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Manu's ob case study


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Organizational behavior Case Study answers

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Manu's ob case study

  1. 1. Organisational Behaviour Case Study
  2. 2. Delhi Computers Limited Computers manufacturer Make failsafe computer systems Informal management style DCL works with few rules and allows employees lots of freedom # Mr. Dhami. DCL’s chairman firmly believes that corporate environment nurtures creativity He created a sense of equity among the employees Rewards are based on talent Encourages interaction and sharing of ideas, informal meetings of employees
  3. 3. DCL doubled its sales almost every year between 1992-97  Since 1997 its growth is has slowed The informal management led to lack of internal controls #  The challenge is to exercise a management control without losing creative, entrepreneurial culture
  4. 4. LEADERSHIP STYLE  Delegating and participating [S3,S4]  Informal & Collaborative  Unfreezing – change efforts to overcome the both individual resistance and group conformity Refreezing – Stabilizing a change Refreezing Movement – changing, Individuals learn to behave in new ways after having convinced that their present behavior is inappropriate Movement APPROCHES TO MANAGE CHANGE Unfreezing  (9,9) Team Management – Grid model
  5. 5. It’s the Same Story Everywhere High salary Promotional Opportunities Job Satisfaction Desired Goal Barrier Needs Mr. Prakash • • • • • High salary Power Promotion Job Satisfaction Identity Problem Soving Reduce Frustration Frustration # Apply Maslow Motivation Theory – Social needs Esteem, Safety and security
  6. 6. Maslow’s Hierarchy Motivation Theory Self – Actualization – Growth, challenging job, Advancement, creativity Esteem – Self respect, status, social recognition Social – Love & belongingness, friendly supervision, cohesive work group Safety – Job Security, company benefits, stability Physiological – pay, cafeteria Food, water, sleep
  7. 7. The Sales Girls Roopchand Departmental Stores, New Delhi It has seperate section to sell winter garments There is a Tug of war situation in this section between temporary clerks and permanent clerks Departmental Store Permanent clerks Insecure They could not tolerate the temporary sales girl getting high commisson Temporary Clerks Anxious to show GOOD Performance Criticized by the permenant clerks.
  8. 8. Tough Guy Mr. Garjan Singh Improve the value Of company Turnaround artist Result Oriented Autocratic style Telling(S1) Doesn’t work in long-term basis Impatient Seeks only performance and nothing else