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YVN CV updated


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YVN CV updated

  1. 1. Y. V. Narasimha Rao Mobile:09940250169, Email: OBJECTIVE To work under Exciting, Challenging, Resource Oriented Environment. To become a master in core Field through continuous learning and application. SCHOLASTICS  B.E- Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Andhra University. CAREER CONTOUR National Institute of Ocean Technology, Ministry of Earth Sciences, GoI – Chennai- since Jan’ 2002 –till date Sr. Scientific Assistant (Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation) /Ocean Energy & Desalination Company Profile The National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) is a technical arm of Ministry of Earth sciences, Government of India, Engaged to develop reliable indigenous technology to solve the various engineering problems associated with harvesting of non-living and living resources in the Indian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). NIOT has a mandate to develop and demonstrate technologies for utilizing the ocean resources for security towards energy, food, water, minerals and coastal protection. WORK PROFILE 20 years of Extensive experience in design, Specification preparation, P&ID layout, Testing, installation and commissioning of Electrical and Instrumentation system in renewable Ocean energy and desalination applications. Experienced in onshore and offshore operations and maintenance in addition to the data collection and performance analysis. Projects in which I have experience are listed below. Specialization  Detailed Engineering and planning, Design, Erection, commissioning, of Electrical and Instrumentation systems. Work scheduling, manpower management, Team Leading, execution, procurement of high value systems as per the purchase procedures, Etc  Process, instrumentation design, Instruments Erection, Testing, commissioning, calibration, Data Acquisition and data validation  Slow speed alternator design for ocean current turbine  P&ID design  Design, Fabrication, installation and commissioning of desalination plants  Startup and Shutdown of process plants  Ocean survey, Offshore Deployments, sailings, Ship and Barge Maintenance, Dry Docking activities, operation and maintenance of Wireless equipment's, Port Logistics, Offshore Erection and offshore works  Navigational systems  Acoustics  Testing and deployments of offshore equipments  Preparation of technical specification  Preparation of Technical Comparative statements for Engineering Equipments  Preparation of Detailed Project Reports (DPR)  Project scheduling, Planning and site management  Inventory, asset maintenance, stock audit and maintaining the stores  Guiding and supporting B.E, M. Tech student projects.  Preparation of project reports and annual performance reports  Manpower handling, works execution, preparation of daily project reports, and liaising with the different organizations like ports etc.,
  2. 2. PROJECTS –ENERGY 1. Ocean Themal Energy Conversion(OTEC)  Involved in building up of first ever 1 MW - OTEC based floating power plant from concept to commissioning in the following area  Design of electrical and instrumentation components and its subsystems  Development of SCADA  Erection and commissioning of electrical and instrumentation control systems  Deployment of Cold water intake systems  Power plant stage wise offshore trails  Navigational systems  Acoustic based instrumentation 2. Wave Energy(Fixed and Floating) i. Fixed wave energy  First ever Design and development of Electrical and instrumentation systems  Control scheme development  Grid Interface  Testing of various types Turbines and alternators ii. Floating Wave Energy - Backward Bent Ducted Buoy (BBDB)- Device  Design and development of Instrumentation systems  Development of measurements systems to measure dp, airflow, Platform motion measurements, voltage and current and other parametric studies  Development of wireless instrumentation systems  Analysis and validation iii. Ocean Current Turbine  Design and development of Electrical and Instrumentation systems  Testing in the power plant discharge channel  Development of slow speed alternators PROJECTS –DESALINATION I. Low Temperature Thermal Desalination (LTTD): Projects Involved from concept to commissioning i. 1MLD Barge mounted offshore desalination plant ii. 1 lakh liters per day Desalination plant at Kavarthi (Lakshdweeps) iii. 1 lakh liters per day Desalination plant at Aggatti (Lakshdweeps) iv. 1 lakh liters per day Desalination plant at Minicoy (Lakshdweeps) v. 1 lakh liters per day Barge mounted desalination plant at Tuticorin vi. 5000 liters per day Desalination plant at Visakhapatnam steel plant II. LTTD using Thermal Power Plant Condenser Reject Heat: i. 0.5 MLD Waste Heat Energy Desalination at 600MW Thermal power plant (NCTPS)- Chennai  Engineer In-Charge of the site  Design of electical and instrumentation components and its subsystems  Development of SCADA  Erection and commissioning of electiacal and instrumentation control systems  Controls for warm and cold water intake systems of power plant  Vacuum system load Measurements  dP measurements  Flow and water vapor measurements  Two phase measurements  Experiments on producing boiler quality water  Startup and Shut down of desalination plants Forthcoming Projects:
  3. 3. 1. 6 Islands Desalination projects of Lakshdweeps  Preparation of DPR 2. 2 MLD (Boiler Quality) Condenser reject Heat LTTD Plant at 1050 MW Thermal Power plant (TTPS)- Tuticorin  Preparation of DPR  P&ID design of thermal desalination plant at 1050MW tuticorin thermal power plant. 3. 10 MLD Barge Mounted offshore Desalination Plant  Preparation of DPR  Vetting of L&T VALDEL design  Base electrical design of 10MLD-Dream project of NIOT. III. Solar Multi Effect Distillation: 4. Solar MED Plant at Ramanthapuram, South Tamil Nadu  Design of Electical and instrumentation components and its sub systems  Development of SCADA/PLC  Erection and commissioning of electrical and instrumentation control systems  Controls for sea water intake  Vacuum system load Measurements  Two phase measurements  Flow control to maintain the water level in the MED shell  Maintaining pressure difference across the effects.  Pressure difference in successive effects  Control of inlet steam pressure and flow.  Startup and Shutdown of MED plant Emerald Electricals – Visakhapatnam. Since January '98 to june,2001 Supervisor Company Profile This small scale industry is the manufacturer of various Control panels, Switchgear panels, PCC panels, Switch boards Electrical Contractor, Generator Repair & Service for various marine & industrial needs. S.B.S Marine PVT Ltd – Visakhapatnam- since July’ 1995–Dec-1997 Electrical supervisor . Company Profile S.B.S Marine PVT. Ltd was owned the fishing trawlers and they were the leading exporters of sea foods. The main activities of the company is Fishing, operation of fish hatcheries and fish farms, service activities and incidental to fishing Expertise Electrical  Design and analysis  Equipment sizing and calculation  Power systems study  Cable sizing and voltage drop calculation  Illumination design  Cable tray layout design and laying  Earthing system  Erection and commissioning Control and Instrumentation  Utility Design Basis & Process Description  Development of Logics and IO's  ICS (PCS&SSDS) Architecture  Design and development Process and Flow schemes  Measurements of Flow, Presuure(G&abs), Temperature,dP, Power and parametric studies, etc.,  Design of PID  Data acquisition, analysis and validation  Selection, Calibration, Erection and Testing of process instruments.
  4. 4. SKILLS SET TECHNICAL: 1. Design Electrical  Design of desalination electrical systems  Design and development of various control panels  Design of switch gear panels for Substaion and lab applications.  Designing Switchboards for LV applications  Development of slow speed alternators  PMCC design for Desalination plants and other projects.  Detailed Engineering, Design and preparation of specifications, procurement, inspection, testing of Electrical systems Instrumentation and control  Design of desalination process instrumentation  Design and development of Piping and instrumentation (P&ID) for desalination and other systems .  Constructing a plan for Wireless data logging by LAN  Detailed Engineering, Design and preparation of specifications, procurement, inspection, testing of Instrumentation systems and its components  Data acquisition systems and its subsystems  Design of signal Cable laying as per standards  Implementing 53Km Rf wireless scada to control and monitoring of NCTPS desalination plant.  Implementing 25Km Rf wireless system for real time data acquisition of offshore wind energy platform. 2. Industrial Experience: Electrical  Preparation of Drawings for power distribution system  Erection and commissioning of power cum motor control center panels (PMCC)  Developing and implementation of inter locks for electrical systems  Butfusion welding of HDPE pipes  Operation and Maintenance Onboard Generators, winches, etc.  Operation and maintenance of desalination plants  Project scheduling, Planning, site management and manpower handling  Operation of various capacities of substations  Cable laying, glanding and termination  Planning and erection of LT distribution system in co – ordination with power systems Instrumentation and control  Developing and implementation of interlocks for instrumentation systems  Erection and commissioning of all sorts of process instruments like Transmitters, etc. and Data Acquisition systems.  Process measurement data logging and Validation  Calibration, testing, installation and commissioning of process sensors 3. Maintenance: Electrical  Operation and maintenance of variable frequency drives (VFD’S)  Operation and Maintenance of vacuum systems  Operation and Maintenance of Vertical Turbine Pumps  Operation and Maintenance of Onboard Generators, winches, etc.  Operation and Maintenance of alls ort of electrical systems  Maintenance of VRLA batteries and battery banks  Testing of SCR based constant AC to variable AC converters. Instrumentation and control  Maintenance and calibration of process sensors and data acquisition systems  Operation and maintenance of electronic and instrumentation systems
