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BusinessWise - Business Version Feb 12

  1. 1. Business MagazineBespoke course Employability Enterprise Guest Lecture On the rightdesign for Veolia and Skills Week Coaching Series tracks supports with Silverstone start-up of Polish restaurant 02 04 08 10 11
  2. 2. Welcome from the Executive Dean In this edition... ................................................................. Bespoke course design for Veolia.....02 NBS Corporate Partnerships and Consultancy.....03 Employability & Skills Week.....04 Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) explained.....05 Tapping into talent.....06 Enterprise Coaching supports start-up of Polish restaurant.....08We are proud of the strong links we have with In Focus - Tim Peacock.....09industry and commerce and are delighted to present Hosting the Bank of England’syou with the latest edition of BusinessWise whichfocusses on the many ways we work with employers regional presentation.....10from a wide variety of sectors. Emotional strain of ‘serviceThe Centre for Employability demonstrates our with a smile’.....11commitment to ensuring graduates meet the futureneeds of employers by embedding employabilitythroughout the curriculum. To complement this the Follow us and be the first to find out aboutopportunity of work based learning enables studentsto gain valuable skills from placement and internship new courses, news and events:opportunities. We highly value the contribution of and would like to thank all those who havegiven their time to deliver presentations and in doing enhancing the student experience. In addition awide range of organisations have offered studentsvaluable skills such as hosting mock interviews andproviding feedback on CV construction.We continue to develop corporate partnerships Comments?which enable businesses and organisations to benefit Would you like to comment on any of the storiesfrom the skills of academic staff and graduates; featured in this edition of BusinessWise? Gotfurthermore we provide bespoke executive education an idea for the next issue? Let us know – emailprograms and consultancy services nationwide.Northampton Business School is increasingly a vibrant and exciting, truly internationalbusiness school with students, business clients and Published by Northampton Business School. T. 01604 892036partners from around the world. E. Editors: Hayley Hunter and Michelle Smith. Design: Stamp Ian BrooksExecutive Dean, Every effort has been made to ensure that all of the informationNorthampton Business School contained in this edition of BusinessWise is correct a the time of going to press. Please note that The University of Northampton accepts no liability for the accuracy of statements in this and other marketing publications. @ianbrooks6
  3. 3. BusinessWise - Business Edition Page 2CorporateBespoke coursedesign for VeoliaWorking with John Sinclair, Deputy Dean and are keen to involve and train others needs and design products that flex toof the School of Applied Science, Linda to do the same. their schedules as well as stimulate themLee-Davies from Northampton Business to apply theory to their own working Directors and staff from Campus VeoliaSchool met with Campus Veolia at Veolia environment. We provide a lot of electronic have provided very positive feedback,Waste Management to negotiate their formative feedback and communications commenting that this new method ismanagement development needs. Linda for these students who work all over the refreshing and very different to theirdesigned a modern blended Virtual UK and often abroad for Veolia and have experiences of other University coursesLearning Environment (VLE) delivery that managed to keep to our 48hr response elsewhere. They have also found ourwas paperless which respects Veolia’s service level promise to them. This was staff to be cutting edge in terms ofenvironmental ethic. As a result 42 new our suggestion which appealed to Veolia current, practical business knowledgepost graduate part-time DMS students along with our own mix of commercial/ in addition to benefitting from our ownwere enrolled. Linda and Emma Wynne academic experience.” research publications.have inducted and delivered the first fivemodules in Altrincham, Wolverhampton Linda Lee-Davies says. “This is definitelyand London to carve the way forward the way forward for part-time professionalwith this new way of paperless teaching students. We must react quickly to theirTreading the MBAboards at studentThe Castle helpsTheatre Age UKThe Executive Director of The CastleTheatre in Wellingborough approached Age UK approached NorthamptonNorthampton Business School regarding Business School with a vacancy looking for someone to act as a consultant in Wendy Houlta search for quality, senior boardmembers to contribute to the arts restructuring the fundraising strategy for them. Wendy Hoult a final yearcommunity. We were able to supply a MBA student volunteered to take this Wendy commented “This has been a greatrange of quality CVs from academic opportunity and use the final consultancy opportunity for me to give something backcolleagues as well as some of our local report towards her change management to the community and at the same timeMBA alumni. The Castle’s first recruit module and provide Age UK with the work towards my MBA. Being able to seewas Linda Coles, Lecturer in Leadership modern strategic thinking we teach. The other organisations at work; understanding& HR who was instantly praised for her CEO of Age UK is delighted we were able their objectives, strategies and principles,quick contribution regarding HR matters. to fill this quickly and with such a high links the theory of the MBA with real life.” calibre candidate.Linda Coles was then joined by ChrisGaskill of The Ambulance Service andMorgan Baxter from Nationwide Linda Lee-Davies commented on both these projects “For NBS -Building society, both previous NBS being a driving force at the heart of the community in which themanagement students. Shortly after University sits is important and how delightful - to have senior,this Adrian Pryce, Lecturer in Business capable staff, students and alumni channel their efforts and evenand Economics joined the Board their course work into local and national social enterprise.”providing strategic inputs and roundingoff a very strong team.
