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Bringing the Revolution to New Jersey

My presentation to this morning's meeting of the Healthcare Planning and Marketing Society of New Jersey.

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Bringing the Revolution to New Jersey

  1. 1. Bringing the Social Media Revolution to Health Care Lee Aase (@LeeAase)Director, Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media #MCCSM May 12, 2011
  2. 2. Proof of social media ROI from one year ago today...
  3. 3. Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media• Our Raison d’etre: The Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media exists to improve health globally by accelerating effective application of social media tools throughout Mayo Clinic and spurring broader and deeper engagement in social media by hospitals, medical professionals and patients.• Our Mission: Lead the social media revolution in health care, contributing to health and well being for people everywhere.
  4. 4. Social Media Health Network• Membership group associated with Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media• For organizations wanting to use social media to promote health, fight disease and improve health care• Dues based on organization revenues• Industry members, but no industry grant funding• 63 member organizations as of 5/11/11
  5. 5. One of Our Members...and Panelists
  6. 6. One of my heroes...
  7. 7. Four More HeroesSix Magic Words (x 2)Four Reasons WhyThey’re True for You
  8. 8. “I’ll bet Icould do that!”
  9. 9. About Lee Aase (@LeeAase)• B.S. Political Science• 14 years in politics and government at local, state, national levels• Mayo Clinic since April 2000 − Media relations consultant − Manager since 2004 − Media Relations/Research Comm − Syndication and Social Media
  10. 10. 2009 Brand Preference Summary Healthcare Decision-Makers Aged 25+ Total Mayo Clinic 13 5.4 18.4% AMC 1 4 2.5 6.6% AMC 2 2 1.5 4.8% AMC 3 2 1.4 3.4% AMC 4 2 1.1 2.8% AMC 5 1 1.3 2.3% AMC 6 2 0.8 2.3% 1st Mention2009 US Consumer Brand Monitor, n=3336 Addl Mention
  11. 11. Intro to Social Media Tools Blogs RSS Podcasts Social Networks Skype YouTube Wikis Twitter Slideshare uStream
  12. 12. Blogs• Just an easy-to-publish Web site that allows comments• Blogs in Plain English - Lee LeFever• You read them all the time without even knowing it
  13. 13. RSS = Really Simple Syndication• Lets you easily track dozens of blogs or other Web sites without surfing• Truly opt-in “email”• RSS “baked in” to IE 7, Safari• Google Reader a free Web option
  14. 14. Podcasts• TiVo for Audio (and now video)• Don’t need an iPod to use• Series of segments to which you can subscribe via RSS• iTunes free for PC or Mac• Create your own FREE podcast (listed in iTunes) through SMUG
  15. 15. Social Networking Sites
  16. 16. Wikis• Collaborative editing tools• Wikipedia the most famous• 3.6 million articles in English• Definitive stories quickly on − 35W Bridge Collapse − Virginia Tech shooting
  17. 17. A museum display...
  18. 18. YouTube• World’s second largest search engine• Google bought for $1.65 Billion• “The world has voted, and we want to watch videos on YouTube.” - Andy Sernovitz,
  19. 19. A Story from Twitter
  20. 20. Ensuing Conversation
  21. 21. Tuesday on Twitter
  22. 22. Other Platforms to Consider• YouTube for PowerPoint and Keynote• Your own global television channel• Mix and Match
  23. 23. A Brief History of Social Media at Mayo Clinic and Six more magic words
  24. 24. Start Small.Think Big.Move Fast.
  25. 25. Mayo Clinic Medical EdgeSyndicated News Media Resources
  26. 26. First Foray in “New” Media• Existing Medical Edge radio mp3s• Launched Sept. ‘05; Downloads up 8,217 percent Oct. vs. Aug.
  27. 27. Regrouping to PlanJust as genomics is the future of personalizedmedicine, personalized media are changing theway people get the news and information theywant and need. But as genomics increasinglysupplements and improves traditional medicinewithout replacing it, new media are helpfuladditions to mainstream, mass media. Westrongly recommend reforming our processesto efficiently produce content that can be usedfor both mass media and personalized media. Content Creation Task Force, 7/26/2006
  28. 28. We recommend a three-phase approach. First,take our existing products and, with minimumincremental effort, place them in new mediaformats. Second... work across teams ... to makebest use of the audio and video productionresources we have. Third, get more produce timely or even daily content...We have not recommended a blog strategy atthis time, primarily because we have emphasizeddeveloping audio and video content that couldhave multiple uses in both mass media andpersonalized media, with relatively limitedphysician involvement.
  29. 29. My First Blog Post - 7/30/06
  30. 30. Jan. ’07 - Warming to Blogging
  31. 31. Private Blog for Public Affairs
  32. 32. Free option
  33. 33. Our First Social MediaConsultant: Feb. 2007
  34. 34. Executing Phase One Strategy
  35. 35. @LeeAase on Twitter: 3/13/07
  36. 36. Personally Exploring Business Uses of Facebook - Aug. ‘07
  37. 37. Blogging an Event: Nov. 2007
  38. 38. Involuntary Social Network Presence:
  39. 39. Facebook: 11/7/07
  40. 40. A Pivotal Presentation
  41. 41. Second Consultant: Jan. 2008“The world has voted, and we want towatch videos on YouTube.”
  42. 42. Reclaiming YouTube: Feb. ’08
