the management staff in Northampton Business School. This that students have a balanced programme of associated technical skills and businessBusiness and Management BA expertise.(top-up from HND/FdA) This course covers stage three of theMode of study: Distance Learning Construction Management BSc (Hons) degree.Duration: 15 months This final stage includes completion of practicalEntry requirements: Applicants are expected to projects.have successfully completed a Business-related (or equivalent qualification).10 Email: Call: 0845 190 4601 Visit:
  11. 11. Management – University qualification. They should normally have two years work experience at supervisory level or above.Certificate in Management The course aims to develop managementStudies (CMS) expertise through the examination andMode of study: Part Time application of modern management conceptsDuration: One year and techniques. The programme is designed notEntry requirements: The primary focus will be only to give students a thorough understanding ofthe job held by the applicant and their experience. business and management processes, but alsoHowever, in general, students will be over 23, in to enable them to develop their effectiveness as afull-time or part-time employment and have been practising manager.educated to level three with work experience.Longer work experience can compensate for the of prior academic achievement.The primary aims of the course are to promote MBA - Master in Businesspersonal and career development by increasing Administration (top-up fromthe participant’s knowledge and understanding DMS)of management. It will develop management Mode of study: Part Time or Distance Learningskills relevant to first-line management positions Duration: One yearand provide participants with a basis for further Entry requirements: Applicants will normallyself-development and encourages them to take be expected to hold the Diploma in Managementresponsibility for their own development and for Studies (DMS) from Edexcel or a British university.those for whom they are responsible. The programme has been designed to enhanceStudents explore their potential and increase their the knowledge and skills developed on the DMS.self-awareness and confidence, to become more The MBA enables participants to consider issueseffective in their management roles and finally in an organisation wide or total business provide progression opportunities to more Skills in analysing business and organisationaladvanced programmes. problems are emphasised. The focus of programme is in developing holistic strategic thinking within an organisation. The ability toManagement – Postgraduate recognise and exploit opportunities and theDiploma in Management Studies development of strategies and plans to cope with managing change are addressed. Course(DMS) members will be instructed in managementMode of study: Part Time or Distance Learning research techniques appropriate to MastersDuration: Two years degree level learning to enable them to fulfil theEntry requirements: Candidates should normally demands of the course assessment scheme and,either hold an honours degree from a British (or in particular, satisfactorily complete a dissertation.equivalent) university, or possess a recognisedgraduate or postgraduate level professional 11
  12. 12. MBA – Master in Business considered, as will applicants with significant work experience following the successful completion of aAdministration GMAT or other appropriate aptitude test.Mode of study: Part Time or Distance Learning The programme has been designed not only toDuration: Two to three years (dependant on mode give participants a thorough understanding ofof study) business and management processes, but alsoEntry requirements: Applicants will normally be to enable them to develop their effectivenessexpected to hold an honours degree of a British as practising managers. It will create manyuniversity or equivalent and have a minimum of two opportunities for participants and theiryears relevant management experience. HNC/HNDor Dip HE qualifications or their equivalent will be organisations to improve performance.Craig MolfordMBAOperations DirectorCOM DEV Europe LtdThe course has provided me with an insight intoall aspects of business from human resourcesand effective management, through operationalstrategy to management and corporate finance.Being a postgraduate degree, the course has “The skills I have gainedapplied demands on both my professionaland personal circumstance that cannot be during my time atoverstated and as such has required a disciplined university have provencommitment to the course. Aside from theacademic aspects of the course provided by the beneficial to my career”University a real benefit has been the opportunity The skills I have gained during my time atto interact, collaborate and learn from other university, particularly in strategic and financiallike-minded individuals from varied backgrounds. aspects of business administration have provenHaving the opportunity to actively discuss and beneficial to my career and resulted in myoften debate the application of the taught theory promotion to the role of Operations Director atin real world situations across both the private and COM DEV Europe. If I was to provide advicepublic sectors has provided an insight that I would to other professionals considering an MBAnot have found anywhere else and will prove qualification I would suggest that they grab theinvaluable when considering business challenges opportunity with both hands and go for the future.12 Email: Call: 0845 190 4601 Visit:
