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Evolution of the iPhone


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Watch how the iPhone has improved since the day it was released, and how Apple's market share has gradually decreased with the introduction of Android.

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Evolution of the iPhone

  1. 1. Evolution of the iPhone And its market share.
  2. 2. 1st Generation – 2007 • Released in 2007, the original iPhone was breaking new ground. • Cingular, now part of AT&T, had exclusive rights to providing cellular for this phone.
  3. 3. iOS Dominates Market
  4. 4. 2nd Generation – 2008 • The iPhone 3G released a year after the original. • The 3G was faster and more powerful. • By this time, Apple was dominating the market.
  5. 5. 3rd Generation - 2009 • The iPhone 3GS was released after the 3G. • The processor worked faster and the camera was resolution. • It also had a higher-res video camera.
  6. 6. Enter Droid – 2009 With the Droid, Verizon could offer their own smartphone alternative.
  7. 7. 4th Generation – 2010 • Apple changed up their look significantly with the iPhone 4. • Retina display was introduced, as well as a front-facing camera for video calling.
  8. 8. 5th Generation - 2011 The iPhone 4S, while remaining identical in appearance to the iPhone 4, had many new features: • Siri • 1080p video recording • Dual-core A5 processor • 8MP camera
  9. 9. Apple Begins to Lose Ground to Android
  10. 10. 6th Generation – 2012 • The iPhone 5 was long awaited, but it failed to please crowds the way Apple expected it to. • Upgrades involved increasing the screen size and the processor’s power. • The lightning connector became the new power connection.
  11. 11. 7th Generation – 2013 • Apple released two iPhone varieties this year: the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. • While the 5C was a budget version of the iPhone 5, made of plastic rather than glass and metal, the 5S introduced some new features: – Faster processor – Touch ID fingerprint scanner – Updated camera
  12. 12. Android Dominates World Market with almost 80% of the smartphone market.
  13. 13. 8th Generation – 2014? • Another screen increase seems likely for the iPhone 6, and it may be redubbed something like iPhone Air. • Some likely features: – – – – Wireless charging Tougher screen made of sapphire Better camera Gesture control
  14. 14. Could Apple Come Back? • Some market analysts think that Apple will regain the majority of the market share by 2017, but it’s almost impossible to predict. • It depends on Apple’s ability to put together another iPhone that will break some new ground, which we have seen them do in the past.