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Oklahoma Hospital Association

  1. 1. Third Millennium Communications in Healthcare Lee Aase Manager, Syndication and Social Media Mayo Clinic #OHA November 12, 2009
  2. 2. About Lee Aase (@LeeAase) • B.S. Political Science • 14 years in politics and government at local, state, national levels • Mayo Clinic since April 2000 − Media relations consultant − Manager since 2004 − Media Relations/Research Comm − Syndication and Social Media
  3. 3. A Grandpa who appreciates the power of Facebook
  4. 4. Disclaimers • These results not typical • Use as directed • Read and follow label directions • Side effects may include vertigo, watery eyes, crackberry thumb and iPhone application addiction • Social media tools are an essential part of a balanced communications diet • If insufficient media coverage persists, consult your communications doctor • Batteries not included • Some assembly required • Your mileage may vary
  5. 5. Disclosures • No financial interest in any product or service mentioned in this presentation • Full-time salaried employee of Mayo Clinic
  6. 6. Demonstrate that social media tools are... • Immensely powerful • Consistent with your organization’s values (or should be) • Free (or ridiculously inexpensive) • and...
  7. 7. Warning to Epilepsy Patients This presentation does not use strobe lights, but it may seem like it, with 139 slides in an hour, or one flashing every 26 seconds.
  8. 8. Thesis #1: Air was the original social medium
  9. 9. Mayo Clinic and Word of Mouth • 91 percent of patients surveyed say they have said “good things” to an average of 40 people after a Mayo visit • 85 percent say they recommended Mayo to a friend − Advised an average of 16 to come − 5 actually came
  10. 10. Sources of Information Influencing Preference for Mayo Clinic Word of mouth 84 Stories in the media 57 MD recommendation 44 Advertising 27 Internet/Websites 26 Personal experience 24 Mailings to home 18 0 20 40 60 80 100
  11. 11. #2: Electronic tools merely facilitate broader, more efficient transmission by overcoming inertia and friction
  12. 12. #3: The mass media era was a temporary anomaly
  13. 13. Evolution of Community • Local: Pre-1930 • National: 1930-2005, made possible by mass media • Global: Post-2005, individuals members of multiple communities of interest without regard to geography • Succeeding levels build upon earlier stages without completely supplanting
  14. 14. #4: Social media are the third millennium’s defining communications trend
  15. 15. Intro to Today’s FREE Tools Blogs RSS Podcasts Social Networks Skype YouTube Wikis Twitter Slideshare uStream
  16. 16. Intro to Blogs • Just an easy-to-publish Web site that allows comments • Blogs in Plain English - Lee LeFever • You read them all the time without even knowing it
  17. 17. RSS = Really Simple Syndication • Lets you easily track dozens of blogs or other Web sites without surfing • Truly opt-in “email” • RSS “baked in” to IE 7, Safari • Google Reader a free Web option
  18. 18. Podcasts • TiVo for Audio (and now video) • Don’t need an iPod to use • Series of segments to which you can subscribe via RSS • iTunes free for PC or Mac • Create your own FREE podcast (listed in iTunes) through SMUG
  19. 19. Social Networking Sites
  20. 20. Wikis • Collaborative editing tools • Wikipedia the most famous • 2.9 million articles in English • Definitive stories quickly on − 35W Bridge Collapse − Virginia Tech shooting
  21. 21. YouTube • World’s second largest search engine • Google bought for $1.65 Billion • “The world has voted, and we want to watch videos on YouTube.” - Andy Sernovitz,
  22. 22. #7: Hand-wringing about merits and dangers of social media is as productive as debating gravity.
  23. 23. What else do patients know about you?  Copyright 2009, Health Grades, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  24. 24. #9: Mass media will remain powerful levers that move -- and are moved by -- social media buzz.
  25. 25. #10: Social media strategies can’t compensate for an inferior offering or bad service
  26. 26. United Breaks Guitars Breaks United
  27. 27. #15: You can hear a lot just by listening
  28. 28. A Story from Twitter
  29. 29. Ensuing Conversation
  30. 30. #17: Social media are free in any ordinary sense of the word (or at least ridiculously inexpensive)
  31. 31. Total Cost for Mayo Clinic Facebook, YouTube and Twitter $0.00
  32. 32. In England, based on current exhange rates: £0,00
  33. 33. In the European Union: €0,00
  34. 34. Cost for a Standard Definition Flip Video Camera $149.99 HD available for an additional $50
  35. 35.
  36. 36.
  37. 37.
  38. 38. Yearly Cost for a Customized Blog $75.00
  39. 39. Cost for Your Global TV Station and Publishing Platform $300.00
  40. 40. #18: As I approaches zero, ROI approaches infinity
  41. 41. #19: MacGyver is the model for social media success
  42. 42. The MacGyver Mindset
  43. 43. Mayo Clinic Medical Edge News Media Syndications
  44. 44. First Foray in New Media • Existing Medical Edge radio mp3s • Launched Sept. ‘05; Downloads up 8,217 percent Oct. vs. Aug.
