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Soroptimists Celebrating Success Awards

Awards given away for Membership, Programs, Fundraising, and Public Awareness for South Central Region 2020

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Soroptimists Celebrating Success Awards

  1. 1. South Central Region 2019-2020 Lynette Benge, SCS Chair
  2. 2.  As Soroptimists, celebration is an important part of our culture. We celebrate when we gain new members and have successful fundraisers. We celebrate our global diversity and the friendships we make that last a lifetime. Most importantly, we celebrate when one of our Live Your Dream Award recipients completes her education and when girls who’ve attended Dream It, Be It are newly inspired by possibility.  Our organization’s rich history and bright future lends to celebration.
  3. 3.  The Soroptimists Celebrating Success Awards are our way of honoring the extraordinary work of local club projects that improve the lives of women and girls or that promote Soroptimist as an organization that improves the lives of women and girls. This award celebrates the best practices of Soroptimist clubs in the four pillar areas supporting the SIA strategic plan: fundraising, membership, program and public awareness.
  4. 4.  For 2019-2020, clubs in our region submitted a total of 35 entries in the following categories: 13 entries for fundraising, 3 for membership, 13 for program and 6 for public awareness.  Eighteen clubs submitted at least one entry.
  5. 5.  The Fundraising category recognizes fundraising projects that are successful, creative, involve the local community and promote a positive image of Soroptimist. The 2019-2020 Soroptimists Celebrating Success Awards region finalist in the fundraising category goes to: SI Greater St Louis, Mo for their project Blacklight Bingo
  6. 6.  The next category, Membership, recognizes projects that enhance the club membership experience thus leading to increased member participation and satisfaction. The 2019- 2020 Soroptimists Celebrating Success Awards region finalist in the membership category goes to: SI Amarillo, TX for their project Membership Drive Blueprint
  7. 7.  The Program category recognizes club projects that improve the lives of women or girls by addressing issues that affect their economic, social or political standing, and focuses special attention on projects related to our signature Dream Programs: the Live Your Dream Awards and Dream It, Be It. The 2019-2020 Soroptimists Celebrating Success Awards region finalist in the program category goes to: SI Hutchinson, KS for their project Women’s Show & Free Family Health Care
  8. 8.  The last category, Public Awareness, recognizes projects that have successfully raised awareness for the club and its project thus leading to an increased public profile of Soroptimist and our mission. The 2019-2020 Soroptimists Celebrating Success Awards region finalist in the public awareness category goes to: SI Liberty, MO for their project Ladies Lunch Out & Spring Style Show
  9. 9.  Congratulations to all the recipients. These region finalists are automatically advanced to the federation-level judging. The Soroptimist Board of Directors review the region finalists from all 29 regions and select the top entry in each of the four categories.
  10. 10.  Our sincere thanks to all clubs that submitted a Soroptimists Celebrating Success award entry. If your club did not submit an entry this year, I encourage you to do so by July 1, 2020 for the 2020-2021 Soroptimists Celebrating Success Awards. Participation in the program is an excellent way to share the successes of your project with your fellow Soroptimists throughout the federation. Working together, the clubs, the regions and the federation can celebrate the outstanding work clubs are doing to increase our collective impact and shape the Soroptimist Future.