  13. 13. The MBA enables participants to consider issues Master in Business Leadershipin an organisation wide or total business context. (MBL)Skills in analysing business and organisationalproblems are emphasised, as is the ability to Mode of study: Part Timerecognise and exploit opportunities. Duration: 18 months Entry requirements: Applicants are normallyThroughout the course interpersonal and expected to have achieved a first or second classcommunication skills are highlighted and honours degree or Postgraduate Diploma, at adeveloped, together with links between the British University, or equivalent. Recognition of priorcourse content and the participants’ own job role learning assessed on a case-by-case basis, may beand workplaces. The MBA covers all the core granted to selected applicants who have no formalelements of Accounting, Marketing and Human qualifications but who have at least 10-15 years of relevant management and leadership experience.Resource Management that you would expect Submission of a personal essay (in a wordin a comprehensive management development processed document) addressing three criticalprogramme. The fundamental aspect of strategy questions (approximately 200-250 words per eachdevelopment is fully addressed in the Strategic question), will be required. Applicants will need aManagement module. recommendation from their employer or supervisor.Part Time: The course provides a rigorous education the concepts and techniques of business andDistance Learning: management. Skills and analytical tools relevance to a senior manager are developed from this base, enabling such managers to perform effectively within their organisations and predict potential issues. Of key significance will be encouraging participants to perceive their organisations holistically, enabling strategic issues to be identified, analysed and appropriate plans implemented. The course seeks to enhance the ability to learn and acquire new leadership skills including the ability to critically evaluate appropriate academic literature. Similarly participants will be encouraged to identify their personal continuing learning and development needs beyond the provisions of the course through their ability to critically reflect upon issues impinging upon their personal circumstances. 13
  14. 14. IT AND COMPUTINGBusiness Computing BSc database application, project management, information systems and strategic management.(top-up from HND/FdA) The top-up award adopts a strategic focusMode of study: Part Time (day) considering information systems planning andDuration: One year management within the rapidly changing ITEntry requirements: Applicants must have a environment. The development side focuses onrelevant HND or Foundation Degree in a related project management and strategy whilst givingdiscipline. students the opportunity to apply advancedThe focus of this award is to develop the techniques in databases and data interrogation.commercial skills needed for a career in Students engage in a dissertation and an appliedcomputing systems for business. The central project.concepts of computing systems are tackled, as systems analysis, software development,Alpha BahMSc IT Service ManagementSystems AnalystMinistry of Basic and Secondary Education,GambiaThe MSc IT Service Management qualificationhas helped me to realise how service industrieslike IT in particular enable organisations to returnreal value. As a technology professional withover ten years experience working in the publicsector, I now realise my views have been isolatedand focused on the technology rather thanconsidering the whole picture. I am now exposedto frameworks such as ITIL® that form the basis forcontinual service improvement which are neededto monitor and report organisational value and “The environment inbenefit. Northampton has beenI chose the University of Northampton, because conducive and a greatI wanted a course that would help me to align my adventure for me”organisation’s needs and information systems asearly as inception of the business case all the wayto implementation.14 Email: Call: 0845 190 4601 Visit:
  15. 15. IT Service Management IT Service Management MScUniversity Diploma Mode of study: Part Time or Distance LearningMode of study: Part Time or Distance Learning Duration: One to three yearsDuration: One to two years Entry requirements: Candidates will normally hold a recognised first or second class honoursEntry requirements: Applications are welcome degree (or equivalent), or a postgraduatefrom those with relevant work experience and a qualification for which a degree or HND qualificationminimum of two years experience in the IT field. was a necessary entry requirement. ApplicantsThose students working in a project management with relevant work experience in the IT field andenvironment who hold a current Prince2 Practitioner related professional qualifications i.e. ITIL®, will bequalification will be exempt from the INS3029 considered on an individual basis.Project Management module. This course has been designed to meet theThe course in year one gives the student need for competent and qualified staff that canan insight into the key areas of IT Service enable organisations to maximise the value ofManagement and provides the broad knowledge Information Communications Technology (ICT)that those working in the industry need. Students and IT Services. It is suitable for any studentwho work in the industry will be able to relate wishing to move into IT Service Management,these key elements to their working environment and is particularly relevant to business strategicand the assignments and projects are designed planning, service delivery and support, continuityto consolidate this learning in a practical way. planning, application and infrastructureGeneric elements of project management management, quality management, project andand technology development underpin the change management.student’s second year. These elements enablethe student to embark on a worthwhile IT The course encompasses IT ServiceService Management project within their work Management through a series of progressiveenvironment. units developing the student’s knowledge from fundamental concepts, through to addressing IS strategy, management information, quality management, application development, infrastructure, service support and delivery, continuity planning, people and operational issues of implementing IT Service Management Best Practice. The course addresses current standards for IT Service Management, such as ISO20000 and ITIL®. 15
