Marketing Along the Buyers' Journey


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More than 70% of B2B purchase cycles are self-directed, trust-based, social — and invisible to vendors and suppliers. Buyers place more importance on the lifetime experience than the purchase, and they expect to realize value long before they purchase your solution. These days, it’s about the journey, not the ultimate purchase.
So how do you reach these 70% to influence their buying decisions – when they haven’t visited your site yet?

On December 6, 2011, Optify and Search Marketing hosted a free webcast on how to market along the buyer’s journey. The live webcast was led by Erez Barak, VP of Products and co-founder at Optify, and Christine Crandell, President of New Business Strategies, a marketing strategy consulting firm. Following the presentation, the speakers participated in a Q&A session gathered from the webinar attendees.

Watch the webcast to learn:
How to identify the stages of the Buyer’s Journey
How to align marketing and sales to the Buyer’s Journey
Why companies can accelerate their revenue cycle with this approach

The full recording and Q&A are available here -

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Marketing Along the Buyers' Journey

  1. 1. Marke&ng     Along  the  Buyers’  Journey   December  6,  2011  -­‐  1  PM  EST  Speakers:    Chris&ne  Crandell,  New  Business  Strategies  Erez  Barak,  Op&fy  ©2011 Third Door Media, Inc.
  2. 2. Agenda •  How Selling Has Changed •  The "Buyers Journey" Model •  5 Organizing Principles •  The Buyers Journey and your Organization •  Buyer Enablement – The Invisible 70% •  How to market to the invisible 70% •  Q&A©2011 Third Door Media, Inc.
  3. 3. Erez  Barak,     VP  of  Products,  and     Co-­‐Founder  Op&fy     Erez  Barak  is  Vice  President  of  Products  and  Co-­‐ Founder  at  Op&fy.   Frequent  speaker  at  industry  events.     Prior  to  Op&fy,  Erez  was  a  director  of  product   marke&ng  in  HP’s  SoRware  business  unit.   He  was  recently  named  among  the  Top  25   Innovators  by  SeaUle  Business  Magazine.        ©2011 Third Door Media, Inc.
  4. 4. Chris&ne  Crandell,   President,     New  Business  Strategies      B2B  marke&ng  and  strategy  Chris&ne  Crandell    is  a  expert  with  more  than  20  years’  success  in  driving  demand  and  strategy  for  leading  technology  organiza&ons  around  the  world.      Her  approach  to  marke&ng  and  strategy  has  led  to  recogni&on  as  one  of  Silicon  Valley’s  Most  Influen&al  Women  for  2010  by  the  Silicon  Valley/San  Jose  Business  Journal.  ©2011 Third Door Media, Inc.
  5. 5. Some Stats to Consider… 70% of buy cycle is complete before Sales is engaged Forrester 2011 of sales teams achieve quota DemandCon 2011 50% of sales interactions are considered 3% worthwhile by prospects Forrester 2011©2011 Third Door Media, Inc.
  6. 6. What is the Buyers’ Journey? The Buyers’ Journey is a set of organizing principles for aligning company functions and roles to enable, engage and establish enduring relationships with buyers.©2011 Third Door Media, Inc.
  7. 7. Buyers‘  Journey   1.  Buyer  Enablement     2 •  Higher  quality   leads       2.  Purchase   Buyer     Valida?on   Influence   •  Faster  revenue   Circle   cycles   1 3 3.   Buyer  Engagement   •  Earlier  &  wider   adop?on  ©2011 Third Door Media, Inc.
  8. 8. Buyer  Enablement:     Valida&on   •     Problem  Defini&on   Commitment  to  solving   the  problem   Evalua&on   •     Solu&on  Search   Understand  how  Peers   Buyers’   solved  the  problem       Solu&on   Journey   •     Evalua&on   Search   Select  approach,  evaluate   alterna?ves  and  short-­‐list   Problem   •     Valida&on     Defini&on   CONTACT  vendors  and   validate  selec?on  decision    ©2011 Third Door Media, Inc.
