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We Are The best EPC Service Provider for Solar Power Plants in India

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EPC Services Capability Tra International limited

  1. 1. TRA International Engineering, Procurement and Construction - Services for a MW level Solar Power Plant “Now is the time to commit to a truly secure and sustainable energy future – a future built on clean technologies, economic development and the creation of millions of new jobs”
  2. 2. Company Introduction TRA (]) International is a ISO 9001:2008 certified consulting Our Offerings firm focused on the fast growing solar power sector Consulting Services Recognized as the industry's elite team, TRA’s advisory and training services provide cutting-edge solar intelligence and We provide consultancy services at every stage of the project, analysis to some of the most highly regarded companies in starting from site assessment to execution of the EPC / Turnkey India Project Headquartered in New Delhi, TRA has offices across India. Its EPC Services international offices are in the US, UAE and Ukraine. We provide end to end EPC and Turnkey Solutions for Solar PV International partnerships: HDI (Canada), Morgan and Thermal, Steam Generation, Procurement advisory and Construction Company (USA), AMD Inc (USA), Sahara due-diligence, Engineering design and complete Financial Computers (South Africa), Iris Corp (Malaysia) Analysis including TCO Training and Education Newton, MA Workshops: To assist with basic concept building for solar Orlando, FL Ukraine energy and the financial implications of a solar installation. UAE New Delhi Certification Programs: We have designed courses for Gurgaon professionals and amateurs (in the solar energy sector) so that Kolkata they can further master the art. Jaipur Ahmedabad Products We have access to leading industry manufacturing equipment, practices, benchmark tests and databases of plant equipment Our Global Offices which helps us to constantly provide efficient and innovative products to our customers.
  3. 3. Building blocks of our EPC Approach: Project Assessing feasibility is an integral part of setting up of a Solar Plant for Grid/ Non Grid connected power generation. The feasibility analysis covers the following analysis and assessments: Feasibility Solar Radiation Resource | Land/ Site | Commercial Assessment | Solar Technology – PV / Thermal Analysis Technical and Infrastructure | Regulatory / Legal | Institutional & Safety | Simulation and Performance Power Plant Power Plant Design: Forms the critical acceleration point in developing a Solar Power Generation Park. The design covers System description, BOM, System Diagram, Various Interconnections and Layout Design & BOM : An indicative BOM consists a detailed set of requirements for various services like Civil work, Modules, BOS- PSU, BOM Cables, Power Evacuation, Interconnection, Security, DG back-up etc Balance of System: Requires individual vendor selection process for equipments like Solar Modules, Mounting System, Inverters & transformers, Power stations, Metering Systems, Electrical cables, Junction Boxes, Control and Monitoring BOS Selection Systems and relevant Systems drawings and data Engineering, Procurement and Construction: Overall Project Execution including but not limited to Project Design -> Verify Permits -> Planned and unplanned Procurement -> Engineering services -> Construction Services -> Performance testing -> EPC Commissioning -> Final acceptance -> Plant Handover. Final Deliverable: Handover a functional solar power generating plant as per the contractual agreements O&M services include the provision of all the personnel and management systems necessary to safely commission, manage, Operation operate, maintain, and administer the business and technical aspects of the facility The key objective is to keep our and customer's investments productive, by continuously optimizing their operations with an aim to enhance availability, output, Maintenance efficiency and plant life The program for preventive maintenance and periodic repair ensures that the plant remains in peak condition. Financial analysis: Preparation of prognosticated cash inflows and outflows, cash flow analysis, techno-economical analysis Financial of the EPC, Commercial Risk and Mitigation matrix. Analysis & Handover
