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Fueling Long Term G-Local Innovation


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On Tuesday the 23rd of October, I had the honor and pleasure to speak on the subject of gLocality and innovation at the Udine’s DITEDI (District of Digital Technologies) born in a corner of Italy where the concentration of companies that are somehow involved in innovation and digital is awesome, one of the largest in Europe.

During my speech, I first introduced the correlation between the digitization of the economy, democratization, cooperation and resilience (in a context of access to resources that will become increasingly problematic in the future) and then moved on to the topic of companies transformation.

Generating a more resilient culture of entrepreneurship, striving for a "Future Proof Enterprise" (I already dealt with this in the past) the very same long term business that Fred Wilson is teaching in the Valley thanks to its "How to stay in business Forever " skillshare class: this is the innovation to look for right now.

This innovation quest, however, passes not only trough the acquisition of new learning tools, (such as lean thinking and agile practice) but also trough a more or less radical cultural change as local administrators have correctly guessed during the introduction.

I finished with three clear rules to be followed:

enable cross-fertlizzation through physically and logically shared creative contexts (such as Coworking, Fablabs or Hackerspaces)
focus on your own unique culture, nurture local, trustable relations and seek for local impact,in the long-term
foster an entrepreneurial mindset and teach job creation rather than job search (“make a job”).

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Fueling Long Term G-Local Innovation

  1. 1. FuelingLong TermG-LocalInnovation @meedabyte workshops & consulting
  2. 2. Innovation?
  3. 3. Digitalization
  4. 4. molecular printing
  5. 5. nanotechs
  6. 6. head ofNeil Gershenfeld MITs CBA
  7. 7. 99%digital phisicalthe futureeconomy 1%
  8. 8. Democratization
  9. 9. Open &Free Everythingplatforms As a ServiceUltra AccessiblePervasive usercomputing base
  10. 10. creation becomes easy
  11. 11. production size dwindles
  12. 12. YESTERDAY IS OVER Seth Godin
  13. 13. Cooperation
  14. 14. yesterday’s enterprise today’s enterprise
  15. 15. A new era
  16. 16. “Ants thrive in mostecosystems andmay form 15–25%of the terrestrialanimal biomass” * * wikipedia
  17. 17. Ant colonies put nosingle ant in charge.
  18. 18. “People commit to projects self-organizing.that areLeads, are chosen by informalconsensus and it’s onlytemporary: they have noauthority other than thateveryone agrees...” 2.5 B$ equity value
  19. 19. Resilience
  20. 20. per – capita needs globaluse/availability
  21. 21. “If civilization in anythinglike its present form isto persist, it must takeaccount of the finitenature of thebiosphere.” The Macroecology of Sustainability -
  22. 22. it’s thermodynamics!
  23. 23. John Robbat World Maker Faire 2012
  24. 24. global knowledgedecentralized productionlocal infrastructure
  25. 25. first CEB Press in Europe
  26. 26. Already built in Padua, sept. ‘12
  27. 27. What kind of entepreneur?
  28. 28. FREDWILSON AVC “
  30. 30. @MaxMarmer – HBR
  31. 31. KAI ZENchangemaking
  32. 32. HOW
  33. 33. culturecontextmethod
  34. 34. culture
  35. 35. context
  36. 36. methods
  37. 37. “We have focused on learning but even more important is Learning to learn” Nobel Joe Stiglitz Prize
  38. 38. make newhypothesis
  39. 39. and test them
  40. 40. think lean
  41. 41. execute agile
  42. 42. seek gLocal impact
  43. 43. 3 Rules
  44. 44. Promote cross- fertilizationand exchange
  45. 45. Coworking (& Codesign Jams) HackerspacesHOW? (& hackathons) Fablabs (& culture of making)
  46. 46. Bet on your(unique) culture
  47. 47. MPRL (Get out of the building* & Meet People in Real Life) HOW? Build on you (and your specificity) Trust (local players)* © Steve Blank
  48. 48. Nurture entrepreneurial mindset
  49. 49. Teach not to take a job (but make one) EncourageHOW? Curiousity (as an imperative) Provide opportunities (for learning to learn)
  50. 50. THANKSget in touch! @meedabyte workshops & consulting
  51. 51. Pictures attribution: S5 picture by Pete Prodoehl S9 picture by Robert Bieber picture by Jean-Baptiste LABRUNE S38 picture by Benjamin Ellis S46 picture by bendus S48 picture by Jeff Keyzer S50 picture by Megyeri S51 picture by Abhisit Vejjajiva S60 picture by Michal Porebiak S62 picture by C.J. Peters