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DPS analysis


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DPS analysis

  1. 1. Double Page spread analysis
  2. 2. The artist on the double page spread is called Lana Del Rey. She is a baroque pop artist which is a music subgenre of pop and rock. I think the target audience would be of a younger generation since she is very young herself . She is quite a new artist therefore they could be promoting her so more people will be interested in her music. She seems very fashionable and her clothes are quite vintage, giving us an idea that she may have been inspired by older generations of music which have helped influence her own music. They have used a pull quote next to her picture. A pull quote is something taken from the article that the person has said, this is something they feel expresses what is being discussed in the article and something that portrays her character therefore they used this to make people want to read more about her as the pull quote may be intriguing. The artist and target audience
  3. 3. They have used a play on words by taking her name and applying that to the title of the article “Rey of Sunshine” – Lana Del Rey. They have also included under the title a small insight to the article, whose in it and what they are talking about and the credits . They have used a drop cap at the beginning of the article, indicating the start of the article and the conversation. They have highlighted the writing so its more bold and stands out more than normal. They have used quite informal language and the interview makes her come across very down to earth and normal. “if I’d have known half a million people were going to watch that video I would’ve got my hair and make-up done properly”. Language
  4. 4. The colours in the double page spread are quite natural and fresh as they use a lot of green and browns. Particularly in the photo shoot as its set outside in a park showing her around nature, which may connote that she is a young and fresh artist and also about what she is discussing in the article since the insight under the title said she is finding “the light at the end of the tunnel”. The idea of layering two images on top of each other is effective as it gives the sense of depth and since she is talking about her “goal to be a good person” in the pull quote we understand the artist herself has depth and how she may express this through her music. Colour
  5. 5. The eye flow of the double spread page is a C shaped eye flow, as our gaze settles on the right hand page first then slowly over to the left which contains the article and then back to the right. I think they put the picture on the right so that it would catch our eye and help us be intrigued more as it’s the first thing we see. Whereas if we saw the article first we would be likely to turn the page. However the picture stands out and interests you enough that you would be inclined to read the article. Eye flow
  6. 6. There are a few different styles of text used. The text used on the front cover and for the pull quote in the article are the same and they are a heavy sans serif font. The title font of the article is quite scriptive and light it is also used throughout the magazine for the titles of most articles and for the drop caps. Style of text and fonts used
  7. 7. The layout of the double page spread is quite unconventional as normally the text would appear on the right hand side and the pictures on the left, but they have switched this around. They have used 3 pictures a smaller one on the left hand side and 2 on the right , one background image that takes up the whole page and then another image layered over it. Therefore they are relying on the pictures to entice the reader into reading more, they included a pull quote under the picture to attract an audience as your eye would be inclined to read it and so you might get drawn in. There are lots of pictures therefore the magazine may use more pictures to help interest people as their magazine does include a lot’s of images therefore they know their readers like to see image content. Layout of double page spread
  8. 8. I think the style of the article matches the front cover well because the images are of good quality that involve quite a lot of strong bold colours and they give a very vintage and alternative feel to the magazine. The images seem very different from other magazines as they seem very related to nature and also fashion. They have used the some of the same fonts in the article and on the front cover. Front cover and article
  9. 10. The artist is a band named Breton. The sound of the band is indie and electro mixed together. They are new artists and it seems they would appeal to young boys similar to their ages as their look seems to represent ‘indie’ boys and that suits with their music style. The colours on the DPS are very bright and the background includes lots of orange and black making it stand out on the page. This could be because they are new artists therefore the magazine is trying to attract readers to the page so that they read about them. The language is set out very neatly as it all comes one after the other, the masthead first, then the credits underneath and finally the insight last instead of layering like on the Lana Del Rey spread.
  10. 11. The layout of the page is very packed since there are lots of pictures which is quite unconventional as normally not that many pictures would be used on one page. However because there are lots of pictures this makes the reader intrigued by the page as its very eye catching. I like how the font has been placed on the right hand side as it gives the page a sense of order when it seems quite busy due to the amount of pictures. Therefore this gives the DPS some structure.
  11. 12. They have not used a pull quote in the speech which is very unconventional as normally pull quotes are a common use of language in articles. They may not have included this because there are many pictures therefore that would entice the reader to read the article anyway. The DPS matches with the cover as it suits the indie look the cover has, however the difference is that the cover is very minimalistic whereas the pictures on the page make it quite packed. The eye flow is quite natural as it settles on the right hand side first and then looks at the pictures then to the article. Therefore the layout with the eye flow follows a conventional theme.