  4. 4. Engineering, Procurement and Construction Services Our expert team has the capability to deliver services at ever phase of a project, from the early stage to develop, engineer, design, procure Core Services through to the Project management • Feasibility Studies during the construction and • Equipments commission phase of the Solar EPC / • Codes and Standards Turn-Key service • Project Design • Interconnections • Permits – Legal / Regulatory Expert support in the following Strategic Advice and support in • Procurement areas: the following areas • Site Layout and Design • Procurement strategies • Engineering Services • Electrical •Advise on regulation, tariff, • Instrumentation labor and business rules • Construction Services • Architectural, Civil and Structural • Construction Management and Control • Commissioning Services • Compliance to HASP • Quality Management • Inspection and O&M • Performance Testing • Final Completion and Handover
  5. 5. What can go wrong? Independent of EPC Contractor Dependent on EPC Contractor •Technical Failure of Plant •Delay in Solar Plant completion • Revenue Contract Default • Capital cost over-run • Increased price of raw material • Operational cost – Inadequate Budgeting • Commodity Price Risk •Technology Obsolescence of Plant • Design failure of Plant • Inadequate Feasibility Analysis (Pre- EPC) • Inadequate Vendor Analysis for BOS • Inadequate Site Assessment and Generation Estimates • Financial failure of contractor / vendor RISKS • Inexperienced EPC contractor • Delay for Permits and Approvals • Ineffective Procurement Strategy • Inadequate Project Management – Timelines, Vendors, Resources • Inadequate Interconnections in Solar Array • Inadequate compliance to standards • Inadequate resourcing for Operations and Maintenance
  6. 6. Importance of a reliable and experienced EPC partner Any EPC project is liable to face the Risks outlined in the last section due to an inexperienced EPC partner. An experienced and reliable EPC partner plans for Risk Mitigation before the start of the project based on his on-ground experience in similar projects. Primary Risks • Cost overrun: escalations v/s fixed project cost. • Suppliers: integration hurdles. • Construction: resource mobilization, sub-contractor An Experienced EPC Contractor experience, productivity. brings the mitigating factors: • Project management: detailed planning to tertiary levels, leading to unforeseen risks. Compliance to Best Practices • Quality: poor site fabrication, selection of low cost yet Pre-EPC Feasibility Analysis Mitigation Strategy inexperienced vendors. Analysis Validation by Simulation • Procurement management: the risk of one time buy Price Competitiveness v/s experienced buying of equipment. Technologically sound • Engineering: risks of re-work, miss-outs, and Reliability with past experience inadequate man-hours. • Scheduling: tracking the project at sub levels, monitoring vendors. • Performance: overall plant output v/s individual equipment performance, emissions, reliability, plant availability.
  7. 7. Our Strengths – On the Ground Client Delivery and Partnerships Recent EPC Projects ( Europe) Strong working relationships with large public sector corporations and policy makers (govt.) Solar power station Domaželice, Přerovsko Status: completed Partnership with NWT Computers and Solar Bolt (Europe) for Building time: September - December 2009 EPC Investor: private Panels: 4.896x Evergreen Solar ES-A- 200/205/210 Wp Executed Turn-key projects in Steam Generation, Solar Thermal Inverters: 93x SMA Sunny Mini Central and PV in India and Overseas 9000-TL/10000-TL Output: 1000 kWp Editorial control on leading Solar Energy trade magazines in Hulín and Záhlinice at Kroměřížsko the country Status: under construction (output: 1136 kWp) Building time: March - August 2010 Client Relationships Investor: private Panels: 5.508x Evergreen Solar ES-A- 205/210 Wp Public Sector Enterprises (PSUs) inverters: 108x SMA Sunny Mini Central 9000-TLRP/10000-TLRP Gas Authority of India Ltd (GAIL) Oil India Limited (OIL) Solar power station Suchohrdly, Gujarat State Financial Corporation (GSFC) Znojemsko Status: built Security Printing & Minting Corporation (SPMCIL) Building time: October 2009 - July 2010 Investor: private Panels: 9.540x Solar World Sun module Government SW-230 Wp poly Indian Railways Inverters: 210x SMA Sunny Mini Central 9000-TL/10000-TL State Government of Gujarat Output: 2194 kWp Indian Forest Department Railway Board, New Delhi Solar power station Moutnice by Brno Status : built Gujarat Environment Management Institute, Realization time : March - July 2010 Investor : private Gandhinagar, Panels : 10.506x Evergreen Solar ES-A- Indian Railways College, Vadodara, 205/210 Wp Inverters : 160x PowerOne PVI-12,5- Bank Note Press, Dewas (Ministry of Finance) OUTD Output : 2162 kWp
