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BusinessWise International 06/12


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BusinessWise International 06/12

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BusinessWise International 06/12

  1. 1. International Student Magazine Dreams Of Olympic Success In London International Food Event Publishing Success In South Africa Delivering Accounting In BahrainRepresentingNBS at UniversityCourt
  2. 2. Welcome from the E xecutive Dean to bring you news INESSWISE. We are delighted Welcome to this edition of BUS of their successes, as and share with you some from our international students well as informing you of our work around the globe. nering three global developments; we are part This year has witnessed amazing deliver our MBA. No other univ ersity exclusively elite Vietnamese universities to ing economy. In April highly dynamic and grow has such an arrangement in this ated in the Knowledge 2012, NBS joined forc es with Stafford Associates; situ bian Gulf ver our MBA in centres spanning the Ara Village Dubai to exclusively deli & Young, the prestigious working with Ernst to South East Europe.We are also accounting degree. global accounting firm, in Bahrain to deliver our Province oduction, unique in Guangdong 2011-12 has also seen the intr s Entrepreneurship degree on a (China), of a BA (Hons) Busines is. two-centre shared delivery bas Society continues to provide all The work of the Global Student ortunities to integrate with life students with many excellent opp to Bentley, a talent show and an in the UK, such as a recent trip events international food event. You can view the pictures of these ok page, so take a look and join and many more on our Facebo our online community. Dr Ian Brooks Executive Dean, NBS /nbsuninorthants @ianbrooks6 Comments Featured in this edition... Would you lik e to commen on any of the t stories featured in th is edition of BUSINESSW Dreams Of Olympic Success ISE? Got an idea for the n In London P2 ext issue? Let know –email us businesswis northampto e@ International Food Event P.6 P8 Delivering Accounting In Bahrain ica P10 Publishing Success In South AfrPublished by Northampton Business School. T. 0044 1604 892036 E. Hayley Hunter and Michelle Smith. Design: effort has been made to ensure that all of the information contained in this edition of Business Wise is correct a the time of going to press.Please note that The University of Northampton accepts no liability for the accuracy of statements in this and other marketing publications.
  3. 3. BUSINESSWISE - International Edition Page 2John’s dreamof Olympicsuccess inLondon Look at him goA BA Business and Marketing student from The University of Northampton’s Business School is eagerly awaiting the announcement of whether he to defer for two years and have been extremely helpful with this flexibility for my studies.has made it onto the 2012 U.S. Olympic team. “You could be training for 6 – 7 hours a day, so I found my John Gibbons, 22, is in Year 2 of his degree and has been textbooks a great help to focus on something else. I wanted to keepstudying part-time over the last four years whilst he trains with the up with my course and the reading. I also know that eventually allU.S. Pentathlon team in America. this sport will end and I’ll be doing something after that – having a John will find out in June whether he will be representing the degree in Business and Marketing will be very valuable.”U.S. at London 2012. He commented: A pentathlon is a competition featuring five different events – typically shooting, swimming, fencing, equestrian and cross country“I’ve been swimming competitively since I was eight years old and running.winning a few county championships. I then progressed to take part “I enjoy swimming a lot,” John stated, “Pentathlons are ain the U.S. Pentathlon national championships in New Mexico in real test of endurance as they last all day. I have a ‘psyched mix’2007 and represented the U.S. in both the Youth and Junior World on my iPod to get me ready, which gets the job done! Before achampionships when I was 18. competition, sleep is also vital, as is a lot of pasta.” “I was asked to attend the U.S. Olympic Training Centre in John returned back to the UK and his studies at The UniversityColorado Springs from September 2010 – July 2011. The top 5% of Northampton’s Business School in September 2011. He plans toof athletes are invited to this facility for training at Olympic level, so it go straight into Year 3 of his course in September - hopefully withwas a great honour for me to be selected. I had already started my unforgettable experiences of competing for his country in Londonstudies at The University of Northampton but they allowed me 2012.Representing NBS at University CourtS tudents from Northampton Business Northampton Business School as well for members of the business community School were invited to represent the as the many ways in which the Business to support students by offering them these school at University Court on the 4th School has helped them to develop their valuable placement opportunities to helpMay 2012. employability skills through placements them better prepare for the world of work. The University Court is a very special and workshops to improve interviewevent held annually, guests include the local techniques and CV writing. DominykaMP, the Mayor and distinguished members told the audience of her experienceof the business community. As part of the with Nissan last year and herevent Dr. Ian Brooks, Executive Dean hopes of securing full timeintroduced three of our students; Xihui employment with themChen, Tanish Thakker and Dominyka when she graduates.Zemaityte. The students talked She also stressedabout their experience at how important it was
