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Portrait interactive optimizer deck

  1. 1. Understand, Visualize and Predict Customer Behavior The CRM “Customer-centricity Chasm” Customer Interaction Hub Illustrated Demo Customer Case Study Snap Shot Market Leading Analyst Recognition INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  2. 2. Customer Analytics Maturity Model • Commence at any stage Real-time Decisioning • Benefit from a clear • Inbound contextual RTD ACTION roadmap to success • Adaptive learning Real-time Scoring • Eliminate customer lists, mass-scoring • Up to the second outbound selection accuracy Optimize Contacts • Analytically match customers with right offer, at right time, via right channel, balanced against business constraints Predict Uplift • Predict persuadability; eliminate sure things, lost causes, sleeping dogs INSIGHT • Reduce spend 40% while improving outcome 30-300% Understand & Predict Behavior • Predict and define ideal target customer segments • 3D visual customer data mining & automated modeling Explore Customers • Uncover areas of interest and opportunities to act • Ad hoc, thin-client customer data exploration for the business user (Underpinned by customer data access, generic BI & reporting tools) INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  3. 3. The CRM “Customer-centricity Chasm” DATA INCREMENTAL CRM CRM TOUCH POINTS Right message, right time Customer Profile Dialogue across touch points Optimize engagement “Line of sight” Transaction Infuse customer-specific insight into touch points Channel Lines of Business Understand past behavior Predict future needs “Hindsight” “Hindsight” “Foresight” “Foresight” What | Why | Next | Change Customer Preference INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  4. 4. Optimized Customized Customer Interactions Customer We sent you Customer completes an email Documents survey generated yesterday – and mailed do you have any Thank you for questions? updating your preferences! Offer acceptance feedback Ideal promo: survey Unlimited Please Text update Last day of Value your Unlimited reinforcement preferences Text - you saved $X promo this month Your Business The Results • Improved customer experience • Increased customer satisfaction and advocacy • Increased customer value, wallet share • Improved customer retention • Single source for customer preferences INSIGHT ACTIONHome 4
  5. 5. The CRM “Customer-centricity Chasm” Expectation Reality • We understand them • Product-centric campaigns • We value their business • Operationally focused • We deliver on our promises • Information & channel silos • We remember them • Independent business units • We strive for relevancy • Customer ad fatigue • We are connected • Limited capacity for engagement “What customers expect from us” “What we actually have” INSIGHT ACTIONHome © 2011 Portrait Software - A Pitney Bowes Business Insight Company
  7. 7. Optimizing Customer Interactions Mobile Web Kiosk / Email INTERACTIVE PROACTIVE ATM Mail IVR Contact Center “Outbound” “Inbound” Channels Channels INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  8. 8. The Portrait Suite Fulfill. Recommend. Orchestrate. Optimize. Predict. Understand. Explore. INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  9. 9. What’s it Worth? Financial Services Telecommunications Products held per 36% increase in churn reduction customer up by 50% Customer retention up >20% 20% reduction in churn Immediate increase in customer retention Incremental revenue up 327% Reduced marketing costs >DK100,000 PA Reduced marketing costs by >10% Churn decreased by 37.5% ROI from a single campaign Emerging Markets Increased revenue by $1.2M per month Insurance Customer retention up 300% Incremental revenue of £48M “Immediate increase in renewals” Profitability rose 10% Uplift doubles customer retention Revenue per customer 314% higher INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  10. 10. Home Information Quality Data Quality Tools Data Integration Tools INSIGHT DATA Predictive Analytics & Data ACTION Mining Customer Data Mining 5 Magic Gartner The ONLY Quadrants INSIGHT vendor on all DQ DI Cross-channel Comms Mgmt Multi-channel Comms Mgmt MCCM CCCM CDM STRATEGY Document Output Customer Service Contact Ctrs The ONLY vendor on all 4 Waves PBBI – Customer Communications Management IQ CCCM DOCCM PA/DM COMMUNICATION