  16. 16. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (HRM)HRM – University Certificate HRM – Postgraduate Diploma(CIPD) (CIPD)Mode of study: Part Time Mode of study: Part TimeDuration: One year Duration: One to two yearsEntry requirements: GCSE or BTEC National Entry requirements: The minimum entryDiploma level or equivalent Level 3. The CIPD requirements for the PG Diploma will be aCertificate in Personnel Practice (CPP) is an ideal recognised and relevant graduate or postgraduateentry qualification. level professional qualification at Level 5/6 or higherThree years experience in a HR administration or and at least 12 months current working experiencemanagement post. within a personnel/HR department or related area. Applicants holding CPP, CTP, HNC/HND orFor those in work the primary focus will be the job Dip HE qualifications or their equivalent will alsoheld by the applicant and their experience. be considered for admission provided that theyThe course is designed for those already possess appropriate work experience and evidenceemployed in a HR function or department. The of CPD.aims of this course are to increase students’ The PG Dip HRM aims to develop understandingknowledge and understanding of management of the specialised knowledge, researchin general and in particular Human Resource evidence and practice of HRM within a range ofManagement. Students will have the opportunity organisational contexts, and to equip studentsto develop their self-awareness and confidence with the analytical and diagnostic skills requiredand thereby improve line management skills to of HR professionals. The programme will focus onbecome a more effective HR manager. HRM activities, strategies and plans that underpinThe course is designed to develop the necessary sustainable organisational performance.personal and interpersonal skills required for The programme provides a strong foundationmanaging people and to create and maintain in general business and management, witheffective working relationships. Students will particular emphasis on understanding thehave the opportunity to develop the skills needed strategic significance of HRM modules whichto analyse and evaluate Human Resource develop the knowledge, understanding, skillsManagement activities and processes within the and competencies required of effective HRregulatory framework. Email: Call: 0845 190 4601 Visit:
  17. 17. HRM MA (top-up from CIPDDiploma)Mode of study: Part Time or Distance LearningDuration: One yearEntry requirements: Applicants should havesuccessfully completed the Chartered Institute ofPersonnel and Development (CIPD) Diploma.The programme is designed to broaden specialistknowledge gained at a professional level.Students take one module which ‘tops up’ their Layla DudleyCIPD Diploma to sufficient credits for an MA. Postgraduate Diploma in HumanThis involves a series of classes covering Resource Management (CIPD)research methods and preparing a proposal HR Advisorfor in depth study of a HR issue of strategicsignificance. Following this, students embark I decided to enrol on the Postgraduateupon a dissertation of around 18,000 words that Diploma in Human Resource Management toanalyses academic and practitioner literature, help me to progress within HR and work mygathers primary research and culminates in an way up the career ladder. As I am in full timeanalysis and recommendations. Each student is employment the best mode of study for meprovided with a supervisor who provides support was part time, this way I could continue in my work and not lose any earnings.and comments on draft I completed my first degree at the University of Northampton so going back into education after five years absence was not daunting for me. I looked forward to studying again. During my time on the course I have learnt a lot about the different aspects of HR and gained a more strategic view which will only benefit me in the future. The social interaction is fantastic, it’s good to learn from other people within the same sector. I have enjoyed the course and the lecturers are very engaging. 17
  18. 18. MARKETINGProfessional Certificate in It is aimed at people who may be working in marketing support positions or those whoseMarketing (CIM) job roles include elements of marketing. TheMode of study: Part Time qualification provides practical insights intoDuration: One year the principles and application of marketing inEntry requirements: As a minimum, two A levels a way to boost knowledge and support careerare required or any general bachelors or masters progression. Units of study include: Marketingdegree or an equivalent. Essentials, Assessing the Marketing Environment,This qualification gives you the practical skills Marketing Information and Systems, andand knowledge to devise and execute tactical Stakeholder activities and gain marketing credibility. Jenkins FergusonProfessional Diploma inMarketing (CIM)Senior Marketing Executive, NICEICDaniel is currently enrolled on the CharteredInstitute of Marketing (CIM) ProfessionalDiploma in Marketing and recently wonthe CIM Marketer of the Year award (“The CIM qualification appealed to me as Ifelt it would give me the opportunity to applymarketing theory into real life scenariosand enable me to move into a marketingmanagement position. I hope in the futurethat I can make a real difference at a bluechip company. “I would definitelyI really enjoy studying at NBS, the location recommend a CIMis really convenient and the engagement qualification to thosefrom the tutors is great, they take a real who wish to progressinterest in the organisation you work forand the challenges you face in your work their career in marketing”environment.”18 Email: Call: 0845 190 4601 Visit:
  19. 19. Professional Diploma in Marketing MA (top-up fromMarketing (CIM) Postgraduate Diploma CIM)Mode of study: Part Time Mode of study: Part Time or Distance LearningDuration: One year Duration: One yearEntry requirements: The CIM Professional Entry requirements: Applicants must haveCertificate in Marketing (either the 2002 syllabus or successfully completed the Chartered Institute ofthe 2008 syllabus) Or Marketing (CIM) Professional Postgraduate Diploma.Any business or marketing Bachelors or Masters The programme consists of two modules anddegree (or equivalent) where a minimum of one third is designed to broaden specialist knowledgeof the credits come from marketing (for example gained at the professional level. The module on120 credits in Bachelors degrees or 60 credits with ‘Managing Strategic Change’ takes an in-depthMasters degrees) Or look at both leading edge strategic issues andExperience in a marketing management role thathas provided students with the ability to evidence change processes.that they can meet the learning outcomes of the The module covers the business tools, techniquesCIM Professional Certificate in Marketing if required and concepts used in scanning the businessto do so and is sufficient to pass the entry test to environment for potential changes, analysinglevel 6. the potential implications of differing scenariosThe aim of this qualification is to provide the strategies and processes before developingknowledge, skills and ‘ability to do’ that a typical responses to potential changes.Marketing Manager would need. Employers The dissertation and research methods modulewill be expecting those who complete this extends your knowledge and understanding ofqualification to be able to demonstrate skills such methodological issues, leading to the productionas planning and balancing needs and interests of of a research proposal. The dissertation gives youall stakeholders. the opportunity to complete a substantial pieceThe qualification is a hybrid of marketing with of independent research on a topic of strategica considerable emphasis on management as significance.marketers move from specialist aspects of into either a functional or departmentalrole.The focus shifts from theoretical concepts ofmarketing to providing insights into the keyaspects of managing the marketing functionas well as recognising various departmentalopportunities such as channel management,communications, customers, new productdevelopment/ 19
  20. 20. SPECIALISTDiploma in Public Service Students will be able to: • ccurately interpret interviews across the whole AInterpreting (Institute of Linguists) range of their chosen public service specialism,Health or Law but not exclusively as National RegisterMode of study: Blended Learning Interpreters can also be asked to interpret inDuration: One year law/health or local government optionsEntry requirements: Applicants must meet a • roduce accurate written translations, both into Pnumber of essential entry requirements to join the and out of English, on subjects related to thecourse: health or law sector• pplicants must be fluent in English and their A other language. They should be able to speak and • ecall the structure, procedures and associated R write in both languages at a level equal to degree vocabulary of all areas of health or legal standard. We appreciate that some applicants services. have acquired their knowledge of English or their Law: other language informally through practice and do not hold formal qualifications. This is taken Health: into consideration when assessing applications and we welcome applicants from non-academic backgrounds.• pplicants must have the ability to correctly A understand and accurately explain complicated concepts in both their chosen language and English.• pplicants must be a resident of the United A Kingdom.• pplicants must demonstrate an understanding of A the purpose and responsibilities of public services.• pplicants must be self-motivated and have a A positive attitude to self-development.• pplicants entering for the Institute of Linguists A examinations must be 19+ when sitting the end of year examinations - usually mid June.On completion of the course, students will havethe skills, knowledge and understanding requiredto become a qualified public service interpreterworking in the health or law sector.20
  21. 21. 21
  22. 22. Consultancy ServiceNorthampton Business School engages withorganisations around the world to provide consultancyservices throughout a wide range of industry sectors.With an offering to suit every budget, students, staffand businesses come together to develop and sharepractical business expertise.We offer a student led consultancy service “We are confident wesupervised by academics. Students have the right peopleare closely matched to the needs of thecommissioning organisation and can with the right skills andundertake short projects such as web experience to meetsite development and market research. your business needs”This offers a low cost solution which mayappeal to smaller businesses. If you would like to find out more aboutFor more specialist advice, a professional our consultancy service contact:consultancy service is offered by keystaff within NBS who have a wealth of Kate Broadhurst,experience in developing solutions across Head of Enterprise Developmenta broad range of disciplines in a variety of Telephone 01604 893472 or emailindustry sectors.
  23. 23. 23
  24. 24. The University of NorthamptonNorthampton Business SchoolPark CampusBoughton Green RoadNorthamptonNN2 7ALContact us:T 0845 190 4601E @nbsuninorthants