  4. 4. BusinessWise - Business Edition Page 3CorporateNBS corporate partnershipsand consultancy Ross Thompson is completing a marketing audit for Autopa on a consultancy basis giving a post graduate student Monika Bhatia some work experience at the same time. Presented to the Board, the results will be incorporated in the Strategic Plan. Gil Ogilvie-Johns has started a six month consultancy contract to embed a new and proactive marketing strategy with an emphasis on developing social media as a key tool to enhance customer relationships for Working Transitions. Having helped recruit a post graduateConsultation presentaion to Autopa student – Parag Shah and set the direction for research for the company, Gil will alsoFollowing a push by NBS Corporate to Linda Lee-Davies comments be ensuring Parag benefits from increasedtransfer academic knowledge into the –“ Northampton Business School has employability using this direct worklocal business community, four Corporate some very talented academics with real experience.Partnerships have been set up in the last business experience of great value tosix months. Client liaison, recruitment and the business community. Furnishing Kardi Somerfield has finalised the contractre-gearing some internal processes to them with an opportunity to do this has for a new marketing consultancy projectaccommodate commercial needs resulted been as much a pleasure as seeing our for a year with a newly graduated studentin establishing a successful method of talented students secure high quality work who starts 2012 off with a new andensuring businesses and academics work experience to set off on their career.” exciting role.closely together while providing good levelemployment for our students.Cobblerssatisfaction Leadership by inspirationsurvey and motivation NBS Corporate Training with Northampton Borough CouncilHot on the success of theeconomic impact study carriedout for Northampton Saints Hugh Davenport and Linda Lee-Davies were invited to address 120 managers fromRugby Club. Alan Seymour Northampton Borough Council in the presence of CEO, David Kennedy in the splendid(Sports Marketing) and surroundings of the Great Hall in the Guildhall. The topic of leadership by inspiration andRoss Thompson (Business motivation was requested. In an energetic session which included juggling, illustrating& Economics) have been how important it was to gain and balance willing effort from followers and understandcommissioned to undertake a them, managers were able to differentiate basic administration from real leadershipsimilar survey, this time focussing abilities. Feedback was very positive and both Linda and Hugh have been invited back toon customer satisfaction at provide input into future training programmes.Northampton Football Club(Cobblers). The field work Renée Bullock, Human Resources & Organisational Development Manager frominvolving student interviewers is Northampton Borough Council said “I wanted to take this opportunity to express ourbeing carried out in January and thanks for the inspirational and motivating session yesterday. The feedback has been veryFebruary after which Alan and encouraging. Delegates left yesterday with a skip in their step and a smile on their face.Ross will analyse the data and I have had a number of emails expressing the fact that the session moved them to thinkpresent their findings to the client. differently about their roles.”