  9. 9. Buyer  Engagement:         • Value  Delivery   Purchase Value   Customer  onboarding  and   Validation Delivery   ini?al  value   •     Nurture  &  Retain   Nurture   Consistent  expected   Evaluation &  Retain   experience     •     Value  Streams   Buyers’   Deliver  expected  value   Solution Journey   Value   beyond  solu?on  ROI   Search Streams   •     Expanded  Adop&on   Expected  experience  and   Problem Expanded   value  drives  adop?on   Definition Adop&on   •     Evangelism   Evangelism   Unprompted  WOM  of   your  value!    ©2011 Third Door Media, Inc.
  10. 10. Five Organizing Principles 1.  Align Outward to Buyers 2.  All Things Outcome-Oriented 3.  Understand Digital Body Language 4.  Be Consistent 5.  Match Value to Persona & Stage©2011 Third Door Media, Inc.
  11. 11. Why Adopt the Buyers’ Journey?•  Accelerate sales by 3 to 5 times•  Reduce cost of sales by 30+%•  Drive viral word-of- mouth evangelism©2011 Third Door Media, Inc.
  12. 12. Buyers‘  Journey  in  your  Organiza&on   Opportunities Sales Purchase Value   Validation Delivery   Customer Experience Customers and Advocates Contacts/Leads Nurture   Marketing Evaluation &  Retain   Buyers’   Journey   Value   Solution Search Streams   Problem Expanded   Definition Adop&on   Evangelism  ©2011 Third Door Media, Inc.
  13. 13. Buyer  Enablement  –  The  Invisible  70%   Opportunities Sales Buyer  Enablement:     •  70%  of  the  buy  cycle  is   Purchase complete  before  Sales  is   Valida&on   engaged   •  Inclusion  or  exclusion  in   Contacts/Leads Evalua&on   buyer’s  short  list     Marketing Marketing Buyers’   •  Company  percep?on  and   Journey   Solu&on   first  impression  are  set   Search   •  Expecta?ons  for  solu?on   Problem   are  set   Defini&on   •  Educa?on  of  audience   occurs  ©2011 Third Door Media, Inc.
  14. 14. How to Market to the Invisible 70%©2011 Third Door Media, Inc.
  15. 15. Problem Definition©2011 Third Door Media, Inc.
  16. 16. How  to  Market  to  the  Invisible  70%   Stage:  Problem  Defini?on   Being  aware  of  a  problem  and  commi7ng  to   solving  it     Where:  Trade  publica7ons,  tradeshows,  social   groups,  Q&A  sites     What:  Educate  on  common  issues,  pain  points   Contacts/Leads and  missed  opportuni7es   Marketing Marketing Buyers’     How:  Research,  studies,  case  studies,  Q&A,   Journey   content  crea7on  and  syndica7on,  webinars     Call  to  ac&on:  free  analysis,  download  content   Problem     Defini&on   What  to  measure:   Downloads,  returned  visitors,  followers,  fans,   traffic  from  referral,  referring  keywords      ©2011 Third Door Media, Inc.
  17. 17. Solution Search©2011 Third Door Media, Inc.
  18. 18. How  to  Market  to  the  Invisible  70%   Stage:  Solu?on  Search   Understand  how  peers  solved  the  problem     Where:  Trade  publica7ons,  search  engines,   blogs,  referrals,  social  media,  relevant  market   places     What:  Create  awareness  and  posi7on  your   Contacts/Leads company/product  as  a  possible  solu7on   Marketing Marketing   Buyers’   How:  SEO,  case  studies,  referral  program,  videos,   Journey   webinars,  press  releases,  display   Solu&on     Search   Call  to  ac&on:  Read  the  case  study,  watch  the   video,  learn  more,  register  for  the  webinar     What  to  measure:   Views,  visits  to  case  study  pages,  referring   keywords,  impressions,  referring  sites,  conversion   pages    ©2011 Third Door Media, Inc.
