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Twitter Basics for Alliance Leaders

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Twitter Basics for Alliance Leaders

  1. 1. Twitter Basics for Alliance Leaders Debbi Ricks AMA Alliance Social Media Manager AMA Alliance North Central States Alliance Regional Conference October 11, 2014
  2. 2. What is Twitter? • Twitter is a microblogging channel for quickly sharing sound bites that ask “What’s Happening?” in real time. • It is an easy way to discover the latest news related to subjects you care about. • Twitter is a highly public network designed to share information where everybody can see your posts.
  3. 3. What is Twitter? Content • Twitter is a channel designed for sharing thoughts, news and other information quickly in real time. • Content can include short statements, questions, links, photos and videos. • There is no “liking” or “commenting,” just updating
  4. 4. • Posted messages are called “tweets” • Twitter if one large network for delivering tweets to people. Basic Twitter Language “Tweet”
  5. 5. Basic Twitter Language “Follow” and “Followers” • On Twitter, you “follow” other users • You “follow” them to see their updates • Tweets from those you “follow” are posted directly to your Twitter site. • On your site, you only see posts by the people you follow • You can respond to tweets from those you “follow” but they may not see it or respond. • When someone subscribes to your posts, they are "following you" and they become one of your followers” • Anyone on Twitter can follow or unfollow anyone else at any time with the exception of blocked accounts.
  6. 6. Basic Twitter Language • User name The maximum length of your username is 15 characters. Be creative with your name and keep it short. Remember only 140 characters in a tweet all together. • @username A username is how you are identified on Twitter and is always preceded immediately by the @ symbol. For example, the AMA Alliance is @amaalliance. • Your username is also called your “Handle” on Twitter
  7. 7. • A hashtag is any word or phrase immediately preceded by the # symbol. • Hashtags turn words into clickable links that link to all other tweets that share the same hashtag, keyword or topic. • At the AMA Alliance our common hashtags are #amaalliance and for our meetings we use #amaamtg. Basic Twitter Language #Hashtags
  8. 8. • A “mention” is a way to reference another user by his or her username in a tweet. (e.g. @amaalliance) • If you tag a username anywhere but at the start of the tweet, EVERYBODY following you will see that message. • A mention is very different from a reply that only goes to the person you are replying to. • Users are notified when they are “mentioned” Basic Twitter Language “Mention”
  9. 9. Basic Twitter Language “Reply” • A replay is a response to another user’s Tweet that begins with the @username of the person you’re replying to. Reply by clicking the “reply” button next to the Tweet you’d like to respond to. • A reply is seen only by the person you replied to and the people who are following both of you.
  10. 10. Basic Twitter Language “Retweet” • RT or R/T stands for “retweet.” • A retweet is a re-posting of a tweet by another user to your own timeline because you found it interesting or informative enough to share with your own set of followers.
  11. 11. Basic Twitter Language “Favorite” • Making a tweet a “favorite” is a way to bookmark it so that you can read it again at another time • Useful when tweets have interesting links to read later • Favorites are public
  12. 12. Welcome to Twitter
  13. 13. Join Twitter Today Enter Personal Information and Create Account
  14. 14. Let’s Go Step 1: We’re Glad You’re Here
  15. 15. Let’s Go Step 2: What Are You Interested In?
  16. 16. Let’s Go Step 3: Suggestions for You
  17. 17. Let’s Go Step 3: Suggestions for You #2
  18. 18. We are Following AMA @AmerMedicalAssn
  19. 19. Select Additional Sites to Follow Florida Medical Association Alliance @FMA_Alliance 
  20. 20. Click to “Follow” FMA_Alliance
  21. 21. We are Following FMA Alliance @FMA_Alliance
  22. 22. Select Additional Sites to Follow 
  23. 23. Click to “Follow” Physician Family
  24. 24. We are Following Physician Family @physicfamilymedia
  25. 25. Find Additional Sites to Follow On Sites We Already Follow on Choose to Follow AMA Alliance by clicking here.
  26. 26. We Are Following AMA Alliance @amaalliance
  27. 27. Let’s Go Step 4: Find People You Know from Your Email Lists
  28. 28. Twitter Will Load Your Email Contacts
  29. 29. You Can Add Your Own Contacts to Follow
  30. 30. Twitter Will Recommend Who You Might Like to Follow
  31. 31. Additional Recommendations Who You Might Like to Follow
  32. 32. Let’s Go Step 5: Confirm Your Account
  33. 33. Choose Your First Tweet AMAA Sample A sample tweet pops up and you can use this one or create one of your own.
  34. 34. Change Your Profile Before Your First Tweet Add a Header Photo Upload a Profile Photo Theme Color Website Location Bio
  35. 35. Upload and Place a Photo Correct Photo Proportion is a square 400 X 400 pixels Upload the photo. Position the photo and click “Apply.”
  36. 36. Changing the Rest of the Profile Page Photo Uploaded Theme Color Changed Save Changes
  37. 37. Back to My First Tweet With Updated Profile Page
  38. 38. My First Tweet
  39. 39. First Tweet on my Site
  40. 40. Who Saw My Tweet? The Sites I am Following
  41. 41. “Retweeting” this Post from the AMA Click on the “retweet” button to share the “tweet” on your site.
  42. 42. Retweet to My Followers
  43. 43. Retweeted Post Appears on Our Site
  44. 44. Now that You’re Set Up Next Steps Find People or Organizations to follow
  45. 45. • Tweet at least once per day • Share a photo, video or graphic • Share a tip, stat or fact • Ask someone a question • Share an interesting article or blog post • Share something new you discover or see • Nobody’s following you yet, so it’s a perfect time for trial and error. Now That You’re Set Up Next Steps Start Tweeting!
  46. 46. Sample Tweets Just Do it! Copy any of the above @ or #’s for further information
  47. 47. Thank You! Debbi Ricks AMA Alliance Social Media Manager