  5. 5. BusinessWise - Business Edition Page 4Employer collaborationEmployability & Skills Week 2012 builds on the success of the2011 Event.The purpose of the week is to encourage all our JOIN US FORstudents to consider their employability skills in terms of theirfuture employment and for them to meet a host of organisations todiscuss the professional and future opportunities on offer. EMPLOYABILITYWhat is happening? & SKILLS WEEKA week packed full of activities & workshops designed to help Monday 20th- Fridaystudents to start to think about their future career. Is this somethingyou could support us in achieving...? 24th February 2012Throughout the week we are • Professional Part Time Jobs Fairorganising a series of activities – Friday 24th February 2012, If you would like to support usincluding: 11am – 2pm. Are you looking to during Employability and Skills employ current students within a Week, please do not hesitate to• Working in the Creative professional part time job? Do you contact the University’s Careers Industries- Thursday 23rd have opportunities in or near to & Employability Service on February 2012, 11am – 2pm. Northampton? 01604 89 2727 or email Host a stand and talk to our students about working in the creative • Meet the Employer- Host a industries, provide hints & tips on stand in our Library Foyer & networking, self employment, speak to our students about run a workshop, or discuss any the opportunities that you may We look forward to working volunteering or work experience have available when they graduate. with you...! opportunities you may have. CV • expand the number of employers, sectors, placement roles and period of personal growth and professional development upon their return to improvement geographical locations applied for. university. The workshops explained how students For many, it was perhaps the first time workshops could ensure CV’s and cover letters match and mirror the core values and beliefs of anyone had confronted and challenged them to really think through what it the organisation they were applying to was they wanted to achieve from their and to emphasise the importance of prior ‘Investment’ of time and money, andThe Careers and Employability service research of the organisation. the scope of their future ‘Return onoffered a series of CV improvement Investment’.workshops to NBS students preparing to Other topics covered included correctingapply for placement opportunities in the common errors such as grammar, spelling, For others, it meant a completecoming year. punctuation and sentence construction, re-evaluation of the sectors, employers, reflecting on the conversational nature of roles and even the location of theirThe workshops enabled students to: a CV; in other words, a written dialogue placement. In essence, many students with someone who has neither met you really expanded the number of possibilities• review CV’s not touched since or knows nothing about what you have and pathways open to them; a truly secondary school; achieved. fantastic result.• eliminate the common mistakes that placement and graduate recruiters The session also helped students to think Overall, the sessions sought to tease regularly comment on; through the range of placements they out many of the typical errors recruiters• focus and target applications, could target. To think through what they consistently comment on and to provide tailoring them for each placement role might be asked to do during their year out support and constructive feedback to applied for; and how they might reflect on this the students looking to secure their placement.
  6. 6. BusinessWise - Business Edition Page 5Employer collaborationKnowledgeTransferPartnerships(KTP)explainedKnowledge Transfer Ian Wilkins, Managing Director of at Derby University, when the project Tingdene approached NBS to formulate finished” Jose Garza-ReyesPartnerships (KTP) is a UK-wide a strategy and commented,programme which enables Benefits for the Academicbusinesses and organisations “The uniqueness of the KTP Engagement in such projects refreshesto benefit from the skills of programme has afforded Tingdene the academics awareness of current the synthesis of not only a highlyacademic staff and graduates. motivated graduate but also the business issues and challenges. It makes academics keep their own skillsThere are many benefits of intrinsic academic support of the up-to-date and their research focusknowledge transfer and using University. Together we challenged our relevant. It provides real business casethe case study of Tingdene production principles; long term Key studies for use in the classroom. When Performance Indicators (KPIs) were students want contacts to collaborateHomes we can see how a re-evaluated and ultimately this helped with, to do research dissertations,KTP benefits the company, the formulate a manufacturing vision for academics have a network available.associate (student/graduate), the future.” They also gain real life field case materialthe academic and Northampton for their own research and futureBusiness School (NBS). Benefits for Associates academic papers. Working under the supervision ofBenefits for the Company the Academic, the project provides Benefits for NorthamptonKTP projects critically analyse current the associate with experience of a Business Schoolbusiness processes and researches and fast-track, highly visible, strategically Maintaining practical contact in theadvises on better ways of delivering the significant project which is an excellent business community enables NBSproduct or service. An Associate and way to start their business career. Such to see what the business communityan Academic see processes from the a career development process would needs. Tim Peacock, Senior Lecturerpoint of view of “what can be” rather take years in a normal job role. Jose – Business and Economics, has beenthan “what has always been”. This fresh Garza-Reyes was Tim’s associate on able to add BA Events Managementperspective often leads to significant the Tingdene KTP and MSc Management (Internationalimprovements which have bottom line Logistics) to NBS’s programme portfolioimpact for the company. “I can positively say that my in recent years. These have come as a experience on the Tingdene KTP was direct consequence of keeping actively a major factor in my recruitment to in touch with local business. the post of Lecturer in Manufacturing
