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Starting Your Research


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Starting Your Research

  1. 1. LOOKING FOR SOURCES Michigan History Day
  2. 2. Where do I start? Take a look at secondary sources. Your library is the best places to start! List possible keywords to use in your search. You’ll want to have at least several. Executive Order 9066
  3. 3. Where do I start searching for primary sources? Local Historical Societies Museums Historic Sites The Local History Room at Your Library Archives National Parks & Memorials
  4. 4. Key Online Research Sites The Library of Congress - The Smithsonian- American Journeys - The National Archives - Michigan eLibrary-
  5. 5. Our Documents - The National Park Service- PBS- New York Public Library Digital Gallery- And for more research links, head to Key Online Research Sites (cont.)
  6. 6. Online Research Sites for Michigan History Seeking Michigan ( Explore Michigan’s past and present through a searchable collection of primary sources. Walter P. Reuther Library at Wayne State University - Photographs of Detroit people, places, and events and Detroit News Newsreels available online. The Benson Ford Research Center, The Henry Ford - Take a look at highlights of the Henry Ford’s collections. Mostly artifacts, but some documents as well. Civil War Collections at Michigan State University - Materials include hundreds of pages of correspondence, diaries, musters, reminiscences, and photographs.
  7. 7.  Website is associated with a credible organization such as a museum or the government.  Uses domain names such as .gov, .mil, .edu, and sometimes .org.  Does not contain advertisements.  Lists its date of creation/last update.  Cites its sources.  May not say who the website is associated with. May be an individual’s website.  Uses domain names such as .com.  Contains quite a few advertisements.  Does not list a date for when the site was last updated.  Does not cite any of its sources. Good Online Source Poor Online Source george-washington sidentsday/index.html EXAMPLE EXAMPLE
  8. 8. Source Note Cards Brinkley Douglas. Rosa Parks: A Life. New York: Penguin Books, 2000. Notes: Detailed biography with information about her early life. Checked out from the Ann Arbor District Library. Source in MLA format Description of source
  9. 9. Before the Arrival of the Model T “During the last year or two, great improvements have been made in the building of autocarriages and the only problem now remaining with the manufacturer is the question of reducing the cost of construction.” (“The Advent of the Automobile”, p.9) Subject Source Taking Notes