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Boost Trust Cards


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Facilitation of discussion - the level of Trust within the team

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Boost Trust Cards

  1. 1. 1. We can rely on each other words 2. Talk the walk is consistent 3. I believe in good will of others 4. If necessary, we offer help without request 5. Clear communication 6. The expertise and willingness to share experiences 7. The willingness to search for solutions 8. Assertive behaviour with regard to stakeholder´s needs 9. Fulfilment of agreements 10. Compliance with deadlines 11. Loyalty to the team 12. Respecting rules 13. Flexible Rules (they taking into account the circumstances) 14. Transparent communication of true intentions 15. We sincerely manifested compliment / praise
  2. 2. 16. Honest communication 17. Authenticity 18. Clear evaluation criteria 19. Respecting others 20. Responsibility 21. Healthy competition, which positively motivates 22. Realistic expectations 23. Acceptance of others/ without prejudice 24. Refusing gossiping 25. Team player 26. Constructive criticism 27. Willingness to listen 28. Expression of empathy 29. Similar values 30. Share Interests / Preferences