  7. 7. BusinessWise - Business Edition Page 6Employer collaborationHow you can get involvedEmployer engagement is of enormous three hours for a series of interviews plus As a provider of a 12 month,importance to Northampton Business preparation reviewing CVs before theSchool and its students. It is through the interviews. full-time placement Provide a full-time, 12 month placement.interaction with employers and employees Each role to be based on a real job and/that students are able to develop their As a host organisation for a or skills and become ready for student visitthe world of work. Provide a short visit to your premises for Julia Schumacher - Ambassador students to help them understand your & Business Partnership Manager atIt’s not just the students who benefit from organisation, processes and operation. Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnershipthis collaboration. As an employer you Time commitment is three+ hours perwill be tapping into a pool of enthusiastic, “Engaging directly with the students event.energetic people who are passionate at Northampton Business Schoolabout their subject area and will form is the perfect way for employers totomorrow’s workforce. As a provider of work influence the attitudes and capabilities experience opportunities of young people, this type ofThere are plenty of ways local businesses Provide a one week/40 hour work engagement encourages students toand business leaders can engage with experience in a functional area related to become more enterprising and helpsthe University of Northampton’s Business undergraduate studies within the Business them to understand the importanceSchool: School. Time commitment is five working of employability in the work place. days/ 40 hours plus preparation for each Employers such as Avon, Barclaycard,As a Visiting Lecturer work experience opportunity. Carlsberg, Mercedes as well asDeliver a presentation to students on your many smaller local companies havebusiness, current organisational issues or willingly given their time to take part in As an employer of students ascareer paths in your business or sector. activities such as lecturing, conducting part-time staff mock interviews and offering workThe time commitment is one 50 minute Provide opportunities for students to placements, a rewarding experience forsession to include the presentation and undertake work in your organisation up to the employer and vital for the personalquestions/answer session. a maximum of 15 hours per week. and professional development of the students.”As an interviewer in a Mock As a provider of a short If you would like to get involvedInterview Process summer internship or find out more contact Helen Ure –Act as an interviewer to enable students Provide a 12 week, full-time internship Academic Consultant, NBS Centreto practice and develop their interview during the summer months (June – for Employabilitytechniques. The time commitment is September) based on a real job or project. into talent Gwenyth Barker from IBM comments “IBM has a great relationship with Bright Futures, for the key reason that they provide bright, high performing, confident students intoMatthew Pouncey a final year BA Management student is the the Graduate Employment market, by equipping them withPresident for the Bright Futures Society at the University of key employability skills including: commercial awareness,Northampton and was keen to tell BusinessWise readers about leadership, negotiation and client focus. The events that arethe Society. run between IBM and Bright Futures are always guaranteed a good audience and are always well worth the time, effort and“Bright Futures is a non-profit graduate recruitment financial sponsorship. As a Graduate Recruiter, Bright Futuresspecialist and is the UK’s leading career-focused student led provides the ideal pool of potential applicants for our Studentsociety. The society aims to promote and enhance graduate and Graduate schemes. It’s a relationship well worthemployability to the students of the university by bringing investing in.”them into direct contact with top graduate recruiters from awide range of sectors and by providing them with the best Ali Mundell from Accenture comments “We decided to startpreparation for getting their graduate job and succeeding in the a mentoring scheme last year - Simon Reichwald [Director,world of work. Bright Futures] and myself worked on that and we got lots of applications from really outstanding candidates through theWe provide employers with the chance to present, meet and mentoring programme.”work with our students. If you are thinking of hiring graduates If your company would like to be involved within the future it is an ideal opportunity to promote your company Bright Futures events or find out more pleaseor job role, network with students, academic staff and other email Companies such as KPMG, AON, Deloitte, IBM,Nestle, Rolls-Royce and a wide range of SME’s are alreadypartnered with Bright Futures.”
