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Serendipity Management master class in FabLab, St.Petersburg 24.10. 2013


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Introductory slides for the workshop

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Serendipity Management master class in FabLab, St.Petersburg 24.10. 2013

  1. 1. Serendipity Management Master class Ilkka Kakko! FabLab, Saint Petersburg, Russia 24.10.2013.!
  2. 2. The benefits of coworking © Lee Fleming 2004 /HBR November 2004! Discovery consist of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought Albert  Szent-­‐Gyorgyi  
  3. 3. Postnormal era is here! •  The “Big Shift” " -  -  -  The most dynamic way to motivate is “movement”" The driving force is passion" -  The most effective way to organize resources is based on CNOs (Collaborative Networked Organizations) " -  The competitive edge comes from understanding serendipity and diversity" -  The potential for new ventures is measured by social capital" -  •  The most useful information is flowing" The ultimate happiness is achieved with Work – Learn – Play integration" Pull society! -  -  Attract - pull instead of push" Platforms (virtual and physical) --- to share, to co-create, " 
 *) Ref: “Postnormal era” was coined by Stowe Boyd, Big Shift is a term by John Hagel et al “The Power of Pull”"
  4. 4. Big Shift ? h2p://­‐ausDn-­‐workplace-­‐trends-­‐serendipity-­‐is-­‐the-­‐new-­‐synergy/   " "   " 
 "     "  
  5. 5. Serendipity Definition: •  •  Serendipity is a quality of mind, which through awareness, sagacity and good fortune allows one to frequently discover something good while looking for something else" In many cases also the process leading to serendipitous findings" " Background: •  The Persian fable from 6th century ”The Adventures of Three Princes of Serendip”" •  Horace Walpole, Robert K. Merton elaborated further" " Work Learn Play
  6. 6. Examples of serendipity Science: Archimedes" Columbus" Work Penicillin" X-rays" Teflon" Post-It notes" More than 200 examples è" SMS, Viagra, " Business: •  XeroxPARC, 3M, Pixar, Google, MIT Media Lab, Virgin, " •  Ice Hotel (Ice Bars)" " Learn Play
  7. 7. Elements of Serendipity Elements: •  Unexpected (event, encounter, use), surprising and odd findings, contradictions " •  Insight, discovery" •  (to capture)" •  Value" •  Prepared (mind, community, organization)" The challenge : •  To understand it" •  To create environments for it" •  To harness it!" " The picture, Stephann Makri / SerenA project!
  8. 8. Plan, design, engineer, manage, harness….. So far I have found several ways to describe it:" "”Planned serendipity”, Muller&Becker" "”Design for serendipity”, Hagel&Seely Brown&Davison" "”Maximize serendipity around you”, Nassim Nicholas Taleb" "”Engineering serendipity” " "”Cultivating serendipity”" "… also serendipity engines, serendipity machines are mentioned" Coincidensity – diversity and density (Stowe Boyd / Matt Biddulph)" Synchronicity – Joseph Jaworski et al. (Jung….)" " My terminology: "" > ”Harnessing serendipity” on individual and community level and" > ”Serendipity management” on institutional and organizational level"
  9. 9. The benefits of coworking © Lee Fleming 2004 /HBR November 2004! Discovery consist of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought Anabel  Quas-­‐  Haase  presentaDon  /  YouTube:  h2p://!  
  10. 10. Three types of serendipitous findings © Lee Fleming 2004 /HBR November 2004!
  11. 11. Business dilemma –” the inbalance of arrows” Performance/control: To minimize errors! Work Predictability vital! ! Learn Play Insights: Weak ties elementary! Social capital important! GLOW; netWork Oasis, Joensuu Science Park!
  12. 12. Definition of Serendipity Management ! “Serendipity management is a comprehensive set of tools and facilitation methodologies, which through:! !* workspace design, both physical and virtual ! !* facilitation of unexpected encounters and !collective insight ! will support the emergence of new combinations of competences and the generation of breakthrough ideas.”! (h2p://  
  13. 13. How to design for Serendipity – case Oasis Physical Space: •  Chance encounters ”Coincidensity”! -  -  -  -  •  Work Space for insight ”Aha, Heureka”! -  -  -  •  Peripatos" Kitchen" Serendipity Cafe" Temple of Challenge" Sauna, Katharsis" Tandem Chambers" Temple of Challenge" Learn Play Value creation ”Work, work…”! -  -  Hall of Potential" Hall of Results" Facilitation: •  The code of conduct" Four zones: privat, semi-privat, semipublic and public" •  Prepared mind, community, organization! netWork Oasis, Joensuu Science Park!
  14. 14. How it looks like – netWork Oasis in Joensuu © Lee Fleming 2004 /HBR November 2004!
  15. 15. Virtual collaboration platforms Virtual Space: •  Chance encounters! -  -  Work Flow of information! Social Media! •  Engineering (apps)! -  Open or closed ! •  Embedded system! -  Play Identity ! -  Learn ”Digital totem pole”! Community: •  Inverse serendipity! •  Weak ties elementary! •  Social capital created! GLOW; netWork Oasis, Joensuu Science Park!
  16. 16. Vital elements of Oasis philosophy Encourage Diversity: •  “Connecting generations”" •  Combining Arts, Science and Business" •  Multidisciplinary approach
 " Respect Serendipity: •  Be prepared for the unexpected, take surprises positively" •  Communicate with your community" •  Cultivate personal skills and attitude" FlexLab opening in Joensuu Science Park, September 2004!
  17. 17. Serendipity management vs project management ©  Kakko  &  Inkinen,  Science  and  Public  Policy,  36(7),  August  2009,  pages  537–548,  Oxford  University  Press     © Lee Fleming 2004 /HBR November 2004!
  18. 18. Serendipity on personal level # Be the manager of your calendar! !”Sense of urgency”! # Change your daily routines every now and then! !”Who can I surprise today”! # Attend events, conferences, barcamps etc, also those outside your interest zone! !”Get out of your interest zone”! # Trust intuition! !”If it feels right, just as well it might be right”! # Spend time in nature, explore, relax! !”Just do it! Let yourself be insightful”! !
  19. 19. Serendipity on community level # Forget networks and networking >> communities rule!! !”Where do I belong?”! # Follow your passion! !”Passion before profit”! # Focus on your community portfolio! !”Sharing is caring”! " ! !
  20. 20. What it takes? ! ! ! ”There is no more powerful way to attract new ideas and interesting and inspiring people to you, than leading a meaningful life!”! Muller&Becker 2012!    
  21. 21. Thank you! For further information: " Ilkka Kakko " + 358 50 536 2941! Twitter: @Serendipitor " " "!