Gemba Walking Marketing and Sales


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Doug Brock, Kendall Electric

What does the term Gemba have to do with marketing and sales?
Gemba in Lean Manufacturing terms means The Real Place. In Lean, you go to the Real Place to observe the Real Thing to get the Real Facts and Data. Improvements are discovered and problems are solved at the Gemba. The Gemba Walk is the tool frequently used to discover, deploy, and implement improvements. Managers walk through the Real Place working with front line supervisors and workers to gather information and to ensure improvement ideas are discovered and implemented.
The concept of Gemba and Gemba Walks can be a perfect tool for discovering, implementing, and deploying marketing and sales ideas and improvements. The Gemba Walk can fuel innovation and cycles of learning in marketing and sales processes. Just like in manufacturing, getting marketing and sales to work together in the Real Place to observe the Real Thing to get the Real Facts and Data can be a powerful way to drive results in your organization.
Business Development, Marketing and Sales managers will learn simple techniques based on Gemba concepts in this presentation. These techniques can substantially increase the success in any sales improvement effort or marketing project. Attendees will leave the presentation with ideas that will help coordinate and tie sales activities to marketing strategies.

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Gemba Walking Marketing and Sales

  1. 1. Standards Certification Education & Training Publishing Conferences & Exhibits Gemba Walking Marketing and Sales Ideas are easy. The REAL work starts with implementation and deployment.
  2. 2. Doug Brock Chattanooga Area Manager with Kendall Electric, an employee- owned electrical product and Rockwell Automation distributor.
  3. 3. Marketing Team
  4. 4. Sales Team
  5. 5. Marketing TeamSales Team Customer Commitment on new product
  6. 6. Marketing TeamSales Team Unobtainium
  7. 7. Unobtainium – noun new product that is perpetually six months from shipping new product that sales believes is impossible to sell Credit Don Gee & Vince Phillips
  8. 8. gemba – noun In Japanese business theory, the place where things happen gemba means “real place”, the place where real action occurs Cambridge Business English Dictionary
  9. 9. 3 gembas an example A-D-L-I Q&A wrap up
  10. 10. Our Customer Production Area Customer Gemba
  11. 11. “The results of any …business are on the outside. This is not only where the customers are but also where the non- customers are.” The Drucker Lectures: Essential Lessons on Management, Society and Economy 2010 - McGraw-Hill Education
  12. 12. What is Your Approach?
  13. 13. Our Business Customer Facing Activities Internal Gemba
  14. 14. What you don’t hear.
  15. 15. What you don’t hear.
  16. 16. Deployment & Learning
  17. 17. If you want to go fast you have to go alone. If you want to go far you have to go together. African proverb
  18. 18. After Action Review What did we set out to do? What did we actually do? Why was there a difference? What are we going to do next time?
  19. 19. Connected Gemba Our Customer Our Business Production Area Customer Facing Activities
  20. 20. “Empathy served as a sophisticated tracking system enabling salespeople to be more creative in uncovering and meeting the customer’s wants.” Art of the Sale by Philip Delves Broughton
  21. 21. Approach Deployment Learning Integration
  22. 22. Questions Before I Summarize ???
  23. 23. Connected Gemba Our Customer Our Business Production Area Customer Facing Activities