Zondle workshop for Dubrovnik


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eTwinning Contact Seminar, Cross-curricular Collaboration using Web 2.0 tools“
Dubrovnik 24. - 27. 10. 2013.

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Zondle workshop for Dubrovnik

  1. 1. While you wait: go to www.zondle.com. . Lidija Kralj
  2. 2. Zondle is a games-based learning platform (desktop and mobile) that enables teachers and students to create, play and share games to support exactly their learning needs. Individual or whole class learning games are available.
  3. 3. 80,000+ topics (educational content), created by users. Any subject, any level, any language. 50+ games (and students can make their own). 4,000,000+ topic and game combinations. Set topics for students to play in games of their choosing. Manage classes, and monitor achievement and progress. Available in many languages, translation ready.
  4. 4. Independent Learning
  5. 5. Whole-Class Learning
  6. 6. Monitor Progress: Use data to help you assess, remediate, etc.!
  7. 7. There’s a excellent user support as well as support from the zondle team of developers.
  8. 8. • • • • Students work in TwinSpace Digital textbook International Team Play My quizzes for students
  9. 9. @LidijaKralj Open TwinSpace Play few games
  10. 10. With a class code, the teacher does NOT have to enter individual students!! HUGE time saver! And no email needed! PRESENTERS, TYPE YOUR CLASS CODE HERE
  11. 11. Your zondle avatar! Use the arrow to scroll through choices.
  12. 12. These are all the game choices students have to choose from when playing each of the topics. The topic your have set for your class to play.
  13. 13. Search for Topics: Find questions that other teachers have already created!
  14. 14. Click the green plus button to check out a topic’s questions.
  15. 15. Click on preview to see if the questions will work for your lesson. If you like the topic, click copy.
  16. 16. Find a topic that is relevant to what you teach. TIP: Topics Edit your topic to fit your needs. should be about 10 questions for middle school, less for younger students.
  17. 17. Create a Topic: If you can’t find a topic that was already created, make your own to suit your needs!
  18. 18. Name your topic and give it a couple tags. Tags will help other teachers find your topic. Choose from the suggested tags or add your own.
  19. 19. Case sensitive and must be spelled correctly.
  20. 20. 1. Create topic and 5 questions (tag etwDU) 2. Choose a game 3. Embed game on your group page in TwinSpace
  21. 21. To assign a topic to your class, go to the Home screen and, click the green plus sign next to the topic, then select the class.
  22. 22. To check students’ progress on topics you have set them, click the gradebook on the Home page.
  23. 23. You can see best grades on each topic and if the student hasn’t played the topic.
  24. 24. Shows “zollars” student has earned. Click star to award badges to students-very motivational!!
  25. 25. Students can also check their own progress, see their badges, see the leaderboard for the class, and see how many zollars they have earned.
  26. 26. zondle Team Play enables teachers to use a gamebased approach to whole-class teaching. It is designed for use on IWBs.
  27. 27. Click on topic, then click zondle Team Play, choose which background class should
  28. 28. Excellent tutorials for how to set up and play zondle Team Play are available on the site. Click this pic to get to the Help page (in Play mode).
  29. 29. 1. Volunteers ;) 2. Open zondle.com/tp 3. Type in Session ID & pwd
  30. 30. Videos & links In TwinSpace or http://www.zondle.com/publicPages/support.aspx
  31. 31. @LidijaKralj games to support learning Thank you! www.zondle.com http://blog.zondle.com/