  8. 8. BusinessWise - Business Edition Page 7Employer collaboration Speaking up - Masters inCompeting IT Service Managementto developHome-Startwebsite Susan Bailey and Debbie Alexander of Northampton Business School were selected from 100s of applicants to speak at the 2011 itSMF UKFinal year students on our Business of real business environments. The Conference. Their presentationComputing Systems degree compete hands on experience has a positive ‘Mastering ITIL’ emphasised the need for universities, industry, professionalevery year to develop a website for impact on the way students approach bodies and training organisationsa local charity. This year the charity their work, while supporting social to work together and to see theis Home-Start Wellingborough and enterprise. importance in the merits of all thatDistrict. The live consultancy project, they offer.enables students to put all the skills The advantage of the Businessof management and software design, Computing degree over a standard It stressed the importance ofdevelopment and testing that they Computing degree is that it develops supporting staff in their personallearn in their Business Computing professional, commercially focused development journey and highlightedSystems degree, into practice. The graduates equipped with the that exemptions could be given wherestudents work with an organisation requirements of today’s businesses. there is an overlap. For example, theto define, plan and manage an active The course develops students university offers exemptions for partproject from client specifications. and those already in the business of their MSc IT Service ManagementWorking with actual customers, environment to enhance their skill to (ITSM) for those with ITIL qualifications.real deadlines and specific user improve job security or give them the From an employability standpoint, therequirements, adds value to final year required skills to take the next step up Information Science Field’s innovative strategy of underpinning their learningstudents helping them compete in the the ladder. outcomes with the Skills Framework forcurrent competitive environment. the Information Age (SFIA) adds real The course is designed with value to students studying for the MScHome-Start offers support, friendship embedded experience to increase in ITSM.and practical help to parents with employability of those new to the jobyoung children in local communities market and also helps to improve job The University of Northampton wonthroughout the UK and the students security and promotional opportunities the Innovation award for the Mastersare designing a website tailored to their for those already within the market in IT Service Management whenparticular needs. place. Working with different the course was launched. Susan companies inspires a professional Bailey commented “Employability,The students not only have to fulfil attitude and gives the students an globalisation and entrepreneurship aretheir academic requirements but the insight and understanding into real key drivers at Northampton Businesssuccessful student(s) continue to work business processes and ethical School. Our ITIL and Prince2 qualifiedwith the charity to deploy their site and behaviour. staff, along with our accessibilityprovide initial guidance in implementing to professional qualifications gives students the best opportunity to thrivethe live version. In addition to the Home-Start Charity, in a global marketplace.” students are also working with otherThe live project proves invaluable industries such as catering, private The inaugural itSMF Conference will beto students wanting to develop into tutoring, multi faith chaplaincy, therapy held at the University of Northamptonprofessionals. Live projects expose and social enterprise. on 19 July 2012 and will incorporate astudents to new challenges and allows graduation ceremony for NBS students.them to experience the demands @infoscienceNBS
  9. 9. BusinessWise - Business Edition Page 8Enterprise development Enterprise Coaching supports start-up of Polish restaurant Gospoda U Braci Enterprise Coaching is a European workshops depending on their and local councils as well as helping Regional Development Funded (ERDF) circumstances. These are designed to to research web sites and develop project delivered by Northampton raise confidence, generate business marketing materials, providing a truly Business School. The aim of the project ideas and introduce the concept of bespoke level of support to the client. is to encourage enterprise amongst the enterprise to clients covering the key Adel is proud to say that the restaurant communities of Corby and to promote elements needed for business start-up. Gospoda U Braci is now open for self-employment. The project employs business serving Polish food to the Enterprise Coaches to work on the Adel Foster works for Enterprise people of Corby and delivering it to their ground, engage with disadvantaged Coaching and was approached to doors. communities and offers coaching to 16 help a