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Growth Analytics: Evolution, Community and Tools


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"Growth Analytics: Evolution, Community and Tools" with emphasis on Google Analytics (and its API), including examples of how web analysts and data scientists can use this rich source of data for analysis and applications.
Customer analytics meetup in Dublin May '18

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Growth Analytics: Evolution, Community and Tools

  1. 1. Growth Analytics: Evolution, Community, Tools Customer Analytics Meetup Dublin, May 2018 Alexandros Papageorgiou
  2. 2. My journey so far
  3. 3. Challenge: How to call this ?
  4. 4. Approach A: Where does the data come from? …Web analytics ?
  5. 5. Approach B: What does the data relate to ? • Marketing analytics ? • Customer analytics ?
  6. 6. It’s about Growth Growth Analytics Growth Data Science
  7. 7. Digital Growth - How do we achieve digital growth ?
  8. 8. Traffic x Conversion
  9. 9. Drivers of Digital Growth • Traffic SEO + SEM + Social + Display + Email + ... (the marketing component) • Conversion Consumer Behaviour + User journey analysis (the consumer component)
  10. 10. Digital Growth: Questions • Has the Conversion changed? What’s the cause ? • Which are the most important factors driving user conversion ? • How do the various online marketing channels interact with each other? • Which strategies can optimise bidding for keywords ? • How to choose organic keywords to develop content for ? • Does the site architecture allow for the most important pages to get the page rank they deserve ? • ...
  11. 11. Tools • General purpose analysis tools • Domain specific tools
  12. 12. General Purpose Tools
  13. 13. It’s the API economy
  14. 14. Google Analytics API
  15. 15. Working with the GA API 1. Set up a project 2. Connect to the API 3. Select metrics and dimensions
  16. 16. 1. Set up project in Developers console
  17. 17. 2. Connect to the API Try a wrapper library e.g. • GoogleAnalyticsR • google2pandas
  18. 18. 3. Select Metrics and Dimensions
  19. 19. A basic GA API call The number of users and sessions broken down by traffic channel and user country
  20. 20. API Response
  21. 21. Data Application: Conversion Health Check Why is Conversion rate down ?
  22. 22. Thoughts about GA & the API GA comes with lots of merits but there is also • Focus on aggregate analysis • Static analysis vs real time • Data sampling
  23. 23. The #measure Community
  24. 24. by Bhav Patel
  25. 25. Measure chat on Slack
  26. 26. Recap • Growth Analytics • General purpose + Domain specific tools + APIs • Measure Community
  27. 27. Calls to Action  Check out the measure slack community  Experiement with the GA API  Develop your data analysis applications
  28. 28. Useful links ● Measure chat ● MeasureCamp: ● GoogleAnalyticsR: ● Dartistics: ● Steps to get GA data ready for data science: data-science-papageorgiou/
  29. 29. Thank you! @alpapag