  4. 4. Page 3 BUSINESSWISE - International Edition THE BENTLEY FACTORY TOURThe Global Students’ Society arranged an educational visitto the Bentley factory in Crewe. Students from across theuniversity took part and BUSINESSWISE caught up with threestudents from Northampton Business School to see what they “People spend a fortune to have the ‘Bentley Feel’ but we werethought of the experience. among the handful of lucky ones to experience it for free. After “I had really looked forward to the trip to Bentley and an early start we arrived in Crewe and met our guide for thefound the tour amazing and very informative. We saw how factory tour, Mr. Alan who has been with Bentley for the pastthe factory equipment reduced production time and ensured 36 years, he was our ‘Pied Piper’ for the day. Every car thatthe high quality Bentley is known for. It was interesting to see goes out to the customer is passed through a process of qualityhow Bentley is expanding their customer base by entering the assurance that eliminates the probability of any error or damageChinese markets. As a management student, I found this trip to to almost zero.see such a successful brand very helpful”. The Bentley exhibition centre has on display their first everYin Fang, MA Management (Tourism) racing car which was able to accelerate up to 120 mph in 1920, “I had heard about Bentley from my father who is a crazy as well as another Bentley that was gifted back to the companyfan of cars. I have been interested in a variety of cars since I was by an elderly couple, this car was a wedding gift to the bridelittle so joining the trip was very interesting. I learned a lot from from the groom.the visit and can see how Bentley has become the most famous We would like to thank the Global Student Societycar in the world, because of the rigorous tests, the constant committee and the staff at Bentley for providing us with aninnovations and the belief of the brand in every employee”. opportunity to have the ‘Bentley Feel’.Song Yao, International Accounting Rehman Aslam, MBAThe Global Students’ Society Talent ShowR un by students, for the students, the Global Students’ Society provides a common ground for home andinternational students to interact through social activitiesthroughout the year. The Society arranged a talent show and Gaurav Ravindra tells BUSINESSWISE“I was given a chance to play the guitar and sing. Not only did I get a lot of exposurefrom the event, but I also made a lot of new friends from different countries having similarinterests and had a phenomenal time with them! I am glad there is such a spectacularsociety to bring us all together. No doubt there is a strong Unity in Diversity!” Tanhe Yuan also took part in the talent show and said “As an international studentstudying engineering at Avenue campus, I was happy to have an opportunity to playharmonica at the talent show, the night was great because I met a wonderful singerGaurav who has an amazing singing voice.” Students expressed gratitude to their President, Xihui Chen, who encouragesstudents to get involved in the activities of The Global Students’ Society. It is sometimesdifficult for international students to gain the confidence to socialise with people whospeak English. The Global Students’ Society provides a platform for students to familiarizethemselves in English life.
  5. 5. BUSINESSWISE - International Edition Page 4 International accountancy placementJustina Petkeviciute is studying BA Accounting and Finance and we asked her about herplacement year with Faurecia, an International automotive parts manufacturer. “When I first heard about work placements I thought what an amazing opportunity thatwould be, but was it something I would be able to do? The NBS Centre for Employability held anumber of seminars where we could find out more about work placements, it was after attendingthese that I set my mind to find a placement. I realised a year’s work experience would have huge potential for me, from enhancing myCV to giving me priceless hands on experience. It took a lot of effort and motivation to securemyself a placement, I was unsuccessful on a couple of occasions but my determination paid offand I secured a job at Faurecia, one of the largest international automotive parts manufacturer’sin the world. Employed as an Accounts Assistant at Faurecia, I get to experience every field ofaccounting from inputting non-production and production invoices, month end, creating debitand credit notes, helping with money recharge to other plants and lots more. During my timehere I have learnt to be more responsible, professional and manage my time better. As fortechnical skills, I have mastered Excel and learnt how to work with two accounting systems andI’m about to learn a third one! This placement has given me an amazing opportunity and made me realise what I want todo in the future. I believe this experience will help me to secure a job which I will really enjoy and Ican’t wait to start looking for one again. To sum it up, I am very happy that I took this opportunityand the staff at Northampton Business School were so helpful with everything. Only one warningto those who are thinking about doing a placement- be prepared to grow! A lot!” Lights! The spring term saw Pre-sessional English students using their Project to create personalised films on the student experience at The Universi Northampton. Students worked in small teams and were tasked to module ty of Camera! show the quality of the student experience. To support the students in their task, they used the film editing suite installed in NBS. They also received expert assistance from the Business School’s Action! E-Learning Multimedia Developer. Not only did the students have the hands on experience of directing, starring and filming their video, they were also taught how to use the editing equipment properly. They had the chance to use up-to-date software and further develop skills for their future study. The end result of the eight week project was a varied and enjoyable set of videos. The films were judged on how well they met the assignment brief, the use of language and the use of editing software. A prize of a day out paintbal ling was awarded to the top two submissions. This prize was kindly donated by NBS.