  8. 8. Solar Energy Consulting Services Our expert team has the capability to deliver services at Core Services ever phase of a project, from the early stage of site selection, feasibility and design, through to • Pre Feasibility Studies the project management during • Site Assessment • Detailed Feasibility Studies the construction phase and its • Resource Assessment operation and maintenance. • Feasibility Studies • Project Simulation • Detailed Project Reports Strategic Advice and support in Expert support in the following areas: • Due Diligence and Advisory Services the following areas • Electrical • Procurement strategies • Mechanical • Auditing Services • Market Studies • Site Development •Technology Assessment • Instrumentation • Engineering Services • Supply chain analysis • Architectural, Civil and Structural • Advise on regulation, tariff, • Procurement labor and business rules • Renovation and Modernization • Financial Viability Analysis
  9. 9. Our Strengths – On the Ground Client Delivery and Partnerships Recent Consulting Projects Pre-Feasibility and Techno Commercial Co-advisory Pre-Feasibility Study, DPR and EPC of 1MW Grid Connected with PwC for KPL Solar Power Plant in Haryana for Rameshwar Solar Systems Pre-Feasibility Study, DPR and EPC of 50MW Grid Pvt Ltd Connected Solar Power Plant in Rajasthan for DSC Ltd Pre-feasibility Study and DPR for a 1MW Grid Connected Pre-feasibility Study and DPR for a 2 x 5MW Grid Solar Power Plant in Haryana for RR Systems Pvt Ltd Connected Solar Power Plant in Ladakh for Econvest Pre-Feasibility Study, DPR and EPC of 1MW Grid Connected Ltd Solar Power Plant in Maharashtra for Rendezvous Power Ltd Pre-feasibility Study and DPR for a 5MW under NVVN Pre-Feasibility Study and EOI submission of 2MW Grid Grid Connected Solar Power Plant in Rajasthan for Connected Solar Power Plant in Maharashtra for Rohan Sovox Renewables Ltd (in process) Builders India Pvt Ltd Pre-feasibility Study, DPR and EPC for a 2MW Grid Pre feasibility study of Rural Electrification in the Laddakh Connected Solar Power Plant in Ladakh for Sovox region of J&K state (Client: An international funding agency) Renewables Ltd Pre-Feasibility Study, DPR and EPC of Solar Steam Cooking Pre-feasibility Study DPR and EPC for a 1MW Grid System at Shanti Kunj Ashram, Haridwar through UREDA for Connected Solar Power Plant in Punjab for Sovox 1000 people per day Renewables Ltd Pre-Feasibility Study, DPR for a 10KW Solar Power Plant at Pre-feasibility Study DPR and EPC for a 1MW Grid Aurobindo Ashram, Orissa Connected Solar Power Plant in Rajasthan for Sovox Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of Solar Street Renewables Ltd Lights at Orcha Railway Station for North Central Railways Pre-feasibility Study and DPR for a 1MW Grid Pre-Feasibility Study, and EPC Installation of Solar Water Connected Solar Power Plant in Maharashtra for Pump at several locations in Gir Forest Range, Gujarat Sovox Renewables Ltd Solution of Solar PV & Thermal at Shanti Devi Dharamshala, Pre-Feasibility Study, DPR and EPC of 1MW Grid Khatu Shyam, Rajasthan Connected Solar Power Plant in Haryana for Chandraleela Power Energy Ltd