  43. 43. Joining The Blog Council• Membership organization of blogging “companies”• Typically Fortune 500 members − Coca-Cola, P&G, Wells Fargo, etc. − Mayo Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, U.S. Navy among “non-traditional” members• Now the Social Media Business Council
  44. 44. @MayoClinic on Twitter: 4/29/08
  45. 45. Podcast Blog: April ’08
  46. 46. Transforming YouTube Channel• Started with Medical Edge TV foundation• Coca-Cola Conversation @ Blog Council
  47. 47. The $4-a-month online newsroom
  48. 48. Let’s Talk “site” - May 2008
  49. 49. Sharing Mayo Clinic - Jan. 2009
  50. 50. Wordpress MU Platform
  51. 51. A Broader Historical Perspective...
  52. 52. Thesis #1: Air was theoriginal social medium
  53. 53. Mayo Clinic and Word of Mouth• 91 percent of patients surveyed say they have said “good things” to an average of 40 people after a Mayo visit• 85 percent say they recommended Mayo to a friend − Advised an average of 16 to come − 5 actually came
  54. 54. Sources of Information Influencing Preference for Mayo Clinic Word of mouth 84Stories in the media 57MD recommendation 44 Advertising 27 Internet/Websites 26Personal experience 24 Mailings to home 18 0 20 40 60 80 100
  55. 55. #2: Electronic tools merely facilitate broader, more efficient transmission by overcoming inertia and friction
  56. 56. #4: Social media are thethird millennium’s defining communications trend
  57. 57. Gutenberg: Global Mass LiteracyZuckerberg: Global Mass Publishing
  58. 58. Does he think social media are a passing fad?
  59. 59. #7: Hand-wringing aboutmerits and dangers of social media is as productive as debating gravity
  60. 60. If you think blocking is a viable long-term option...
  61. 61. Implication• You already have most of the risks... why not also get some of the benefits from these powerful tools?
  62. 62. #9: Mass media will remainpowerful levers that move -- and are moved by -- social media buzz
  63. 63. The Octogenarian Idol Story• Alerted to interesting video of elderly couple playing piano in Gonda atrium• Video shot by another patient and uploaded to YouTube by her daughter• Video had been seen 1,005 times in six preceding months since upload• Embedded in Sharing Mayo Clinic, posted to Facebook, Tweeted on 4/7/09
  64. 64. The next day...
  65. 65. Six days later...
  66. 66. April 22
  67. 67. Sunday, May 3
  68. 68. May 4
  69. 69. Cinco de Mayo
  70. 70. May 10
  71. 71. May 11
  72. 72. May 12
  73. 73. May 15
  74. 74. Early Morning May 26
  75. 75. May 26, 2009: Live in Studio Good Morning America
  76. 76. Results to Date• More than 7.5 million views on YouTube• >1.4 million views on Sharing Mayo Clinic• From 200 views/month to 5,000 views/hour• National TV coverage in U.S. and Japan
  77. 77. #12: Communications and marketing professionals who fail to understandsocial media flirt with media malpractice
  78. 78. #14: Strategic thinking aboutsocial media is no substitute for action
  79. 79. Working from the Outside In...• Lines from Lee/SMUG• Public Affairs blog• blog for symposium• Long-term external blogs• Wordpress blog behind the firewall• Self-hosted Wordpress MU platform
  80. 80. #16: Social media toolsmake the once-scarce power of mass media available to everyone
  81. 81. As Uncle Ben would say...
  82. 82. Not that Uncle Ben. This Uncle Ben
  83. 83. #17: Social media are free in any ordinary sense of theword (or at least ridiculously inexpensive)
  84. 84. Total Cost for Mayo ClinicFacebook, YouTube and Twitter $0.00
  85. 85. In the European Union, based on current exchange rates: €0,00
  86. 86. #18: As I approaches zero, ROI approaches infinity
  87. 87. #22: Social Media are anessential part of a balanced communications diet
  88. 88. #28: Paying for advertisingwhile not taking advantageof free online opportunities isn’t particularly astute
  89. 89. The most harmful TV show in U.S History?• Married with Children?• Baywatch?• The Survivor series?• The A-Team?
  90. 90. “Kids will take a chance. If they don’t know, they’ll have a go.” -- Sir Ken Robinson, TED 2006
  91. 91. #29: Your kids aren’t smarter than you are. They’re just not afraid to look dumb.
  92. 92. #33: Social media willdecrease diffusion time for research and innovations
  93. 93. Discovery by Richard Berger, M.D., Ph.D. Ulnotriquetral (UT) Ligament Split Tear
  94. 94. Jayson Werth’s Experience
  95. 95. USA TodayNov 12, 2009 3031031-7
  96. 96. Last Friday 3031031-9
  97. 97. Less than 24 hours after my initial appointment, I not only had a new diagnosis - a UT split tear - but had surgery to correct the problem. As I write this, my right arm is in a festive green, but otherwise annoying cast. The short-term hassle, however, should be more than worth the long-term gain - the potential for a future without chronic wrist pain. A future, that without Twitter and those in the medical community willing to experiment with new communications tools, might not exist for me. 3031031-10
  98. 98. #35: Social technologies will transform healthcare
  99. 99. And just over a week ago...
  100. 100. The 37th ThesisApplying social media in health care isn’tjust inevitable: it’s the right thing to do inthe interest of patients.
  101. 101.
  102. 102.
  103. 103. What can you learn from our experience?• Zig Ziglar’s maxim• Strategy is important but overrated• Many mini plans > one grand plan• Start small. Think big. Move fast.
  104. 104. For Further Interaction:• @LeeAase on Twitter (or keep chatting at #MCCSM)••