  6. 6. Page 5 BUSINESSWISE - International Edition A GREAT ADVENTURE“ The MSc IT Service Management (ITSM) course helped me realise how service industries like IT in particular enables organisations to return real value. As a technology professional with over ten years experience working in the public sector, I now realised my views have always been isolated and focused on the technology rather than considering the whole picture. I am now exposed to frameworks such as ITIL that form the basis for continual service improvement (CSI) needed to monitor and report organisational value and benefit. I chose the University of Northampton, because I wanted a course that helps you align organisation’s needs and information systems as early as inception of the business case all the way to implementation. The environment in Northampton has been conducive and a great adventure for me. I am from the Gambia in West Africa and head the IT Department of the Ministry of Basic and Secondary “ Education. The Ministry sponsors my studies with The University of Northampton. Alpha Bah Working opportunities“ Iveta Senkevicha is studying BA Fashion has helped me to improve my English to offer me so many different opportunities Marketing with Northampton Business and be more confident when it comes to and support during my studies; School and has just finished her second talking in front of large groups of people. I these have given me lots of different year. As an EU student from Lithuania have also met many people while working experiences and knowledge. For example she spoke to BUSINESSWISE about her on the open days and it’s a big friendly I have been working as an assistant stylist experience of combining work and study. team who are always happy to help each for the fashion graduates promotional “In the beginning I was very other. In addition I have been working video, which helped me to get an insight concerned how I would manage to as a Course Representative, which has into the industry where I want to work, combine my studies and work as I wasn’t given me a chance to actively participate this is especially helpful as I can’t afford able to apply for the home student loan. I in my course, address the issues or to go on an unpaid placement. For these decided to look for job opportunities within the University and found out about the Student Ambassador role, which I’m doing at the moment, this has been a great questions from my fellow students to our tutor and it looks good on my CV, combining these roles has enabled me to become more organised and responsible. reasons I am very grateful that The University of Northampton could provide me all these amazing opportunities for self-development. “ experience for me. Being an ambassador I am pleased that the University are able
  7. 7. BUSINESSWISE - International Edition Page 6 Nor thampto n Business Sch Union and T ool, The Stu he Global Stu dents dents’ Societ hosted an In y International ternational Food Evenin March 201 g in 2. This inaugu ral event, w 100 studen hich hosted ts and staff, over Food Event was a celebr of food, mus ation ic and cultur e from arou the world. T nd hose in atte ndance sam the delights pled of Indian, C hinese, Span Caribbean an ish, d British fo od whilst w traditional atching dances from around the world. To see more images from this event vi www.faceb sit suninor than ts
  8. 8. Page 7 BUSINESSWISE - International EditionPublishing success in Over the past few years ProfessorSouth Africa Simon Burtonshaw-Gunn has contributed a number of practitioner articles to the South African web-based journal ‘Human Capital Review’. O Late last year he was ver the past few approached by an editor requesting that years Professor two of these articles are reproduced as book chapters in a series of books Simon Burtonshaw- covering topics such as strategy, Gunn has contributed a management, change, leadership and HR. number of practitioner In February this year Simon articles to the South was pleased to report that his chapter ‘Performance Management: African web-based Processes AND People’ was journal ‘Human Capital published in ‘Managing Performance in Organisations’ and his chapter, with Review’. his regular co-writer Dr Malik Salameh, Late last year he was ‘Change management contributions to organisational performance’ was approached by an published in ‘Managing Change in editor requesting that two of these articles Organisations’. Both titles are published by Knowles Publishing, Republic of are reproduced as book chapters in a series South Africa. of books covering topics such as strategy, Over the past few years Professor management, change, leadership and HR. Simon Burtonshaw-Gunn has In February this year Simon was pleased contributed a number of practitioner articles to the South African web-based to report that his chapter ‘Performance journal ‘Human Capital Review’. Management: Processes and People’ was Late last year he was approached by an editor requesting that published in ‘Managing Performance in two of these articles are reproduced Organisations’ and his chapter, with his as book chapters in a series of books covering topics such as strategy, regular co-writer Dr Malik Salameh, ‘Change management, change, leadership and Research management contributions to organisational HR. In February this year Simon performance’ was published in ‘Managing was pleased to report that his chapter Change in Organisations’. Both titles are ‘Performance Management: Processes AND People’ was published in published by Knowles Publishing, Republic of in Brazil ‘Managing Performance nagement South Africa. contributions to organisational performance’ was published in titles Dr He Shaowei is busy IT Service Management preparing for a trip to visit three of the largest universities in Conference 19th July 2012 Brazil; UNESP, Universidade de São Paulo, and University