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Future Success: TedX Beausoleil Gerd Leonhard Futurist Speaker


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This is an edited version of my TedX talk at Beausoleil in Villars, Switzerland, on November 30, 2012, on the topic of redefining SUCCESS in a networked society. See more details

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Future Success: TedX Beausoleil Gerd Leonhard Futurist Speaker

  1. 1. Gerd Leonhard Futurist & Author CEO of TheFuturesAgencyWhat will define SUCCESS in the Future? Key trends, paradigm shifts, opportunities, challenges
  2. 2. Futuristsare aboutForesights
  3. 3. Within 5 years: a dramatically different worldSource: Youtube: Tiffany Shlain: from Neurons to Netwworks
  4. 4. The future’s already here - it’s just not evenly distributed *William Gibson Source: Docomo via Youtube Source: Dr. Michio Kaku on Youtube (TheDaily)
  5. 5. You are the 1st generation to work in a truly networked society
  6. 6. Are you part of the global Brain?
  7. 7. Human Transformation
  8. 8. You are very likely to see things quite differently than us..
  9. 9. But the future is really about Humanity not (just) technologyRobert Downey ‘The Futurist’
  10. 10. The future is already here! Business as usual is just about to end The old model of economic development and growth is a ‘Global Suicide Pact’ Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General
  11. 11. Re-defining Growth. Profit. Success. ProsperitySource: Youtube: MSFT The world in 2050
  12. 12. Your task: Re-boot Capitalism
  13. 13. From Empires to... Networks
  14. 14. “If you don’t measure the right thing, you don’t do the right thing” Economist Joseph Stiglitz
  15. 15. Profit 2.0
  16. 16. Success is now defined by disruptive and offensive innovation
  17. 17. Entrepreneurship often means ‘finding the backdoor’
  18. 18. Fail fast, fail cheap, fail again, fail to succeed
  19. 19. Self-Learn | Do-Learn | Un-learn | Re-Learn
  20. 20. ‘Creativity is the residue of time wasted’ *Albert EinsteinImage via
  21. 21. How will you be truly AWESOME...?
  22. 22. Understanding Likeonomics
  23. 23. ... but don’t forget to unplug!
  24. 24. ... and to remember what’s real :)
  25. 25. Question your assumptions
  26. 26. New Media New Business Ecosystem Ecosystem New Energy EcosystemNew EducationEcosystem New Money New Government Ecosystem Ecosystem
  27. 27. Tesco CEO Philip Clarke
  28. 28. Thanks for your time! mobile: gerdfuturist.comD E S I G N : C R E A T I V E