  11. 11. Forrester’s View of Inbound & Outbound CM Dialogue Customer Analytics Foundation Interaction Analytic Fulfillment Insight Interaction Optimizer INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  12. 12. Overview How it Works The Portrait IO Difference Case Studies INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  13. 13. Portrait Interaction Optimizer Convert inbound interactions into revenue & retention opportunity Portrait Interaction Optimizer is a real-time decisioning solution ACTION that provides best-next-action recommendations for each - RECOMMEND customer, wherever and whenever they choose to interact. Benefits • Analytically determines the right message or offer for each customer, at the moment “Inbound marketing • Improvethe Improve of interaction techniques have about 10 customer marketing times the response rate experience • Engage customer dialogue across inbound of non-targeted outbound effectiveness channels campaigns.” • Boost cross-  Web, IVR, Call Center, Branch, Kiosk, ATM • Boostretention sell & • Connect the customer “conversation” across Determining the departmental all customer touch points Best-Next-Action • efficiency Convert cost- • Reach opt-outs and other unreachable Context centres into customers • Improve the profit centers Cross- Analytic customer • Make every agent as good as your best channel Models experience • Leverages up-to-the-second customer data Customer Busines Data s Rules • User interface designed for marketers INSIGHT ACTIONHome December 17, 2012 PBBI Internal use only
  14. 14. Infuse Customer-centricity into Your CRM Touch Points The applications you use today Made intelligent Using your own data INSIGHT ACTIONHome December 17, 2012 PBBI Internal use only
  15. 15. Example: Simple Driven “Real-time” InteractionCUSTOMER Contact No Decline Initiated Thanks & End Check Update Order Email X-sell X-sell #1 #2 StatusYOUR COMPANY Context Unknown Provided Update Pre-prioritized prompts ready RECOMMENDATION: RECOMMENDATION: 1.Sell Product A 2.Sell Product B 1.Sell Product A 1. Sell Product A 3.Sell Product C 2.Sell Product B 2.Sell Product B 3.Sell Product C 3.Sell Product C INSIGHT ACTIONHome December 17, 2012 PBBI Internal use only
  16. 16. Example: Interaction Powered by Portrait CUSTOMER Contact Initiated Accept Accept Check Update Order Email X-sell X-sell #1 #2 Status AccountYOUR COMPANY Context Unknown Provided Updated No pre-prioritized prompts exist “AT THE MOMENT” “AT THE MOMENT” RECOMMENDATION RECOMMENDATION 1.Sell Matching Prod D Over 65 Super Saver Prg 1. Gather additional info -- D.O.B. 2. Product A 2.Sell Product H 3.Free VIP Program 3.10% Next Order Disc. INSIGHT ACTIONHome December 17, 2012 PBBI Internal use only
  17. 17. Fused Inbound/Outbound Marketing Environment INSIGHT ACTIONHome December 17, 2012 PBBI Internal use only
  18. 18. Deep reporting for performance measurement INSIGHT ACTIONHome December 17, 2012 PBBI Internal use only
  19. 19. The Portrait Interaction Optimizer Difference Agility Profitability Continuity Marketer Ease Decision True of Use Sophistication Cross-channel Point & click Uplift Inbound/ Collaborative 10 Types Outbound Unified Fusion Reporting Real-time Optimize Speed of Lifetime Deployment Relationship Value INSIGHT ACTIONHome December 17, 2012 PBBI Internal use only
  20. 20. Customer Case Studies Business Challenge: Increase customer lifetime value and provide ideal customer experience by optimizing every contact with mass-affluent customers Portrait is implemented within Merrill Benefits Lynch Wealth Management CRM  35% increase in revenues ($$ millions weekly) (across 4 call centers used by more  55% improvement in client satisfaction than 700 financial advisors, IVR and  14% improvement in agent productivity web site).  26% increase in customer retention  16 week implementation INSIGHT ACTIONHome December 17, 2012 PBBI Internal use only
  21. 21. Customer Case Studies Business Challenge: Improve customer experience and increase product cross-selling Portrait is implemented across all Benefits inbound touch points. World’s largest  50% increase in average # of products held multi-channel implementation of single  40% positive response rate customer view with intelligent dialogue.  No 1 bank in EMEA for customer satisfaction & Resulted in major CRM industry awards. advocacy (49% vs. 22% avg.) Offer Offer “We have sold tens of 40% 37.5% Accept thousands more products Positive through Portrait.” -- iCRM Director, Nationwide INSIGHT ACTIONHome December 17, 2012 PBBI Internal use only
  22. 22. THE FUTURE OF NORDIC RETAIL BANKING: Business Benefits from CRM Real-time Interactions Can Change the Game Sales from 1:1 Marketing 700,000 600,000 500,000 400,000 300,000 200,000 100,000 0 - 7 00/01 - 6 01/02 - 502/03 - 403/04 Years Years Years Years 04/05 05/06 06/07 - 3 Years - 2 Years - 1 Year 07/08 Today Traditional Direct Marketing Marketing Prompts Direct Optimized Inbound Dialogue Real World Results from an Actual PBBI Customer INSIGHT ACTIONHome December 17, 2012 PBBI Internal use only