of Fortaleza to participate inOver the last five years 100s of exhibition and presentations from research seminars and attendstudents from all over the world students whose academic work hashave graduated with a MSc IT challenged or reinforced current the Brazil-Africa internationalService Management or a Post thinking in the service management forum. In addition ShaoweiGraduate Certificate in ITSM from arena. will be visiting various inwardThe University of Northampton. investment agencies andDuring this time the research Susan Bailey, Principal Lecturercarried out by these students, and Course Leader says “We have Chinese companies investingespecially in their dissertations, been delighted with the quality in Brazil including Huawei andhas been extensive, innovative and of research that students have Sany and talking to colleaguesexciting. Now is the time to share undertaken and much of the work is about potential collaborations.this with the ITSM community. now suitable for publication. We are encouraging the students to prepareThe University of Northampton is posters and academic papers thatdelighted to announce that it will are dynamic and thought provoking.stage its first ITSM conference, the We would like to welcome visitors,day before the current graduates’ students and alumni alike.”award ceremony. To register go toKeynote speakers, include DrDon Page and Ben Clacy from There will also be a poster
  9. 9. BUSINESSWISE - International Edition Page 8 Delivering Accounting in Bahrain and has established itself as a accounting qualifications such as T he University of Northampton well known and respected training has agreed a joint degree the AAT diploma to top up to UK centre, attracting a large number delivery with Ernst & Young degree level. These students will of locals as well as an expat study modules for the award of BA Training Centre in Bahrain. Ernst community in the island including a (Hons) International Accounting. & Young is one of the ‘big four’ considerable number of overseas The tuition will be provided by accounting services firms in the candidates for its varied training the BCT team and supported by world and are the most distinct and course offerings. University staff in Bahrain. widely recognised brand, operating The University has developed It is expected that the degree in over 140 countries with global a number of partnerships with UK will attract a significant number clients. Accounting professional bodies of local and other Middle Eastern Ernst & Young, Bahrain employs to enable the enhancement of students. The degree will have 470 staff and provides its clients professional body qualifications two intakes, September and with a broad array of services to degree level. One such February and is due to commence relating to audit and risk, business arrangement is with the Association September 2012. It has also been community training (BCT), tax, of Accounting Technicians where agreed that some students may technology and IT security and holders of the AAT diploma can wish to complete their degree transaction advisory services. study for a UK Honours degree. studies in Northampton. The partnership will enable E&Y BCT is situated on the through the BCT centre to provide prestigious Al Moayyed Tower tuition to students with existing
  10. 10. Page 9 BUSINESSWISE - International Edition Cross cultural teaching in Vietnam and Pakistan D r. Holger Siemons, who teaches Cross-Cultural contributing to the open discussion that Holger initiated Management with us has just returned from a in the class. Through him giving us the challenge month long teaching trip to Pakistan and Vietnam. to gradually increase our contributions we built the In Lahore Holger taught “Critical Thinking and Reflection confidence that was needed to finally reduce our Skills” to a group of activists and university lecturers for a inhibitions to share our opinion.” political foundation that supports public democratization While the exposure to different learning styles may processes in different countries. In Hanoi, where Holger be challenging, over time such interventions support is a visiting professor with the National Economics the multi-level ability of the student to participate University, he taught International Business Strategy in and contribute to cross-cultural work environments. the Advanced Educational Program, which exposes its Therefore increasing the global employability of these students to an international faculty and works toward a students. high degree of praxis orientation. Holger implemented Holger paired this learning approach by involving an interactive teaching methodology that encouraged all students in real life business scenarios in which students students to actively contribute to collective learning. share their understanding. This format of teaching was During the module, students increased the well received among students and faculty of NEU, as frequency and complexity of their oral and written well as by the delegation of the Vietnamese Ministry of contributions to the group. One student in the cohort Education that attended Holger’s class. expressed: “In the beginning I was reserved inDa Nang Universitydelegation visit A high level delegation from Da Nang University, led by the University President, visited on Sunday 11 March to discuss opportunities to form a partnership between our two universities. The delegation enjoyed the experience, including lunch in an old Northamptonshire village pub and a drive around Althorp. Both institutions signed a Memorandum of Association the next day in London which set out the scope for a partnership and we will shortly commence the implementation phase of that arrangement. The exact nature of the development remains a commercial secret but watch this space for further developments with Da Nang and other elite Vietnamese universities.
