The Google Analytics API and Analytics Canvas


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Google Analytics is a powerful tool, but it has some limitations, particularly with very large data. Thankfully, Google has provided an excellent API to allow access to your data- and with tools like Analytics Canvas companies are pushing what they can do with their Google Analytics data to the limit.

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The Google Analytics API and Analytics Canvas

  1. 1. Analytics CanvasUsing the Google Analytics APIto enhance Analytics Case studies and methods
  2. 2. James Standen15 years of Data warehousing andBusiness IntelligenceFounder of nModal Solutions Inc.
  3. 3. Analytics CanvasReleased Feb 2011Googles FeaturedApplicationApril 2011-Aug 2011Selected by Google topresent at Analytics PartnerSummit September 2011 A powerful visual tool that makes using the Google Analytics API point and click.
  4. 4. In this Webinar: What we love about Google Analytics. What we “not so much love” about Google Analytics.  How the Google API and Analytics Canvas can help with the challenges.
  5. 5. What dowe about
  6. 6. It’s FREE! What’s not to love about that?
  7. 7. It’s fast. You can create a new account, installthe code and be tracking in minutes.
  8. 8. It’s got lots of features. More all the time infact. This fall has been a big step change, andthere are certainly lots of things to like.
  9. 9. Challenges
  10. 10. Nobody loves sampling. Google samples when more than500,000 sessions are involved or more than 1M uniquedimension combinations.While its understandable why Google sometimes has tosample, everybody wants to have accurate, “cross-checkable”data. I haven’t found anyone yet that likes the yellow rectangleof inaccuracy.
  11. 11. SamplingParticularly impacts segmented data.Very often the value of analysis is tofind the 10% that has hiddeninsight, the smaller the data set the lessaccurate the sampled results.
  12. 12. $ CND $ US $ SDG $ AUD £ € ¥For companies that do ecommerce inmultiple currencies, Google Analyticsalso has some serious limitations inregards to reporting.
  13. 13. Google Analytics does store a currencywith each profile- but not all currenciesare available, and it has no effect on thedata, nor does it do currencyconversion.
  14. 14. SamplingGlobal ecommerce reporting
  15. 15. In general, cross profile reporting is achallenge. Sometimes duplicate code isinstalled- but it all has to bemaintained, adds more profiles, anddoesn’t cover historical data.
  16. 16. SamplingGlobal ecommerce reportingCross profile reporting
  17. 17. While GA works well for a small numberof analysts that can access entireprofiles- if you have large numbers ofusers and want to control what theysee, it has limited capabilities.
  18. 18. SamplingGlobal ecommerce reportingCross profile reportingFine grained user accesscontrol
  19. 19. One solution: • Much, much more data • Much higher sampling limits • Larger export capability • Better user access control • And much more. $150,000
  20. 20. Another Solution:The Google Analytics APIs
  21. 21. Why +
  22. 22. Analytics Canvas provides a visual, easy to use userinterface that lets you take advantage of the APIwithout having to learn how to program it.And when the API changes, you don’t have torewrite everything- just upgrade to the latestversion to be able to take advantage of newfeatures, but still use all your existing queries
  23. 23. Control sampling Lets look into more detail at how we can use the API to control sampling.
  24. 24. When does samplingstart? Not pre-queried and: 500,000 sessions or 1M dimension value combinations
  25. 25. Analytics canvas lets you define a query thatbreaks the API requests up into small dateranges, and therefore avoids sampling bynever asking for too much data. Then itcombines the data sets together, giving youyour exact answer- Automatically.
  26. 26. Cloud based data warehouse example 1) Load all historical data, partitioning to ensure no sampling 2) Incrementally load a sliding X day window of data every night automatically
  27. 27. Case Studies Plus , a Franchise reporting website delivering Ad words to 50+ franchisees in an end to end solution.
  28. 28. Global ecommerce reportingFairmont has many hotels, each one with its ownProfile in GA, and does ecommerce in 10Currencies. It used to mean lots of work inSpreadsheets to get reporting. Q1 USD Q2 Euro Q2 USD Asia Q3 USD Q3 USD
  29. 29. Global ecommerce reportingWith Analytics Canvas, a single canvas does allthe conversion, they can run the report everyday if they like, and get a single currency view. $US,$CND,$A UD, $SDG,€, ¥ ,£
  30. 30. Global ecommercereporting
  31. 31. Global ecommercereporting
  32. 32. Automated Multi profile data management SQL ServerMultiple queries per profileas required by Business Intelligencemodel.
  33. 33. Now GSK’s Google Analytics datacan be integrated into their BusinessIntelligence system, and combinedwith data from their enterprisesystems.
  34. 34. Fine grained user access control and reportingClient: US wide franchisebased retailer. • 400+ Stores • 50+ Franchisees
  35. 35. Ad words managed by Franchisor Regional Regional Ad words Landing Pages Campaigns
  36. 36. By building a customwebsite anddashboards, nModalprovided an end to endcloud based solution. Now all of the franchisees can access the data they need, and ONLY the data they need in a set of dashboards with drill down and export capabilities.
  37. 37. Google Analytics API solutions fromDo-it-yourself to turn key. Full service end to endAnalytics Canvas solutions on-premise orDesktop tool in the cloud.
  38. 38. Questions?