  19. 19. Evaluation©2011 Third Door Media, Inc.
  20. 20. How  to  Market  to  the  Invisible  70%   Stage:  Evalua?on   Select  approach,  evaluate  alterna7ves  and  short-­‐list     Where:  SEO  &  PPC,  website,  relevant  market   places,  3rd  party  sites,  partner     What:  Demonstrate  how  your  product/company   can  provide  a  solu7on  to  the  problem     Contacts/Leads Evalua&on   How:  Case  studies,  demo,  videos,  public  valida7on   Marketing Marketing Buyers’   (awards,  current  customers),  customer  tes7monials   Journey     Call  to  ac&on:  Personalized  demonstra7on,  contact   us     What  to  measure:   Number  of  demo  requests,  visits  to  product  page  on   website,  views  of  demo  video,  partner  site  inquires,   visits  from  market  place,  visits  from  referring   keywords  and  campaigns    ©2011 Third Door Media, Inc.
  21. 21. Validation©2011 Third Door Media, Inc.
  22. 22. How  to  Market  to  the  Invisible  70%   Opportunities Sales Stage:  Valida?on   Contact  vendors  and  validate  selec7on  decision     Where:  Website,  your  social  pages,  your  public   profiles   Valida&on     What:  Prove  that  your  company/product  can   deliver  on  its  promise  to  solve  the  problem   Contacts/Leads   Marketing Marketing Buyers’   How:  Free  trial,  ROI  calculator,  case  studies,   Journey   customer  tes7monials     Call  to  ac&on:  Start  your  free  trial,  get  a  free   sample     What  to  measure:   Free  trials  signups,  lead  source,  visit  referal  type,   conversion  pages,  referring  keywords,  referring   campaign      ©2011 Third Door Media, Inc.
  23. 23. How  to  Market  to  the  Invisible  70%   Opportunities Sales Buyer  Enablement:   1.  Be where your audience is 2.  Provide value and build your brand Purchase 3.  Stay top of mind Valida&on   4.  Align call-to-action with stage and place Contacts/Leads Evalua&on   5.  Make your value Marketing Marketing Buyers’   proposition clear and Journey   consistent Solu&on   6.  Make it easy to reach out Search   and learn more Problem   7.  Know what’s working Defini&on  ©2011 Third Door Media, Inc.
  24. 24. Closing the Loop »  Search  Indicators   »  Referring  Keywords   »  Referring  Search  Engines   »  Referring  Sites   »  Social  Indicators   »  Likes,  Shares,  Comments   »  Re-­‐tweets  and  Followers   »  Social  Influence   »  Business  Indicators   »  Pageviews   »  Visitors   »  Conversion   »  Revenue  ©2011 Third Door Media, Inc.
  25. 25. Key Takeaways •  Buying is social, trust-based, self-directed and transparent •  Social has fundamentally changed how companies market and sell •  Only by aligning marketing assets to buyer behavior can you drive revenue •  The "experience" is as important a purchase criteria as the products capability •  Marketing is a mix, you need to use all tools available to reach your audience where they are •  Aligning call to action and tactic with Buyers Journey stage is crucial for success •  Tracking and measurement isnt about a specific stage, its about the entire journey©2011 Third Door Media, Inc.
  26. 26. Optify – Marketing in Real Time »  Founded in 2008 and publicly released in March 2010, now has over 3,000 accounts »  Enables marketers to drive more traffic and leads with SEO and social media, convert visitors to customers, and measure and share results »  Optify customers see over 100% increase in organic traffic and over 300% increase in leads in less than 4 months »  Resources: »  Featured customers and testimonials are available at ,or read our case studies at »  We offer 4 Editions and a 14-day free trial »  Learn more at©2011 Third Door Media, Inc.