  5. 5.  Experience in Data logging systems (DAS)  Operation and maintenance of process plants and its associated instrumentation systems OFFSHORE EXPERIENCE  Successfully conducted several off shore trials for turbine test, sea water pump test and other various subsystem qualification of the entire OTEC system off Tuticorin port. This includes ammonia based open loop once through a run system  Successfully conducted offshore desalination plants at off Tuticorin and Chennai ports.  Offshore Deployments and Moorings  Maintenance of electrical, Instrumentation and scientific equipments in research oriented ships  Deployments of single point mooring 1000 meter HDPE pipe for 1MLD & 1lakh liter Barge mounted desalination plants  Deployments of single point mooring 600 meter HDPE pipe for 1lakh liter desalination plants at Lakshadweep islands  ARGO (an array for real time Geo-strophic oceanography) floats deployed in central Indian Ocean and in the Bay of Bengal  All sorts of Offshore Erections and deployments  Dry docks of ships  Operation and maintenance of Navigation and Communication systems like Radio telephony, Imrsat, VHF’s, GPS, etc. of on board ships  Cruising in research oriented scientific works  Deployments of wave energy systems and remote RF data logging  shallow waters Deployment of various capacities of ocean current energy turbines  Configuration, handling and deployment of acoustic releases  Deployments of wave rider buoy ERECTION AND COMMISSIONING  Modificatio, erection and commissioning of major and sub components of first ever 1MW OTEC offshore power plant  Modification, erection and commissioning of first ever 150kW Wave energy project at vizhinjam –Kerala  Erection and commissioning of Electrical and Instrumentation systems of offshore desalination plants  Erection and commissioning of 1 lack capacity of three land based desalination plants at Lakshadweep islands  Erection and commissioning of 1 MLD condenser reject heat desalination plant at 650MW North Chennai Thermal Power Plant - Chennai  Installation of UPS for instrumentation systems. OTHER EXPERIENCE PROCUREMENTS  Preparation of Bill of Materials as per the design  Project costing and budget proposals  Review and Evaluation of technical requirement  Classification of tenders like LT, OT, ST and high sea sales  Follow-up of Tenders  Scrutinizing and finalization of Tenders  Clasification of assets and consumbles  The Finalization of Manpower contract / work contracts / service contract,etc..,  FAT'S STORES MANAGEMENT  Tagging and asset entry  Maintaining the stores and registers of the projects  Monitoring of Annual maintenance contracts  Streamlining of stores and purchases  Stock verification and auditing
  6. 6. PUBLICATIONS 1. Electrical and Instrumentation System of Back Ward Bent Ducted Buoy - Biren Pattanaik1, Narasimha Rao V Y1 ,Leo D1 , Purnima Jalihal1 , Jayashankar V2 International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering Volume 3, Special Issue 3: ICERTSD 2013, Feb 2013, pages 259-263 2. Measurement, Automation and Remote monitoring of Waste Heat Energy Based Low Temperature Thermal Desalination - Y.V Narasimha Rao*, Biren Pattanaik International Conference on Innovative Technologies and Management for Water Security 12-14 February 2014,Chennai, India 3. CHALLENGES AND EXPERIENCES IN DEMONSTRATION OF OFFSHORE THERMOCLINE DRIVEN DESALINATION PLANT - Venkatesan G 1 , Prakash Kumar L.S.S2 , Karthikeyan A3 , Sajeev4 , Rao Y.V.N5 and Purnima Jalihal6 - Febraury 2014 NIO – Goa 4. Development of data acquisition and remote monitoring system for Backward bent ducted buoy - a wave energy device - Biren Pattanaik, Narasimha Rao V Y, Leo D and Purnima Jalihal – workshop of National Instruments Technology day- Bangalore – November-2015 INNOVATION  Cold Sea water based Air Conditioning system is innovated, designed, demonstrated and implemented AWARDS  One of the team members (in two member team) in the best projects of small category for the year 2004 – Cold Sea water based Air Conditioning system from the Petroleum conservation Research Association (PCRA) New Delhi –India  Awarded with Exemplary performance of the Year-2011 by National Institute of Ocean Technology Foundation Day – Chennai –India FOREIGN ASSIGNMENTS  Deputed to ITALY on behalf of Govt. of India for inspection and qualifying the erection of Electrical and Scientific Instruments at on board Oceanographic research vessel- ORV Sagar Nidhi TRAININGS  To get the specialization in HDPE pipe welding(For larger Diameters) training attended at M/s ITS Technodue –ITALY  Elementary first aid  Proficiency in survival techniques  Fire prevention and fire fighting  Personnel safety and social responsibilities COMMUNICATION SKILLS  English  Hindi  Telugu  Tamil  Malayalam SOFTWARE KNOWN  MS Office  Auto CADD- (Electrical)- knowledgeable  Data logging systems, LAB View, Paperless recorders, etc.,
  7. 7. PERSONAL DOSSIER Date of Birth : 14th February 1977. Passport No : F8104372 Gender : Male Technical Qualification : B.E in Electrical and Electronics. D.E.E.E in Electrical and Electronics I.T.I. in Electrician Present Address : Plot#2, Flat#S2, OMRS Flats, Jhansirani street, Tellus avenue, Rajakilapakkam, Chennai – 600 073. Father’s name : Mr.Y.Gavarraju Nationality : Indian Marital status : Married DECLARATION I hereby solemnly declare that the above information and particulars are true and correct to the best of my Knowledge and belief. Yours faithfully, Date: 07.09.2015 Place: Chennai (NARASIMHA RAO Y.V.)