26.1 democratic reform and activism


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26.1 democratic reform and activism

  1. 1. 26.1 Democratic Reformand Activism
  2. 2. 1830-Protests aroundEngland demandingextension of suffrageRevolution of 1830in France frightensParliamentary leaders1832-Parliament passesReform Bill extendingvote to middle class men.1838-Chartist Movementsends demands toParliament in thePeople’s Charter of 18381830 19001867-Working class menare extended the vote.1884-Male ruralworkers are giventhe vote.The Right to Vote in Great BritainWomen are finally given theright to vote after World War I(1920) in Britainand the U.S.A1837Victoria becomesQueen of Great Britainand Ireland
  3. 3. Victoria of the United Kingdom Reign 20 June 1837 –22 January 1901 (63years) Coronation 28 June1838 Predecessor William IV Successor Edward VII Consort: Prince Albertof Saxe-Coburg andGotha (until his death inDecember 1861)
  4. 4. Correcting a myth!The tobacco wasNOT named afterthe most wellknown PrinceAlbert of Saxe-Coburg andGotha (picturedleft). There wereMANY PrinceAlberts inEuropean history.The can depicts aman with a fullbeard. The mostfamous Albertonly wore muttonchops. Note theracism of theadvertisement in1907.
  5. 5. Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom Reign: 6 February 1952– present (58 years, 61days) as of 7 April, 2010 Current age: 83 Coronation: 2 June1953 (aged 27) Predecessor: George VI Heir apparent: Charles,Prince of Wales Consort: Prince Philip,Duke of Edinburgh
  6. 6. France and Democracy1875 NationalAssemblyAgrees ongovernment1894 CaptainAlfred Dreyfusaccused ofespionage1890s-Zionism emergesas a movementworking for Jewishhomeland in Palestine.1870 19001898 Author EmileZola publishesopen letterdefending Dreyfus