physiology the guyton and hall physiology orthoptics optometry ophthalmology respiration computer preventive ophthalmology endocrinology ophthalmic diseases contact lenses kidney rgp lenses reproduction guyton and hall keratoconus preventive measures of glaucom soft lenses an overview of the computer system retina and germinal epithelium of the gonads. e vitreous detachment vitreous hemorrhage attachments vitreous neurological field loss glaucomatous field loss visual field congenital anomalies of uvea synechiae panophthalmitis endophthalmitis panuveitis uveitis trauma management of trauma sclera staphyloma episcleritis scleritis retinal diseases retinoblastoma preventive measures rop retinopathy of prematturity onchocerciasis levels of eye care services tertiary eye care secondary eye care primary eye care laws of optometry instruments iop measurements intraocular pressure iop acanthamoeba keratitis fungal corneal ulcer viral corneal ulcer bacterial corneal ulcer corneal ulcer stages of corneal ulcer cornea glaucoma community ophthalmology contact lens solution contact lens intro cl hard lenses lenses table record field intro databases intranet and extranet internet operating systems basics classification of computers storage devices monitors and sound systems comoputer devices that output hardcopy alternate methods of input standard methods of input transforming data into information computer science alternative methods of input prostate gland semen reproductive and hormonal functions of the male ovarian cycle introduction to female reproductive physiology action potential resting membrane potential body fluid compartments the guyton and hall physiology maryam fida (o-1827 hormones of pancreas diabetes mellitus adrenal gland posterior pituitary gland thyroid hormone parathyroid hormone acromegaly gigantism levi-lorain dwarf dwarfism growth hormones (the guyton and hall physiology) increases peripheral utilization of lipids and con glucagon secreted by alpha cells of islets of lang which is the measure of a substance diffusing thro the greater the likelihood that the water molecule therefore the greater the kinetic activity of the molecules then net diffusion will occur toward the gas phase which is normally true for carbon dioxide then more molecules will diffuse into the blood th as is normally true for oxygen physical laws related to gases gases diffuse from expired air inspired air lveolar air haldane effect bohr’s effect transport of carbon dioxide in blood cyanosis asphyxia hypoxia abnormal types of respiration work of breathing law of laplace compliance surfactant ventilation mechanics of ventilation introduction to respiration pulmonary volumes and capacities transport of oxygen regulation of respiration oxygen therapy ventilation perfusion ratio functions of lungs/respiratory system lungs respiratory system juxtaglomerular apparatus kidnye structure and functions of kidney nephron renal blood flow micturition gfr tubular reabsorption
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