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20171023 5 Lifehacks: How to Analyze a Pack of Websites


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Presentation and discussion on MeasureCamp #11 in London.

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20171023 5 Lifehacks: How to Analyze a Pack of Websites

  1. 1. 5 Life Hacks: How to coordinate a pack of websites Presentation + Discussion Michaela Linhart, Data Analyst MeasureCamp #11: 23th September 2017
  2. 2. A pack of websites…. X equally but technically different webshops for different countries and currencies several brands in a multinational concern several verticals or projects → ONE COMPANY, ONE WEBANALYST, ONE GOOGLE ANALYTICS SETUP
  3. 3. Planning, Preparation and an excellent concept Life Hack #1
  4. 4. Tracking Concept Documentation of your Requirements Documentation how to implement Tracking Codes Documentation of Google Analytics Setup GA Requirements GA Tracking Codes GA Analytics Setup
  5. 5. … don’t forget an appropriate Google Analytics Account Concept!
  6. 6. GA Account Concept: Best Practice
  7. 7. Disadvantage You can’t analyse website 1 and website 2 together. No pig picture about your business. GA Account Concept: Best Practice
  8. 8. GA Account Concept: 1 Like GA360 Rollup Property
  9. 9. GA Account Concept: 1 Limits Only 25 dataviews per property. Only 50.000 unique requests per day e.g. URLS (cardinality issue) Only 75.000 unique entries for several days
  10. 10. GA Account Concept: 2
  11. 11. GA Account Concept: 3
  12. 12. Fall in love with GTM Life Hack #2
  13. 13. Fall in love with GTM You can track EVERYTHING with GTM (except Enhanced Ecommerce) Events Custom Dimensions, Metrics Content Grouping You are: Extremely flexible and super fast! The only thing you need: Some HTML / Javascript knowlege!
  14. 14. GTM Account Setup for websites which are roughly the same
  15. 15. GTM Account Setup: Best Practice
  16. 16. Disadvantage X container for X websites - even they are roughly the same. A lot of setup work. A lot of maintenance work. GTM Account Setup: Best Practice
  17. 17. Advantage One setup instead of 13 → less work. Easy maintenance. → GTM Account Concept: 1
  18. 18. Differentiate different properties Via Hostname in a GTM Custom JS variable if(location.hostname == "") { return "UA-12345678-1"; } else if(host == "") { return "UA-12345678-2"; } else { return "UA-12345678-3"; //default }
  19. 19. Differentiate different dataviews Via data view filter directly in GA
  20. 20. GA Account Concept: 3 Remember?
  21. 21. → GTM Account Setup
  22. 22. GTM Account Setup How to do: Finish setup of master GTM (All Websites) Export Master GTM Import Master GTM to Rollup GTM Any small changes afterwards? → Do it in both GTM containers.
  23. 23. Lifehack #3 for Tekkis DON’T CHANGE THE DATALAYER-NAME to e.g. dataLayer_1 and dataLayer_2 → not necessary anymore → just leads to crazy errors
  24. 24. Lifehack #3 for Tekkis Instead: Use dataLayer for both container → simply works fine!
  25. 25. Use the power of GA Life Hack #4
  26. 26. Custom Alerts Use daily and weekly alerts for monitoring if your websites work well Depends on business goals which alerts are useful: ecommerce, goals, traffic, channels, ... Most important: No Data Alert For example:
  27. 27. Dashboards Use daily and weekly dashboards for monitoring if your websites work well Have a look on this data daily e.g.: at 11am weekly e.g.: Monday, 11am For another example:
  28. 28. Reporting? Definitly not without automation! Life Hack #5
  29. 29. Spreadsheet Reports Example Data Only
  30. 30. Spreadsheet Reports Advantages Simple, beautiful, customized Direct GA connection via Core Reporting API (find details in the blog from Johannes Mehlem) Automation via Send & Schedule Spreadsheet Plugin Example Data Only
  31. 31. Send & Schedule Spreadsheet Plugin Advantages Schedules & Sends Spreadsheet data via email to one or several recipients - hourly, daily, monthly, yearly via PDF Reduces work, overhead work and errors Saves time Available for free in Spreadsheets (simply search for it!)
  32. 32. Send & Schedule Spreadsheet Plugin
  33. 33. The Secrets of coordinating a pack of websites Some wisdom at the end...
  34. 34. Secrets of coordinating a pack of websites You need some project management Daily 10-minutes Jourfix with core-team Weekly 1-hour Jourfix with bosses a project manager who always keep the overall picture a well working, motivated team Nothing new but always to add: Web Analysis is a matter of bosses! You
  35. 35. Conclusion Managing a pack of websites is challenging but works fine with GA GTM a bit project management Now, I am very interested in your experiences!
  36. 36. Happy analyzing! Michaela Linhart @MimiiiEinsteiiin