  11. 11. BUSINESSWISE - International Edition Page 10Agreements made with Kazakhstan University Dr Chris Andrew, International School of Economics and Business. universities from Russia, Lithuania Development Manager for Agreements were made for students and Hungary) in a European Northampton Business School spent to progress from AL Farabi National Tempus bid to deliver a Masters a week as the guest of Al Farabi University to a number of courses programme in International Business Kazakh National University in Almaty, at Northampton Business School, Entrepreneurship. Northampton Kazakhstan. Al Farabi National including the MBA, MSc Accounting Business School hopes to host a University is widely regarded as the and Finance, MA Management and a return visit by the Vice Dean for No 1 University in Kazakhstan. number of BA (Hons) top up courses. International Relations at AL Farabi Chris met with the First Vice Al Farabi Kazakh National Kazakh National University later in the Rector of Al Farabi National University University will also be partnering year. and members of staff from the High Northampton Business School (andMalaysian RecruitingMSc Corporate in SouthernGovernance & AfricaLeadership Dr Tambu Mangezi (pictured),In a recent visit to Kuala Lumpar, organised a series of studentDr. Ian Brooks, Executive Dean of recruitment events and partnership meetings withNBS negotiated provisional approval education institutions in Botswana,of The University of Northampton South Africa and Zimbabwe. from the University ofMSc Corporate Governance & The events held at the British Zimbabwe (formerly a collegeLeadership by the Malaysian Council offices in Gaborone of the University of LondonInstitute of Company Secretaries and Harare, welcomed over 400 and University of Birmingham,and Administrators to provide prospective students and received Trust Academy), and Zimbabwe 60 completed applications on the Council of Higher Educationqualified company secretaries. When day and more since the event. Dr. (ZIMCHE) had positive outcomes.ratified, Northampton will be the Mangezi met with the Director of In Gaborone meetings with thefirst University to gain dual approval the British Council - South Africa Ministry of Higher Educationboth by ICSA (London) and MAICSA to discuss promoting the schools (Tertiary Education Financing),(Malaysia) and students will study activities to prospective students. University of Botswana and AMBfor this qualification in Kuala Lumpur, In addition, meetings were University were held and follow organised with local accrediting up is currently underway. Theprogressing to Northampton for the councils and prospective partners, prospects for delivering supportedsecond and third semesters of the in the region. In Zimbabwe distance learning and developingMasters degree. meetings with representatives long-term partnerships are great.
  12. 12. Page 11 BUSINESSWISE - International Edition Study Skills Preparation Course Helping you to become a successful student As an international student, studying at university in the UK will be very different from your previous experiences. This innovative, interactive four week course helps international students understand the differences between how they studied in their home country and what is expected of them at a British university. “The strengths of the course are quality tutoring, clear and concise course materials and the provision of the Directed Self Study to assist students in studying on their own”. Desmond (Nigeria) For more information or visit or email: Northampton Business School, The University of Northampton’s albums International Welcome Week Masters Dinner May 12 Dr Ian Brooks, Executive Dean Feb 3rd 2012 44 photos - Trip to Dubai and China 24 photos 16 photos International Food Event Chinese New Year Accounting & Finance Awards 145 photos Celebrations 10 Feb 12 22 photos 12 photos Join our online community now Get connected! If you would like to see what our students have been up to, hear about forthcoming events or get the latest news from Northampton Business School join us at: thants