  10. 10. Solutions Led Solar Products We work with leading solar hardware Experience across applications: manufacturers globally to design and implement customized solutions in India Commercial Systems May be either off –grid Utility-scale plants Residential systems or connected to grid Building Integrated Modules Solar Generators: Off grid and hybrid solutions using high reliability SPV panels Rural Electrifications Solar lighting systems: Solar street lights and home light systems. Both stand alone and grid connected options Expertise across technologies: Solar Air conditioners: Commercial grade Solar Power absorption cooling systems. Single use systems based on hybrid technology Solar signage: Low wattage efficient Thermal PV independent power signage system Low Temp. Medium Temp. Up to 400 Material Production Process High Temp. Solar process heating: Heat concentrator <100 o C o C Line Focusing >400 o C Parabolic Collectors Single Crystal Silicon systems for use in heating water, oil etc. Use in industrial processes Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Flat Plate Solar Chimney Solar Pond Amorphous Silicon Solar cooking systems Collectors CdTe/ GAAs Parabolic Dish Central Tower Wafer Thin Film
  11. 11. Training and Education Solar energy being a new focus area, the level of awareness and knowledge about the same is limited. We conduct workshops which are conducted by solar energy professionals so as to make the decision making team of organizations aware of the advantages of going solar. The following topics are generally covered in such workshops: • Solar resource mapping • Govt. schemes and initiatives Workshops • Making load calculations • Intelligent budgeting • Solar Photovoltaic fundamentals • Case Studies and real examples • Solar thermal fundamentals • Product Showcase • Tools for solar techno-economic decision making In order to generate more and more knowledgeable experts and so as to establish a standard in the industry, we have designed two certification courses for professionals and amateurs according to the level of awareness and knowledge about the solar energy sector. Certification Program for Professionals: This program has been specially designed for professionals (electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, architects) who are well aware about the nuances of solar Certification energy, but haven’t yet mastered it. It lasts for seven days, and combines instructor lead training on solar Programs PV and thermal energy and offers both theoretical and practical exposure. Certification Program for Amateurs: This course is optimized for General & Electrical Contractors, Architects, Engineers, and Business Professionals / Consultants who are new to the solar industry. In 6 days of hands-on training, it covers the fundamentals of PV theory and applications, system design & estimation, and hands-on installation of typical residential & commercial rooftop systems.
  12. 12. Team Mr. Som Chaturvedi was with the Indian Government Service (IAS) from 1964 to 1997. During this time he has held several key positions in the Indian Government. He has been involved in the executive and policy making activity of the Central government in various ministries like telecommunications, auto and machine building, power, railways, mines and minerals etc. He has also served as Officer on Special Duty to the Central Ministers, some of them being the Chairman Ministers of Industry, Commerce, Finance, External Affairs and was associated in senior position with Mr. SD Chaturvedi ministry of Telecommunication when privatization of the Telecom happened during 1994-1996. A serial entrepreneur, Pankaj has rich and varied experience in education, advising governments, supply-chain management, steel industry and the renewable energy sector. He studied Bachelors and Masters course work in Economics from RIT, Rochester, NY and SUNY, Binghamton, NY. He has worked in the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation as a Consultant and as Advisor to the Minister for Science & Technology and Power, Government of India. Presently, he is also advisor to several companies in varied sectors like supply-chain management, steel industry and the renewable energy sector. CEO Mr. Pankaj Som Chaturvedi
  13. 13. TRA (]) International Limited: Offices ] Corporate Head-Office Regional Office M4, NBCC Place (Behind CGO Complex) Goba Complex, Changspa Bridge Pragati Vihar, Leh-Ladakh – 194101, INDIA New Delhi 110 003 Telefax:+91 1982 253588 India. Ph:+91 94191 77708 Ph: +91 98100 82399 Contact Person: Contact Person: Mr Pankaj Som Chaturvedi (C.E.O) Regional Office International Office 1A Burman Street, 15C Baldwin St Kolkata - 700 007, Newton, MA 02458 West Bengal, INDIA USA Ph: +91 94330 97699 Ph: +1 (508) 620 8813 Contact Person: Contact Person: email: pankaj@trainternational.com | www.trainternational.com