Manu's case study on Target Marketing


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A case study on cypress semi conductor and fleet boston explains about the Target Marketing

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Manu's case study on Target Marketing

  1. 1. Case Study Intro CRM TM Conclusion Cypress Semiconductor and FleetBoston: Benefits and challenges Of Targeted marketing Submitted by: Group II
  2. 2. Introduction Case Study Introduction CRM TM Conclusion Cypress Semiconductor Corporation is a Silicon Valleybased semiconductor design and manufacturing company founded by T. J. Rodgers and others from Advanced Micro Devices. The company initially focused on the design and development of high speed CMOS SRAMs, EEPROMs, PAL devices, and TTL logic devices. FleetBoston Financial Corp. was a Boston, Massachusetts– based bank created in 1999 by the merger of Fleet Financial Group and BankBoston. In 2004 it merged with Bank of America; all of its banks and branches were given the Bank of America logo.
  3. 3. Cypress corp. : CRM Case Study Cypress used the Internet technologies like web based satisfactory surveys and social CRM to support marketing and improve its business and customer value introduction CRM TM Conclusion Cypress real time customer satisfaction monitoring system from Satmetrics systems triggers the local sales office and the vice president of headquarters sales. This improves the responsiveness of the employees to customers and increase the customer satisfaction.
  4. 4. CRM Case Study Introduction EPMCRM system TM Conclusion Traditionally, CRM served mainly to collate customer data like profiles, order history etc. and served to maintain a relationship with the customer and the company. A Customer Relationship Management system may be chosen because it is thought to provide the following advantages: Quality and efficiency Decrease in overall costs Increase Profitability
  5. 5. Data Collection
  6. 6. Data Analysis
  7. 7. FleetBoston Financial corporation Case Study Introduction CRM Target BI Marketing Conclusion Fleet uses the Customer Segmentation to compute and track profitability of every customer and Target its Marketing efforts to individual customers based on their current and past contributions Fleet also uses Artificial Intelligence systems to analyze transactions in real time and spot the increase/decrease in transaction rates
  8. 8. What is a Marketing? Case Study Introduction CRM Target BI Marketing Conclusion “Getting the right goods, to the right people, in the right place, at the right time, with the right level of communication profitability” Marketing is a process of understanding what your customers want and providing them with what they want and communicating the factor that is available to them.
  9. 9. Market Segmentation Case Study Introduction CRM Target BI Marketing Conclusion Market include people with needs, wants, purchasing power and willingness to buy a certain product. Market Segmentation is grouping a market followed by various and distinct needs that require different marketing strategy After evaluating profitability of each segment marketer choose one or more of the market segments to enter. This action is called ‘Market Targeting’
  10. 10. Target Marketing Case Study Introduction CRM Target BI Marketing Conclusion Target market is a business term meaning the market segment to which a particular good or service is marketed. It is mainly defined by age, gender, geography, socioeconomic grouping, or any other combination of demographics. Target Marketing involves breaking a market into segments and then concentrating your marketing efforts on one or a few key segments.
  11. 11. FleetBoston Financial corp. : Use of IT Case Study Introduction CRM Artificial BI Intelligence Conclusion By using Artificial intelligence the company analyze the customer transactions in real time and stores the information in the databases for future use. It ensures that the most valuable customers get preferential treatment based on the current and past contributions to the company. Target Marketing helps the employees, Putting the right offer, in front of the right customer, at the right time
  12. 12. Pitfalls of Targeted Marketing Case Study Some companies spends lot of time and millions of dollars to build databases but unable to calculate customer value. Introduction CRM Artificial BI Intelligence Conclusion Since companies don’t convey the information mined by analysts to the marketing, sales, and front-line customer service people who use it. One of the biggest pitfalls of customer databases is that best customers are bothered endlessly
  13. 13. Case Study Introduction CRM Solutions BI Conclusion How does the use of Internet Technologies to support the marketing function at Cypress Semiconductor improve business and customer value? The company has made a Web-based customer satisfaction monitoring system (i.e. a customer satisfaction questionnaire) by which the customers can give their feedbacks. If a customer gives poor rating, it will automatically trigger an e-mail to the Vice President of the company which will help him to take immediate steps for the customer satisfaction. It ensure that their customers have a positive feeling towards the company. Cypress uses CRM, web based surveys, segmentation, database analysis to target its customers with right product at right time to improve the business.
  14. 14. Case Study Introduction CRM Solutions BI Conclusion What are the benefits and potential challenges of FleetBoston’s use of IT to support their targeted marketing programs? Benefits • Use of IT boosted the yields of its marketing campaigns. • They were able to calculate and monitor the profitability of each customer and target its marketing efforts to individual customers based on their current and past contributions to the bottom line. Challenges • Expensive and Time Consuming.. • Prediction of Human behavior is quite difficult • Since they maintain databases and use internet technologies there is threat from Hackers. Hence maintaining firewall is a challenge for the companies..
  15. 15. Case Study Introduction CRM Solutions BI Conclusion Why so IT-based targeted marketing programs sometimes produce negative business results? How can such results be avoided? keting IT based targeted marketing sometimes produce negative business results due to Ineffective targeting which leads to wrong product offers, inappropriate marketing appeals, wrong pricing at wrong place. It will spoil the company’s goodwill within no time.
  16. 16. Case Study Such negative results can be avoided through the following ways Introduction  Companies should have the right idea about surveys and use the database in effective manner. CRM  Improved Customer Relationship Management(CRM) should be there Solutions BI Tools such as Statistical analysis, Data mining should be done with outmost care. Conclusion  Use of Artificial Intelligence to analyze the real time transactions.
  17. 17. Conclusion Title Intro CRM TM Conclusion Conclusion YOU need Smart Thinking on top of the data base
  18. 18. Group II Faisal V Manoj Kumar K Vinoth Sharique Iqbal Roopesh Kumar Ramanathan M Naseem Arif Ramya Latha Freny Ajay