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Towards a Cooperative, Small scale, Local, P2P Production Future


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Blog link here >> (context/introduction of the presentation)

This is the presentation I used for my talk at the ouishare summit.

I really tried to connect the dots over a bunch of topics, amazing authors and innovators (like John Robb, Michel Bauwens, Douglas Rushkoff, Umair Haque, Las Indias, Kevin Carson, Joe Justice and Wikispeed, Open Source Ecology and much more) and also writings that I've done on my own, available on my blog.

All the material produced on my own is CC-BY-SA (please note that Michael Clinard Joe Justice's pic is not CC)

Published in: Design, Business, Technology
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Towards a Cooperative, Small scale, Local, P2P Production Future

  1. Towards acooperative, small scale, local, p2pproduction Future @meedabyte Summit Paris, 26 May 2012
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  3. Once we used to live in a verydifferent relation with resourcesAnd that wasn’t at the time of Stanley Kubrick’s movies
  4. consumer society started industrial society startedImpressive, isn’t it? and this…
  5. …led to the peak-resources thing we all talk aboutand everyone thinks we can solve using alternative, renewable resources
  6. “It is wholly a confusion of ideas to suppose that the economical use of fuel is equivalent to a diminished consumption. The very contrary is the truth.”William Stanley Jevons a British economist and logician.
  7. So What?!... Isprosperityunsustainable? ...
  8. Prosperity?
  9. Prosperity?
  10. Prosperity?
  11. Eudaimonics Umair Haque Author, columnist & economist
  12. MEDIOCRITY ISunsustainable!
  13. The “efficiency” of large scale production Kevin A. Carson Social and political theorist
  14. Good news:scale is almost nomore needed!
  15. Thanks to tools like these
  16. Democratization of production
  17. Design becomes P2P/Co-Design
  18. The P2P product cycle emerges
  19. Creation and production *tribalize*
  20. Consumption becomes economically and emotionally supportingculturally adjacentcrafters, artists or creatives
  21. Funding a gaming legend From Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter page
  22. The emerging role of PeersMass production: Crowdfunding: Co-creation: a passive gets closer becomes part of*consumer* role to the creator the creation process
  23. Creation as acooperative act The sunset of the lone genius
  24. Codesigningthe future:What do we need?
  25. A modular approach (eases contribution)Platforms tocollaborate onHW design A Social form *currency* A new concept of knowledge ownership
  26. Building a universal set of common designs
  27. < Joe Justice – Team Wikispeed Software Architect and Manufacturing InnovatorCreating a new process
  28. That is up to more efficient
  29. Distributed, Liquid Manufacturing How does it look like? A “Productables” inventory GlobalA decentralized production hub network Localized, on demand and Community based
  30. Less of this
  31. Much more of this
  32. In places like thisAbandoned factory in Lurgan (UK)
  33. Here Comes: The Cooperation Advantageinstead of the competitive one
  34. Still a role for Businesses? As long as: - enables ecosystems - allows value xchange Switching - from monolithic to platform - from profit to value creation
  35. Cooperation vs Competitive advantage Building platforms vs Building product Solution of Gaps vs Search of Scale Distributed Centralized value creation vs profit generation Innovation Radically fast resistant innovation thanks to hackable vs products and long term capital products depreciation
  36. Traditional Capital will change route (no sufficient risk and profit) The p2p opportunity remains open to the community Will this happen?
  37. Takeouts:The Futurelandscape
  38. Resilient communities and decentralization John Robb Author, blogger and entrepreneur – Global Guerrillas
  39. Douglas RushkoffMedia theorist, writer, columnist Jobs are Obsolete
  40. We need a new form of currency
  41. The High Road vs the Low Road?
  42. From Competeto Cooperate:Cooperationis not yet another business model
  43. a special thanks to: a special thanks to Michael Clinard / Photographer (for letting me use the awesome Joe Justice Picture)
  44. Don’t forget to come visit >> http://meedabyte.comAnd follow me on twitter: