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Intent Project


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Intent Project

  1. 1. What happens on this What is this about? project? The INTENT project gives you the chance Students work in online groups, each group to take part in an exciting new form of has three students from the UK and three learning. students from China. The INTENT project Working together with students from “… the people in China, different cultures. INTernational communicating with people Developing as global entrepreneurs. ENTrepreneurs in different countries, in Enhancing cross-cultural communication skills. different time zones, that An Opportunity to Develop: was just really exciting for “...The most memorable me …” Your employability. thing for me is UK student comment. communicating with the Your cross-cultural communication skills. students from the The groups use a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to carry out a number of University of Your knowledge of the activities and plans. Northampton…” business environment of other The language of working is English, but you countries. Chinese student comment. will develop sensitivity in using English in cross-cultural activities. Your entrepreneurship You will develop the essential skills which employers are looking for: You will face, and learn how to overcome, competences for the globalised world. differences resulting from different cultures Developing your personal and and expectations. professional image – i.e. your ‘Brand’. Your ability to work with Producing evidence of your emerging You will develop intercultural understanding partners of different cultures. leadership qualities. and negotiation skills by working together to find out about entrepreneurship, and so to Building up your networking and your IT Skills. develop a business plan.Contact: Wei Zhao Developing your self-awareness, yourEmail: self-analysis and your self-reflection.Tel: 07882897294 Increasing your interpersonal sensitivity and your intercultural sensitivity.
  2. 2. Who can do this project? How will this be assessed ? How to apply? What is the commitment? You will build up a portfolio of bothAny student, from any programme, from individual and group tasks as evidence of Please contact the online coordinatorany School can take part in this project. who will process your application. your learning pathway. Later you will have the login informationThe project is funded by the university, so it to access this online module. Theis free for participants. “...I found the content of the contact details are listed below.You should expect to spend about four course is reallyhours a week on project activities and exciting, I really appreciatedonline discussions. learning about entrepreneurship …”As this is group work you are expected tocomplete the project so that you do not let UK student commentdown the other group members.If you have difficulties the projectco-ordinator will help you out. “… Something which is also very important for us is you can meet a lot of friends online, we can discuss so many THIS WILL NOT COUNT TOWARDS YOUR things …” Module coordinator contact: Wei Zhao DEGREE BUT SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION Email: Chinese student comment. WILL ENHANCE YOUR EMPLOYABILITY, AS Tel: 07882897294 WELL AS GIVING YOU A REWARDING EXPERIENCE.