cookstove design competition for Pakistan


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Design improvement sought to literally change people's lives.

Deadline 15th September.

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cookstove design competition for Pakistan

  1. 1. Stove design competition for women of Pakistan• This is a call for help to design a better way of cooking in Pakistan• To avoid enormous health risks of open fires• And the gradual deforestation of a region• Deadline for submission of designs: 15th September, 2012• Send to:
  2. 2. The standard cooking stove in Pakistan: 3 stones with the pot on top
  3. 3. Very inefficient: most heat lost out the sides. Every family has to find firewood locally – inevitably deforesting the area.
  4. 4. Also very unhealthy – this lady is constantly bothered by smoke. Evidenceshows serious health implications for women – especially when pregnant.
  5. 5. Whatever she does, she is constantly rubbing her eyes and coughing. Andthis happens every day, in every village, and women bear this burden
  6. 6. It need not be this way. People said they were really keen to tryother methods. They said “just show us another design and we will try it!”
  7. 7. Fiery debates about fuel. In this camp for displaced people they explain how they have to pay a lot for firewood or dried dung. Smokey and seriously inefficient, costly and unhealthy: the worst possible approach, yet the one used by everyone!
  8. 8. When the trees are gonepeople use dried animaldung, also smokey. Thismanure could be put tomuch better use asfertiliser for growing foodor reforestation.
  9. 9. Design Criteria• Must be a design that people can build using local materials• It shouldn’t be a donated item – but a design / idea so it can be replicated• It mustn’t cost anything or it won’t take off• It should reduce fire-smoke completely (smokeless stove?)• It should use local mud but can also include old metal as tins are available (see photo)• It must be fuel efficient – maximum heat extracted from fuel used.
  10. 10. Some useful links to help with design ideas• Practical Action has a lot of experience in this field:• HEDON network – an excellent resource for cooking and related designs:• Initiated by an international working group, this fuel network has some useful links: of-IASC-Task-Force-SAFE-Outputs• has done a lot of research and projects, some of which may be relevant:• Clean-cook-stoves: yet another site with a lot of resources: