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Google analytics Fundamentals - UXcamp16


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These are the slides from my presentation at UXCamp16

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Google analytics Fundamentals - UXcamp16

  1. 1. Google Analytics Fundamentals Martijn van Vreeden - @martijnvv -
  2. 2. Content 1. The Google Analytics platform 2. The Google Analytics datamodel 3. Google Analytics reports 4. Structure Google Analytics account
  3. 3. The Google Analytics platform
  4. 4. 4 components of Google Analytics platform Collection Processing Configuration Reports
  5. 5. 4 components of Google Analytics platform Collection Processing Configuration Reports
  6. 6. Collection starts with a code snippet
  7. 7. The code is implement on all pages
  8. 8. On each “hit” data is being sent to Google Analytics
  9. 9. Configuration and Processing Processing makes sure that the information collected with the codesnippet is being send to your reports. Collection Processing Configuration Reports
  10. 10. Configuration and Processing With the configuration we can filter data, change timezones and manage other configurations to ensure the correct data is shown in our reports. Collection Processing Configuration Reports
  11. 11. Reports In the reports we can find the collected that has been processed and configured for reporting and analysis. Collection Processing Configuration Reports
  12. 12. Quiz question! 1.How many components does Google Analytics have? A.2 B.3 C.4
  13. 13. Quiz question! 2. In which component can we setup filters? A.Collection B.Configuration C.Reports
  14. 14. “More info? Check out this video
  15. 15. Google Analytics datamodel
  16. 16. Datamodel Google Analytics User Session Interaction These are the three level that form the basis of the Google Analytics datamodel.
  17. 17. How does this work? We have an unique user. We recognize the user, because he uses an unique browser to visit our website.
  18. 18. How does this work? The user goes to our website on three different moments.
  19. 19. How does this work? During each session the user visits multiple pages (interactions).
  20. 20. How does this work?
  21. 21. Quiz question! 3. Can Google Analytics recognize if you are visiting the website for the first time, or that you are a returning visitor? A.Yes B.No
  22. 22. Quiz Question! 4. Which of the following activities are “hits” or interactions in Google Analytics? A.Transactions, pageviews B.Downloads, visits C.Events, Reservations
  23. 23. Reports in Google Analytics
  24. 24. Metrics and dimensions
  25. 25. Metrics and dimensions
  26. 26. Metrics and dimensions
  27. 27. Mulitple dimensions are also possible!
  28. 28. Quiz Question! 5. Can you show multiple metrics for 1 dimension in your Google Analytics report? A.Yes B.No
  29. 29. Quiz question! 6. The number of unique pageviews are a... A.Dimension B.Metric
  30. 30. Resources Article ▷Hits, sessions, metrics and dimensions. How it all fits Video ▷Key metrics and dimensions explained
  31. 31. Structure of Google Analytics account
  32. 32. The hierarchy Account View Profile Profile View View
  33. 33. How does this hierarchy work? Each company has an accountAccount Profile View Each activity or platform has a profile Each part of the platform has a view
  34. 34. What views should you at least have? ▷Unfiltered view (with all possible data) Only the “real” data: ▷Test view (this is where you test changes to your configuration) ▷Masterview (this is where you run your reports and analysis from)
  35. 35. Quiz question! 7. If you have two companies to run Google Analytics for, what is the minimum amount of views you should create? A.2 B.6 C.8
  36. 36. Quiz question! 8. Where do you create an overview of the mobile data for your responsive platform in Google Analytics? A.Account B.Profile C.View
  37. 37. Resources Articles ▷Example account structures ▷Use hidden settings to make GA even better ▷5 considerations when structuring your accounts
  38. 38. Quiz results
  39. 39. The quiz results! Question 1: C Question 2: B Question 3: A Question 4: A Question 5: A Question 6: B Question 7: B Question 8: C
  40. 40. “ Bonusround! Name as many of the great minds in thinking mode that you have seen on the previous slides
  41. 41. Here’s who you have met :) Chimpansee G. W. Bush Fernando Alonso Jon Stewart John Lennon Barack Obama Martin Luther King Mark Rutte
  42. 42. Bonus resources
  43. 43. A few additional resources ▷ Fundamentals course (GA basics) ▷ GA IQ (certification) ▷ Tag Manager Fundamentals (GTM) ▷ Google Analytics Blog (new features) ▷ MeasureCamp Amsterdam (announced soon!) ▷ Google Analytics help center ▷ Google Analytics Youtube channel ▷ Google Analytics developers ▷ Google Analytics demo account ▷ Google Analytics solutions gallery
  44. 44. … and some great articles 1. Tools and Tips for Debugging Google Analytics Like a Pro 2. Google Analytics: Using New ‘Enhanced Ecommerce’ 3. ABC’s of Google Analytics 4. 3 Tools to Ensure Your Analytics Implementation Is Running Smoothly 5. 7 Google Analytics Dashboards for Small Business Owners 6. 11 Google Analytics Metrics Bloggers Should Track 7. Google Analytics Set-up Checklist for Ecommerce 8. 5 Ways To Use Google Analytics for Your UX Research 9. The Complete Digital Analytics Ecosystem: How To Win Big 10.Simplify your Google Analytics Reporting with Add-ons for Google Sheets 11.7 Things to Consider for Google Analytics Friendly Website Development 12.Measuring Intent With Google Analytics
  45. 45. Want to learn more? Contact me: 06-18315165 @martijnvv