Polish born Corby resident set to 24yr olds, the long term unemployed, up a Polish restaurant with his brother. Visit them at: 95 Occupation Road, those on incapacity benefits, lone The Enterprise Centre has provided Corby parents, disabled clients and women. support in understanding the English language, legislation and culture and in @enterprisecoac1 Enterprise coaching offers individuals more practical aspects such as visiting the opportunity to attend different potential properties, estate agents Enterprise & You: Giving local Latest cohort of students from HMP businesses a Wellingborough successfully complete boost! Business Boost is a newly launched, innovative consultancy business service based within Northampton Business School. start-up course The service aims to provide local small and medium size enterprises with flexible, short term and cost-effective business support solutions. Kate Broadhurst, Enterprise Development Project Manager from Northampton Business School was Business Boost offers a range of support options tailored to pleased to attend the ceremony in December for the the clients’ needs including marketing and PR, web design latest cohort from HMP Wellingborough to be awarded and optimisation, market research and insight reports. with their certificates for completing an NBS business start up module. Kate Broadhurst, NBS’s Enterprise Development Project Manager is currently looking to recruit NBS students who, if NBS has been running the course in collaboration with successful, will have the opportunity to engage in activity that HMP Wellingborough since 2008 and the latest group enhances both student experience and future employability. represents the 14th cohort of students to successfully pass the module and receive their certificates. “By recruiting high quality NBS student consultants, each paired with an experienced academic mentor, Business The course, which runs in the prison over a series of 14 Boost is targeted at local businesses that may otherwise be sessions, covers a range of topics including marketing, unable to access commercial consultancy services”. networking and financial forecasting and results in the production by each student of a business plan and To find out more about the service and the current accompanying personal development plan. For this opportunities please contact: Kate Broadhurst, group of students these often make for interesting Email: reading as they explain how the students hope to take their lives in a new positive direction on release from prison and start their business.
  10. 10. BusinessWise - Business Edition Page 9In F cusTim PeacockTim Peacock joined NBS in 2002. Tim’s and delivering corporate courses. Tim isarea of interest are Operations, Supply one of several colleagues in the BusinessChain and Logistics. He is particularly School who engage in such collaborative meeting for the Chartered Institute ofinterested in the application of Lean work. Logistics and Transport (CILT) in NBS.Management concepts to business James Tombling, a BA Management His recent involvement in Knowledgeprocesses. He feels there is great student, has been elected to the committee Transfer Partnerships have been with asatisfaction to be gained from looking into as a student representative. Once a work-wear company from Northampton anda process within a business and making it year companies from the industry give a park home manufacturer, Tingdene Homes,more efficient and effective. The satisfaction talk to business students on the career from made greater if the ideas that have led opportunities that exist within the Industry,to the improvement have come from the He is interested in the multi-dimensional these links are proving fruitful. Avonpeople within the business being freed up to benefits of knowledge transfer; to the Cosmetic’s Karim Jiwani tells us the numberhave their ideas listened to and adopted, a company, the associate, the academic and of students applying for placements haschallenge in itself. the Business School. risen greatly since working with NBS. Nick Bithell HR Manager from Knights of OldPrior to joining NBS he spent time working It is Tim’s aim to further develop NBS’s links has been able to appoint one of our recentas a consultant and it is probably this that with the Logistics industry. He hosts graduates to work in Payroll in the companyleads to him being keen to engage with the Northamptonshire County Committee as a direct result of the links with, through knowledge transfer workNBS teamthrough tosemi-final ofUniversitiesBusinessChallengeNorthampton Business School and Africa. The team • Cross-cultural team working more aggressive approach,entered three teams into the members are: • Results-driven approach while others possessed aIBM sponsored Universities • Dominyka Zemaityte • Financial awareness higher uncertainty avoidanceBusiness Challenge (UBC), we • Michael Darko-Mensah • Problem solving which resulted in more detailedare delighted that one of the • Managing the customer calculations and deeper • Marcus