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  • EC display at the Fairmont– significant piece of real estate during visit – touch on some of the numbers – #’s are on the rise
  • is a great way to create a
  • Chicago AMA Non-Profit SIG - Word Sport Chicago

    2. 2. WORLD SPORT CHICAGO World Sport Chicago (WSC) is an independent 501c(3) non-profit organization that teaches positive values and leadership through sport. The organization acts on the belief that sport has the power to strengthen individuals, and in turn, Chicago’s communities. World Sport Chicago promotes programs and events as well as collaborates with several community partners, public agencies and Chicago’s professional sports teams to deliver impact and change. WHO WE ARE HISTORY World Sport Chicago has a unique history as the living legacy of Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The organization has evolved substantially since the bid. However, the collaborative spirit that drove those efforts remains central to the work of World Sport Chicago. The mission of World Sport Chicago is to promote the development of sustainable sports programming that improves the quality of life for under-served youth in Chicago and at-risk communities. World Sport Chicago does this by: Teaching life-enhancing values and character development through sport Leveraging on-going sport programs and events to engage families and strengthen communities Directing resources and technical expertise to communities of need for high-quality and sustainable programming Sharing practices and innovations to develop thought leadership on the positive impact of sport Advocating sport-for-all, regardless of physical and visual abilities MISSION WSC is a leader, catalyst and collaborator in social development through sport.
    4. 4. DIFFERENT STORIES WITH COMMON NEED WSC is the living legacy of Chicago 2016 • To host the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games • To contribute to Olympic Movement irrespective of whether Chicago hosts the Games • To make a lasting contribution to the both the City of Chicago and the youth of this great city • To promote the development of sustainable sports programming that improves the quality of life for under-served communities • To help build access to sport • To research and share best practices • Bid Operations/Staff Augmentation • Event Resources • Community Awareness & Marketing • Community Support & Service • Competitive Advantage • Event Resources • Mentors • Community Support • Number of Registered Volunteers: 25,000+ • Volunteer Management Staff: 2 full-time staff • Location of Volunteers: International • Number of Events Per Year: 150+ • Number of Volunteer Hours Served Per Week: 500+ • Number of Registered Volunteers: 3,000+ • Volunteer Management Staff: 0 full-time staff • Location of Volunteers: Regional • Number of Events Per Year: 15+ • Number of Volunteer Hours Served Per Week: not measured GOALS THE NUMBERS ROLE OF THE VOLUNTEER PROGRAM
    5. 5. VOLUNTEERS THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE According to Jill Friedman Fixler of the JFFixler Group, volunteer engagement is “a strategy that builds organizational capacity through staff and volunteer collaboration and the development of high-impact, meaningful opportunities that create greater influence and outcome for the organization.” CREATING & MARKETING MEANINGFUL VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES TRAINING & SUPPORT RECOGNITION & CONNECTION TO THE CAUSE Volunteers are a vital part of any non-profit organization. Come from an Investment in Volunteer Management
    6. 6. MEANINGFUL VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES CREATING MEANINGFUL VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES • When creating a role think about the impact the role has on the organization and share that with volunteers • Volunteers are donating their time and talents – don’t take that for granted • Think about the feeling the volunteer will have at the end of the shift when you create the shift • Try to provide opportunities at various times and locations over the course of the year • Gather feedback from volunteers on the experience for future reference Ask yourself - would you want to do what you are asking your volunteers to do? MARKETING MEANINGFUL VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES • Make sure your volunteers know where to find information about opportunities and how to sign up • Consistency helps support registration and attendance • Use more than one method of communication • To manage expectations and help people find the roles that are right for them, the opportunity posting should provide a description of the event or program they are supporting as well as details about what they will be doing • Inform volunteers about the opportunity with enough time to plan
    7. 7. TRAINING AND SUPPORT TRAINING VOLUNTEERS • Educating volunteers about the organization • Shift briefing emails that prepare the volunteer for their role and give them information on the event • On-site training so volunteers feel confident with their role and knowledgeable about the event/program • Someone to turn to with questions or concerns How prepared volunteers feel not only impacts their performance, but their impression of the experience and the organization TRAINING STAFF & CAPTAINS • Working with volunteers does not come naturally to everyone • Every interaction counts • Tools can be used to help staff excel with volunteers • Staff and captains need to be comfortable enough in their role to support volunteers • The person managing the event/program is not always the best person to manage the volunteers • Utilize volunteers to provide greater support and leadership
    8. 8. RECOGNITION & CONNECTION TO THE CAUSE RECOGNITION • Even if they are not looking for it – recognition counts • Timely recognition shows volunteers that they are a priority to the organization • Empower volunteers and staff to be part of the recognition • Recognition does not have to be expensive • Building community is an important part of recognition and retention A major motivation for volunteering is the cause CONNECTION TO THE CAUSE • It is not always clear how what a volunteer is doing impacts the mission. • The sharing of success stories helps keep volunteers connected and excited about the organization • Personal testimonies and the words of others goes a long way • Volunteers are ambassadors for the cause – when they feel knowledgeable and inspired by the cause they are more driven to engage and share