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The Apple story


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History of Apple told through pictures.

Published in: Technology, Business

The Apple story

  1. In Pictures
  2. 1976
  3. The Apple I
  4. Steve Jobs with Angel Investor quot;Mikequot; Markkula Apple III Apple IIe VisiCalc
  5. The Flint Center, De Anza College: Venue of the first shareholders’ meeting after Apple went public Trivia: Both the Steves were alumni of the De Anza College
  6. Xerox Alto – the first computer to use the desktop metaphor & GUI
  7. Guy Kawasaki – the first Apple Evangelist
  8. Desktop publishing & mass market laser printer
  9. Apple, IBM, Motorola (AIM) come together – Old friends? & new
  10. Genius Bar in an Apple store
  11. Aditya Banerjee