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Modern media sales process


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Brand Journalists - A newspapers new sales model

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Modern media sales process

  1. 1. Traditional Media Sales Team Model Identify Target Customers Sell What’s Available Today (SWAT) Ask For Feedback (or not) On Campaign Performance •Anecdotal evidenceCalculate Reach and Indexing Custom Amplification•Match audience to Programlarge demographics •Right message, people and frequency Upsell
  2. 2. Modern Media Sales Team Model Traditional Amplification Identify KPIs Social •Right message, Amplification •Collect data right platforms, for right brands •Make it easy for customers content to spread Measure InfoMart consumer Analyze Data behaviour by •Create segments transparent •Retool the Ad Sales journalistic & ad teams to become •Rather than Project Managers content for the target large customer demographics •Tag to measure data Optimize ProgramsIdentify the arenas •To meet KPIs of engagement •Requires flexibility FUTURE? •Print, online, Design Custom from client tablet, Client Programs •Both client and •Help clients smartphone project team with financial motivated by same conversions goal