  45. 45. Step 2: More, Longer Podcasts
  46. 46. #20: Social media enable authentic communication if you don’t purposefully complicate things
  47. 47. Key Tool: Flip Video Camera* • Affordable • Recording interviews (with tripod) improves existing processes • Authenticity without writer’s cramp • Provides potential blog resources − Audio of full interview − Video excerpts • Limited group of video editors to ease adoption, ensure quality
  48. 48. Case Study: Simple Storytelling • 8:45 a.m. Colleague mentions article coming off embargo at 3 p.m. • Interviewed M.D. via Flip at 10:20 • Edited video, had password-protected post on blog by 11:55 for pitching • Uploaded files to YouTube channel • WSJ Health Blog used video
  49. 49. #24: Compelling content is much more valuable than advertising time or space
  50. 50. The Octogenarian Idol Story • Alerted to interesting video of elderly couple playing piano in Gonda atrium • Video shot by another patient and uploaded to YouTube by her daughter • Video had been seen 1,005 times in six preceding months since upload • Embedded in Sharing Mayo Clinic, posted to Facebook, Tweeted on 4/7/09
  51. 51. The next day...
  52. 52. Six days later...
  53. 53. April 22
  54. 54. Sunday, May 3
  55. 55. May 4
  56. 56. Cinco de Mayo
  57. 57. May 10
  58. 58. May 11
  59. 59. May 12
  60. 60. May 15
  61. 61. Early Morning May 26
  62. 62. May 26, 2009: Live in Studio Good Morning America
  63. 63. Results to Date • More than 4.8 million views on YouTube • >1.4 million views on Sharing Mayo Clinic • From 200 views/month to 5,000 views/hour • Validation of Thesis #26
  64. 64. #26: Your mileage may vary, but you’ll go a lot further if you get a car.
  65. 65. #25: If you’re remarkable enough, your customers will create content for you
  66. 66. Jillayn Hey’s “Remarkable” Story “One statement has stuck out above all of the medical jargon written by the surgeons and various nurses who cared for me, and that is this: ‘patient's stay was unremarkable.’ Well, although things went fairly smoothly after a difficult surgery, I would like to say that there was nothing unremarkable about my experience with Mayo.”
  67. 67. Therapeutic Storytelling... “I recently read an (Utne Reader) article ... (which said) that through telling our personal stories of illness and disease, we assist in creating a new story of wellness that facilitates healing and in turn directs a person towards recovery. This is just one aspect that Sharing Mayo Clinic provides. It is not only an opportunity for many patients and perhaps future patients to tell their unique stories to work their way towards health but it also provides a voice for its employees to share parts of their daily work which I know must include joy and sorrow as some of us become well and some of us unfortunately do not. In my opinion, this is just another area that Mayo is ahead of the curve in caring for its patients and obviously their employees as well.”
  68. 68. Answers to Objections • “But what about the cost in staff time to maintain all of these social media platforms? They’re not really that cheap!” − AT&T free phone service in 1969 − Pitney Bowes free fax machines and supplies in 1989 − YouTube, Facebook and Twitter free in 2009
  69. 69. Thesis #27: A Step Beyond 7 Habits
  70. 70. “8th Habit” Opportunity I can go to any group, and I do it all the time, all over the world, and I ask a simple question: “How many honestly believe that the vast majority of the workforce in your organizations possess more talent, more intelligence, more capability, more creativity, more resourcefulness than their present jobs require or even allow them to use?” Literally, almost everyone raises their hands…. Think of the loss of what we could call “voice,” of people’s intelligence, capability, creativity. And yet I can ask the next question: … “How many feel pressured to produce more for less?” and you know what, the same amount of hands go up. Now just put those two questions together: Here there’s this enormous capability and talent and intelligence, and also this great pressure to produce more for less, and they’re not able to even use it. -- Stephen Covey
  71. 71. Stephen Covey’s “8th Habit” Going beyond effectiveness to greatness “Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs”
  72. 72. If getting involved in social media doesn’t excite you...
  73. 73. #28: Paying for advertising while not taking advantage of FREE social media tools isn’t particularly astute
  74. 74. A Story from Facebook...
  75. 75. Tamiko says... “I’ve had lots of people ask me about the YouTube video and I’ve told at least 30 people they should go to Mayo. ”
  76. 76. “Kids will take a chance. If they don’t know, they’ll have a go.” -- Sir Ken Robinson, TED 2006
  77. 77. #29: Your kids aren’t smarter than you are. They’re just not afraid to look dumb.
  78. 78. #31: Unforeseen implications of social media are more likely positive than negative
  79. 79. #33: Social media will decrease diffusion time for research and innovations
  80. 80. Thesis 9 and 33 Combined!
  81. 81. #34: Challenges of introducing social media in healthcare are not unique
  82. 82. #35: Social technologies will transform healthcare
  83. 83. Businesses Already Revolutionized • Music - iTunes vs. Tower Records • Classified Advertising - eBay, Craigslist • Bookstores • Movie rentals - Local, Blockbuster, Netflix • All mass media • Video cameras • See The Innovator’s Dilemma; TI Solution and TI Prescription - Clayton Christensen
  84. 84. How can we accelerate the pace? • Free/low-cost practical experiments − On-line chats about research findings instead of just surgical tweets − Journalist-level access to embargoed research findings for bloggers − Virtual support groups w/medical pros − More collaboration within and among organizations via Yammer, Twitter, etc. − Share case studies within industry
  85. 85. If you have an iPhone, Let’s Bump!
  86. 86. If not, contact me by... • Googling Lee Aase or SMUG U • @LeeAase on Twitter • • Continue conversation at #hcli, or via SMUG comments