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iPhone Informative speech


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Short presentation explaining the history of the iPhone and how it has revolutionized the phone industry.

Published in: Education
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iPhone Informative speech

  1. 1. CLICK WHEEL IPHONE  Prototype model used the click wheel  It fused a phone with the old iPod Terrible interface  Steve Job’s ordered research into the touchscreen
  2. 2. THE TOUCHSCREEN Other touchscreen phones: The Palm Trio, and the Blackberry  Needed a stylus to be able to use them  They had terrible graphics  Only a singular point touchscreen  Had a hardware keyboard Apple introduced  Multi – touch screen  Only reacts to your skin  Has Gorilla Glass – thin, light, and damage resistant  Has an electronic keyboard
  3. 3. REVOLUTIONARY  Instead of needing four separate devices, an iPod, a phone, a GPS and a computer, people only needed one  The iPhone can hold thousands of songs  Google Maps made it impossible to get lost  The iPhone had full internet capabilities anywhere that has reception
  4. 4. APPLICATIONS  Privatized applications through their iTunes store  Created a billion dollar industry  Over 1.2 million applications created  75 billion applications downloaded