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Magic Mirror for Museums


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This slides pack highlights the key selling points of Magic Mirror to museums and how can it helps in transforming your museum into a pleasant and welcoming learning environment.

Published in: Science
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Magic Mirror for Museums

  1. 1. ©2002-2018 Magic Mirror is a trademark application of Magic Mirror in various jurisdictions. We reserve the right to introduce modifications without notice. All other company names and products are trademarks of their respective companies.
  2. 2. Magic Mirror is designed with a wide range of readily available apps which are well suited for the use in museum, making the process of learning more engaging and interesting to your visitors Dimension (mm) Min. Clear Space Requirements (mm) Weight (kg) : 808 (W) X 1873 (H) X 450 (D) : 1408 (W) X 2043 (H) X 1800 (D) : 130 kg (approx.) Specifications  55” LED 4k display monitor  Touch screen  Kinect body sensor  Quad core CPU + Graphics card  Non-reflective safety glass  Magic Mirror OS Key Hardware Features
  3. 3. ADA Compliant Kiosk3 4 1 2 Large 55” Active Display Area Call-to-action Buttons at lower position of the screen According to ADA standards, the hardware & content is designed to be accessible by wheelchair users. Visual Cues - Universal symbols Welcoming songs & audio instructions for hearing impaired As a public digital signage provider, it is part of our mission to provide services inclusive of all users no matter the age, language and abilities. As such, careful measures are taken into the design of hardware, software and its content to provide services to the public at our best. Caters for young children & wheelchair visitors
  4. 4. Customisable Digital Contents Magic Mirror allows museum visitors to have more hands-on experience, transforming your museum into a pleasant and welcoming learning environment for every single visitor.
  5. 5. 1 Magic Mirror as a welcome lady extends the cordiality to visitors with a warm greetings “Good morning”, Features Video: Lead Time: 3-5 Working Days Inclusive of multiple App functions, branded frame design and pop-up links . Video Greeting As Visitor Approach 2 2 Select An App To Begin Experience 1 2 3 3 Client’s Branding Theme
  6. 6. 1 3 4 Photo Filter To Merge User’s Face Into The Experience 1 2 3 Information Pop-up Take A Photo, Video or GIF 2 4 Leave a memorable photo session for visitors to bring home – By adding animated videos and various photo editing effect, visitors can take a selfie and be immersed within the experience. Features Video: Lead Time: 3-5 Working Days Inclusive of photo frame, photo filter design, pop-up integration Custom Photo Frame
  7. 7. Scaled To Virtually Fit Onto Different Body Size1 2 3 Take Photos & Share Custom Photo Frame Photo Filters For More Immersive Effects 4 Presents realistic 3D costume models and sync with visitor’s movement within the live video feed – allowing visitors to experience the virtual life of a character. Features Video: Lead Time: 10-15 Working Days Inclusive of photo frame, photo filter design, up to 5x3D Costume assets and possible to add information pop-up. 1 2 4
  8. 8. 1 2 3 Win a Promotional Voucher - Take Photos Visitors Try To Collect Items A kiosk-friendly game that is suitable for all ages. Users control the shopping bag by moving to the left and right to collect as many items as they can. Features Video: Lead Time: 3-5 Working Days Inclusive of 5x custom game objects and branded frame design 1 2 5 Merchandise Items
  9. 9. 1 2 Content Pop-up eg. Image, Video, Directions Inspired by “Learning through play”, Magic Mirror help to add interactivity into the learning process. This allows visitors to have more hands-on experience in exploration. Features Select Interested Information
  10. 10. Magic Mirror System Overview Highlighting the key features of Magic Mirror software and hard platform which makes it a highly customizable kiosk or digital signage system to fit into different use cases.
  11. 11. Services / Equipment Price (USD) 3D Assets Rendering - Fashion Garment - Accessories (e.g. hat, bag, glasses) 59 84 46 2D Assets Customization (Fashion Garment) 7 Custom Photo Frame 46 HTML Layout Reskin (per page) 46 Custom App Development POA Extra Works Product Code Items Price (USD) Expected Lifespan (Years) MM – MPS02 300W PSU 34 7 MM – MMB01 Motherboard 130 7 MM – MMD01 55” Monitor 4k Display 590 7-10 MM – MTS01 Touch screen 55” capitance 290 15 MM – MGC02 Graphics Card 87 7 MM – MRA03 RAM 65 7 MM – MKN01 Kinect V2.0 210 7 Replacement Price List Inclusive Customisation Works o Branding and graphics customization capability o 5x photo frames assets o 5x fun costumes assets o Games assets o Kinect body tracking o Take photo or video o Social media, email and QR code sharing 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty All internal equipments within Magic Mirror comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty, since we’re using top branded equipment the lifespan of the equipment is expected to be last for more than 7 years.
  12. 12. Creating a personalized and immersive exhibition experience Pre-plan your exhibitions through Magic Mirror control panel which gives you the ability to schedule and run the exhibitions on the pre- defined time, optimizing the use of Magic Mirror for different exhibitions in your museum. Schedule Apps for Different Exhibitions Magic Mirror web-based control panel is designed with an intuitive user interface to ease users in updating digital contents such as product images, description, etc. Update Data via Excel Spreadsheet
  13. 13. Making informed decision based on valid data A powerful analytics which allows museum to quickly identify which exhibition attracted visitors the most and engaged visitors better. This analytics tool is important for them to identify what works and what doesn’t to improve their exhibitions in order to drive in more traffics. All interactions are measured and reported in real-time, including o Usage per exhibition o Average engaged time o No. of take photo o No, of share o No. of walk-by o Etc. Exhibition Usage and Engagement
  14. 14. Find out more on our packages Tel: +44 – (0)1344 989 804 Email: Website: Contact Us o Flush mount or standalone unit o 55” full touch screen capacity o Kinect body sensor o Powerful processing units with dedicated graphics card o 3mm tempered glass o Optional full one way mirror Hardware Notable Features Featured Apps o Kinect body tracking o Take photo or video o Print photos o Social media, email and QR code sharing o Digital signage player o Gesture control o Branding and graphics customization capability o Data input via touchscreen o Online photo gallery o User data harvesting o Mirror usage tracker VR Costume Interactive Whiteboard VR Photobooth Catch & Win Game