Holmbergteams won its group and got relationship discussions. This resulted in athrough to the semi-finals, to • Sizwe Sabawu blend of an aggressive strategybe held in March 2012. They • Xiaoting Zhu The team commented “We based on detailed plans,will be one of 80 teams in the enjoyed working in a culturally where individual details hadsemi-finals from the original Some of the competencies been taken into consideration. diverse group. Even though304 who entered. The semi- they have developed through During this experience we we possess different beliefsfinals will be a one day event participation in the UBC learned new ways of thinking and values we managed toand look like they will be held include: by interacting with members cooperate effectively as aat Lloyds Bank Regional Office • Analytical skills team. Some of the team from various cultures.”in Solihull. • Commercial awareness members from our group were • Influencing skills more entrepreneurial and had We wish the team all the veryThis was a truly cross-cultural • Leadership a tendency of being willing to best of luck for the semi-team, with student participants take more risks and pursue a finals and look forward to • Planning and organisingfrom Sweden, Lithuania, China reporting on their progress.
  11. 11. BusinessWise - Business Edition Page 10Guest lectures Hosting the Visiting Bank of England’s lecturers regional presentationWe would like to take a moment to thanksome of the visiting lecturers who have given Northampton Business School was delighted to host a Regional presentation by Theup their time to share their knowledge and Bank of England which attracted senior managers from across the East Midlandsexperience with NBS students. to hear Alastair Cunningham deliver a presentation on the UK Economy. This talk was evidence of the continuing good relationship between NBS and the Bank. InBrian Capon, British Bankers Association the recent past we have also welcomed here other Bank of England Agents andspeaking to the Business Environment Deputy Agents, a Deputy Governor and even the Chief Economist himself. Eachstudents. has delivered a fascinating talk and on each occasion a lively question and answerDebbie Galton, Fundraising Manager session has followed.from the Hope Centre speaking to 1st Year Their presentations on the UK and world outlook for inflation and growth wereBusiness Environment students talking about of course couched in careful terms and presented spreads of likelihoods andthe use of PESTLE factors in the 3rd sector. possibilities rather than fixed forecasts. Reading some of the public pronouncementsGirdana Buccini and Allan Fraser-Rush from the Bank and from members of its Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) however,guest lecture for the Fashion marketing we can see some pictures emerging:students. The ‘headwinds’ (to use the Governor’s term) to be feared were mainly inflation andLeicester City Football Ground visit with lack of competitiveness. That is now shifting ever more so that deflation and lack ofMartin Steer for Events Management markets are becoming the potential danger. Let’s not be surprised if another two,students. three or four months of the current trends do not lead to some more QuantitativeDr. Eleni Michopoulou, Lecturer in Travel Easing (QE) – maybe another £25 billion.& Tourism, School of Culture and Lifestyle, There are continuing reports (from other than the banks) that Small and MediumUniversity of Derby, Buxton speaking to Enterprises (SMEs) are finding it hard to raise capital and/or to borrow. In light of thisstudents on the International Resort & Spa brake on economic growth, perhaps the Bank might like to impose conditions on theManagement module about ICTs extra money from QE – loan it directly to SMEs rather than allow it to sit on banks’in Tourism. balance sheets.Kate Russell, local employment law However, one great advantage this country currently enjoys is our financial stability.barrister re-visiting HRM students. This allows us to borrow at relatively low rates, especially compared to certain Eurozone countries. It is unlikely the Bank would do anything to jeopardise that highlyThanks to you all beneficial state of affairs. Guest Lecture 9th February 2012 Tom Lloyd, Management Writer and Author Series ‘China’s Management Revolution’ 8th March 2012 Richard Mintern, Chief Operating Officer – The Monarch Group The guest lecture series offers a wide range of ‘From shop floor to COO’ external speakers from industries who share their 15th March 2012 experiences in a one hour lecture. These lectures Michael Jones, Founder of Michael Jones Jewellers, are open to all members of the community, Northampton employers, students and staff and are free to ‘New capitalism - or not so new? A local case study’ attend. If you would like to register for any of the events listed please visit: All events are held at Northampton Business School and start at 6pm with light refreshments and the lecture will begin at 6.30pm with time for Q&A at the end concluding at 8pm.
  12. 12. BusinessWise - Business Edition Page 11ResearchOn the right tracks Emotionalwith Silverstone strain ofOver the last few years the University has theories into practice in an exciting and ‘servicedeveloped closer working relationshipswith a number of major employers in the relevant way. To date three case studies have been drafted covering business with aarea including the well-known internationalracing circuit at Silverstone. strategy, digital marketing and general marketing. Two other case studies covering operations management and smile’Staff from Northampton Business School finance are still in production. The effort of always appearing friendlyhave developed a supportive arrangement and cheerful with customers can leavewith The Chief Executive of Silverstone The National Centre for Strategic staff feeling emotionally exhausted andCircuits Limited, Richard Phillips and Leadership in partnership with the cynical according to new research led byhave benefited from this relationship in a Chartered Management Institute The University of Northampton.number of ways: forms part of the Silverstone High Performance Centre which was born The research was presented to the• Visits by NBS Postgraduate students out of collaboration between Silverstone Annual Conference of the Britishto the new £30m ‘Silverstone Wing’ Circuits and partner Educational Psychological Society’s Division ofproject during its construction phase Institutions. Its aim is to provide access Occupational Psychology in Chesterwith presentations from the Chief to the highest standards of advice, by psychologists from the University ofExecutive and fellow directors covering guidance, development and innovative Northampton’s, along with colleaguesmarketing, operations, future strategy and thinking around achieving and developing from the Autonoma University of Madriddevelopment plans. ‘high performing’ teams across all and the University of Southampton.• The top 25 operation management business sectors throughout the UK andstudents were hosted at Silverstone giving internationally. The national centre will Dr Cristina Quinones-Garcia fromthem the opportunity to look at their host think-tank activities, team retreats, Northampton Business School led thecircuit operations, traffic management, board development programmes, research, which asked 199 customerplans for the future, other development professional qualification programmes service employees to complete aoptions, and track design features. The and will support the achievement and questionnaire measuring the extent totop student for 2011, Charles Nyame, ongoing development of the UK’s which they were required to simulatewas presented the Silverstone Operation growing cohort of Chartered Managers. emotion in their jobs? Questions alsoManagement Prize by Richard Phillips. The Business School is represented on covered the amount of effort they had to the NC4SL Board by Professor Simon put in to achieve this, and the extent to• A number of NBS staff are currently Burtonshaw-Gunn. which they were emotionally exhaustedinvolved in using Silverstone as the basis and cynical because of this?of case studies which helps students put The results showed that people who felt they had to make a greater effort than most to simulate cheerfulness were Lost significantly likely to be left feeling both emotionally exhausted and cynical. Alumni Dr Cristina Quinones-Garcia commented: “This study has two The University of Northampton is currently in contact with over 45,000 practical implications. The perceived of our alumni. However, some of our former students have lost touch effort of candidates should be evaluated and we are keen to find graduates to update them on our latest news at the recruitment stage as this could whilst finding out how they have progressed in their chosen careers and help identify those individuals who are informing them about future developments and forthcoming events. more vulnerable to burnout.” “Organisations should also have If you are not receiving correspondence from us, you might be one mechanisms in place to help employees of our missing Alumni. Please get in touch, simply contact us at The build resources that support them with University of Northampton and become part of this thriving network of the emotional labour they have to carry people linked to the University and each other. out when dealing with customers.” Dr Cristina Quinones-Garcia was Call 01604 892518 interviewed on the BBC World Service, Email BBC Radio 5 live and BBC Radio Northampton and appeared in the Daily Visit Mail online discussing the research further.