Rancangan Pengajaran Harian Matematik


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Rancangan Pengajaran Harian Matematik

  1. 1. RANCANGAN PENGAJARAN HARIAN (MAKRO TEACHING) Subject : Mathematics Class : 5 (7) Date/ Day : 21.10.2011 (Friday ) Time : 30 minutes Number of students : 18 pupils Learning Area : Fractions ( 2.1-Improper Fractions) Learning Objective :2.1.1- understanding improper fractions Learning Outcomes : A) Menguasai isi kandungan Name and write improper fractions with denominators up to 10. State improper fractions to the slices of cake. B) Membina kemahiran saintifik, berfikir dan strategi berfikir List down and give definition of improper fractions. C) Mengamalkan sikap saintifik dan nilai murni Share equally- Share equally the works when involve in group works. Teaching Aids : Video Clips Mahjong Papers Cakes Colour Pencils Word Cards Pictures Steps of safety :Handle the knife carefully.
  2. 2. Pupils’ previous knowledge : Pupils have learnt proper fractions beforein year 4. Time Content/ T & L Notes ActivitiesIndtroduction 1.Teacher plays a video clip . T.Aids: Video ( 3 minutes) clip 2.Pupils watch the video clip . 3.Teacher asks questions about the video clip. 4.Pupils answer the teacher’s questions. Ex: Has anyone experienced this kind of situation before? 5.Teacher asks pupils to guess the topic which they will
  3. 3. learn today. 6.Pupils guess the topic. Step 1 1.Teacher groups the pupils. T.Aids: (Generating Idea)07 minutes 2.Pupils sit in groups. Mahjong Papers, Pen Marker 3.Teacher gives some picture to and Pictures. each group. 4.Teacher asks pupils to name and write the parts of fractions given. 5.Pupils paste the pictures given in the Mahjong paper and write the improper fractions to each picture. Strategy : Group activity 6.Group leader Pupils centered presents their group works in front of the classroom. 7.Teacher corrects
  4. 4. pupils mistakes. 8.Groups compare and discuss the correct answer . Step 2 1.Teacher uses a video clip to T.Aids: Video(Re-generating explain the concept of improper clip, cakes, Idea) fractions. flash cards 10 minutes 2.Pupils watch the video clip. Steps of safety: Handle the knife carefully. 3.Then, teacher uses cakes to explain the improper fractions. Moral Value : 4.Teacher cuts down the cakes Share equally into slices. the parts of works when doing the group 5.Teacher asks the pupils to work. state improper fractions related to the pieces of cakes. KBKK: Relationship 6.Pupils will state the improper fractions to the slices of cakes.
  5. 5. 7.Pupils will memorize the concept of improper fractions. 8.Teacher emphasis that if the numerator is equal or bigger than the denominator, it is called improper fractions. Step 3 1.Teacher asks pupils T.Aids: Worksheets(Applying Idea) to return to their place. ( 7 minutes ) (PAGE 23-25) 2.Pupils return to their places. 3.Teacher distributes worksheets to the pupils. Group 1 : Draw the pictures to the improper numbers given. Group 2 : State the improper to the shaded parts. Group 3 : Colour the parts of
  6. 6. pictures. 4.Pupils answer the question in worksheet. Closing 1.Teacher pastes a T. Aids:( 3 minutes ) Manila card, manila card with full of pockets in pockets and Reflection it. question strips. 2.Pupils come out and take a strip of question from the pockets. 3.Randomly, teacher asks pupils to come out and take a question strips from the pocked and answer the question of improper fraction . 4.Student answer the question. 5.Conclude the concept of improper fraction.